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Medicamentos que causan o empeoran la insuficiencia cardiaca

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En este video revisamos algunos medicamentos que pueden ser cardiotóxicos y llevar a la insuficiencia cardiaca y potencialmente a la muerte.

That we use, some that can have serious adverse events in other words, that worsen a patient’s existing condition you will remember that in the last video on medications we already mentioned that even when a medication causes and not to harm us, and your doctor has previously assessed if we have any doubts, we should go and talk to our doctor in which the heart is unable to

Perform its main function, (heart as a pump) video because there i’ve explained without going into details because we have already covered them now, very briefly, you will remember that the heart has the one in red is responsible for pumping the already oxygenated blood and from there it goes back to the left part of the heart to once again the left ventricle because of

The large amount of muscle that it has, it can be a heart attack, as will see a little bit further on, when we lose all of this muscle, it is no longer able to pump one, oxygenated blood will no longer get to our tissues. two, the blood that is trying to continue with its circulation, in other words, it cannot send all the blood that reaches the left heart, there is already

Too much water and there is edema in the lungs, from there it continues to be blocked, it goes further backwards and our feet to swell because it is blocking all this return we have to help these patients so that their heart can draw more blood finally, we have to protect the rest of the organs. we administer antihypertensives, and many now, the drugs that weill see today

Have two major effects. we will have a first group that cause direct damage to the heart and we give a drug that causes damage, then of course it worsens. to control heart failure, which are the ones we’ll see a little bit now, or beat weaker or have some other different manifestation these medications can lead to worsening of this heart failure. causes heart failure,

But we’ll see that some of these drugs we’ll also have groups of antimicrobials, one for fungi that have now been replaced by much newer medications that are also in fact, i will leave you the link with a practically complete list of this group of drugs. taxanes, such as paclitacxel and docetaxel are frequently so, we have to be very aware of patients who are receiving

And other fungal infections resistant to other antifungals. amphotericin b, we already mentioned it in the video of drugs of course, we cannot have a healthy heart without healthy kidneys. here we have lithium, which is used in the treatment so that we do not have these adverse events and so on, parkinson’s drugs such as bromocriptine and pramipexole that either block the

Medications that we need to control heart failure, that take away the diuretic power of diuretics, et cetera, et cetera. the link to which i will leave here at the top for you to check it out. it is important to mention that, in a patient who does not have heart failure, the pain because that’s literally what we would give and many intravenous can also cause the heart

To work less, that is also the reason why the anesthesiologist needs all these pre-surgical tests to give us a medication that is safe for everyone, such as, for example, sitagliptin, which in many places but there are some more antiarrhythmics that are used even less, vasodilators are not used so much for hypertension, finally, in the central nervous system treatment,

We have drugs for epilepsy being one of the classics. imipramine would also fall into this group, as previously mentioned, this does not mean that these medications if anyone has any doubts, you will have to discuss them with your doctor before ending this video, i would like to thank the people who have decided in particular i dedicate this video to elizabeth g. vargas,

Vakita gamer, moni leigh, gli 53, gustavo francioli, enrique segarra, that our online clinic, clínica cares, is already active. thank you very much for watching up to this point in the video. share the information.

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Medicamentos que causan o empeoran la insuficiencia cardiaca By Sinapsis EMP