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Mechanism of action of Amlodipine | Dr. Shantanu R. Joshi | 2019

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Please subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you will never miss any video from a cure life science foundation muscle dr. centeno our joshi a clinician a pharmacologist and net drag research dear students today we are going to see about a miracle i’m bloody fiend it’s from the group can you see em channel blockers if we want to study amlodipine properly we

Should first understand the basics of calcium channel blockers the calcium channel blockers are principally divided into two types one carol do selective calcium channel blockers the example of this group is verapamil and non kari do selective calcium channel blockers the example of this group is never depend or emulated by the car use selective calcium channel

Blockers like vara baumann has three major effects they are having negative inotropic action it means that they reduce the force of contraction of the heart the negative comment of protection they reduce the weight of that heart rate reduces and they are having negative drama coughing action what do you mean by negative drama traffic action they reduce the impulse of

Conduction through the nerve through the bundle avi is the right and labranche is on the park in dewsbury all is calcium different this negative drama traffic action also reduces the conduction and is having negative effect on the heart rate by combining all these three action ultimately the heart rate reduces the force of contraction reduces force of contraction

Reduces the bp reduces blood pressure reduces on the other hand there are non karate or depressant calcium channel blockers they work on a very different principle they reduce the entry of calcium ion in the smooth muscles of the vascular bed the calcium ion is sincere for contraction of the smooth muscle when you block the entry of calcium ion in the peripheral

Smooth muscles of the vascular bed the peripheral blood vessels will dilate the total peripheral resistance reduces as all of you know tpr total peripheral resistance is a component of systolic blood pressure as well as diastolic blood pressure reduction in the tpr will reduce the systolic blood pressure as well as the diastolic blood pressure maximum correct non

Karate or depressant drugs like amyloid a pain never depend work on this principle they reduce the tpr thereby they reduce the systolic blood pressure as well as the diastolic blood pressure if you compare these two to groups the karati of selective drugs like verapamil cannot be combined with beta blockers because beta blocker also reduces the heart rate the calcium

Channel makarios electrical change channel local also reduces the heard right if you combine them severe bradycardia or even caleca so stole my takes place but so far non cardio depressant group is concerned non kara do selective group is concerned it can be safely combined with beta blockers like atenolol rather they are generally combined with the this group they

Do not produce severe bradycardia or car like a system now we will go into the details of a moradabad amlodipine is a long-acting and a slow acting drug the plasma of life of amlodipine is 35 to 48 hours the pig action of a merida pain is seen after six to nine hours the drug he keeps the bp at a lower side even after 24 hours and this is why the dis drug has to be

Given once in a day it is always compared with never depend the problem with nifedipine was died the nifedipine was short acting an immediate acting drug as it lowers never depend lowers the bp faster as at least lowering the bp faster it will produce reflux tachycardia the heart rate increases with never dipping as the bp is reducing very fast reflux technicality

I develop this reflux topic already a is very negative point why because when heart rate increases period of diastole reduces period of diastole reduces peel it up perfusion to the heart reduces because heart is the only organ which receives the blood at a time of diastole when the period of diastole reduces perfusion to the heart reduces and it will increase the

Angina pain and that’s why angina may be seen with nifedipine as it is slow acting and fast acting and in some cases even acute myocardial infarction is noted in some trials this problem of nifedipine is not sin or is lesson with amlodipine because amyloid apenas slow acting peak action takes place in 6 to 9 hours and is long acting it is 435 to 48 hours and this

Is the biggest benefit with am these amyloid epinephrine are having the suffix of beans i’m already painful oh the pain nitro depen never the pain leslie de pin all pins are non karate or depressant drugs nowadays student we will see the uses of amlodipine embroided pain can be safely used in cases of a stahma where you cannot use beta blockers or the use of beta

Blocker may impose to some side effect of bronchoconstriction bit of beta blocker bites beta to action will bring about bronchoconstriction and which is dangerous for the patient’s of ostomy and co pretty but if you’re using i’m gonna pain i am already pain is a smooth muscle relaxing it will dilate the bronchus it will dilate the peripheral pain and it will be

Helpful in the patients of hypertension having a stahma and copd and that’s why in the patient’s of assam and copd be safely used we can safely use a melodica the second and important use of embroided pain is well-established use in angina it do not increase the angina but by vasodilation especially by the dilation of the coronaries the blood supply to the heart

Increases it is having more effect on the arterioles dying the venules by dilating the rotarians the afterworld of the heart reduces when heart load reduces oxygen demand of the heart reduces and by the dilation of the coronary we increase the supply to the heart the demand is reducing by at areolar dilation the supply is increasing by coronary vasodilation

And that’s why demand and supply equation is positively affected demand is reducing and supply is increasing and that’s why patient gets benefit in the patients of angina it’s a well-established drug in hypertension because in hypertension it will bring about the peripheral vasodilator thereby reducing the tpr when the tpr reduces both systolic blood pressure

Decreases and diastolic blood pressure reduces because ppr is a component of systolic blood pressure as well as the diastolic blood pressure and that’s why currently the most popular drug from calcium channel blockers to reduce the blood pressure that is enough idea burdens you is amlodipine these can be used with the different drugs used in ccf it’s a helpful

Drug in congestive cardiac failure it can be combined with different drug legacy inhibitors and arabes or diuretics in ccm it can be safely combined with beta blockers it can be safely combined with digoxin it can be safely combined with the drugs like ace inhibitors like anan aprill ramipril it can be safely combined with the ar b’s like tell me sorry diane lo

Saladin it do not affect the carbohydrate metabolism and that’s why it is safe in the patients of diabetes it bring about the peripheral vasodilation and that’s why it’s a preferred drug in the peripheral vascular diseases like dvd that is difference rom boces it do not affect the reigning activity it do not compromise the renal blood flow its nefra protective

Properties are well established in the animals as well as in the humans the clinical trials have proven its efficacy and nf reproductive potential it is comparable with tell me sardar then it do not affect the sexual function or affect the male sexual function minimally it can be used in the pregnancy do not affect the fetal growth or do not affect the negative

Effect do not have the negative in fact in the growing fetus but it should be cautiously use in the pregnancy because of the fact that during pregnancy it is not we do not produce any negative effect but at the end of the frequency as it’s a smooth muscle relaxant it may interfere with the induction of labor or it may interfere with the contraction of the uterus

It may produce the authenticity and may lead to pph and that is one negative point but it is not a serious issue it is not so serious but one should consider this point while dealing with the pregnant state the most important thing about a marathi pain it is affect you irrespective of the sodium status in the negative sodium status or a high sodium content the a

Arby’s and ace inhibitors are of less use but do not affect the utility the effectiveness of amlodipine same thing with the use of nsaids when you are using nsaids with air bees or with ace inhibitors it affects negatively but the effect of ns ad on the effect of amlodipine is negligible one common side effect of am ready pain each pedal edema in parallel emma it

Is not due to the retention of sodium water but it is the more dilation of the arterioles before the capillary network then doretta rules after the capillary network there is more dilation of the pre capillary capillary network then the post capillary later ret riolearn dilation is different the right areola dilation before the capillary network is higher then the

After capillary network after capillary network it is less and that’s why the fluid accumulates at the place this is a negative point about which should remember it dear students do remember amerada pain is a prescription only drug we strongly condemn the use of a melody pain by self medication this video is only for the better understanding of the drug for the

Medical students and practitioners we ate a cure life science foundation strongly condemned use of amlodipine as a self medication we are all thanks for watching please like and subscribe so that you will never miss any video from a cure life science foundation for a thank you

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