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Medications that can Cause Depression 2022

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Needed medications can be life-savers, and should never be discouraged. But, very often, a medication with significant side effects can be substituted with a medication which gives the same therapeutic effect, without the unwanted side effects.

Hey this is dr. barry let’s discuss in this video some medications that can actually lead to or worse and depression so many people have improved their depression some people even enough to get off their medication with the ketogenic way of eating and i wanted to go over a few medications that you may be taking that you’re not even aware that can increase your risk

Of having depression or having a worsening depression if you already suffer from it so let’s talk about this for a second and if you know someone who’s had depression has depression or is afraid they’ll get depression please consider sharing this video with them you can share it on your personal facebook page or in your groups always welcome you doing that because

It helps me to help so many other people now let’s talk about this there are multiple drug classes out there that can lead to depression or can worsen and already existing depression so many doctors aren’t aware of this nurse practitioners pas nurse midwives they just don’t know this stuff because there’s so many drugs out there now we can’t keep up with the side

Effects from all of them some of us have electronic medical records or electronic health records i kind of hate calling a health record because it’s really not it doesn’t promote health but it does electronically record the medical records so that’s what i call it some of those will pop up and give us a warning hey there it might lead to these side effects but so

Many medications can cause hundreds of possible side effects that it takes too much time to read all that and so let’s go through this list and you can you can match this list against your medications if you currently take any i hope you’re slowly but surely decreasing the amount of medication you take but if one of these is on your list here’s what i want you to

Do and what i want you to not do first i want you to go see your doctor or your provider and say hey i saw this crazy doctor on youtube he said that this medication might actually worsen worse than my depression is there another alternative that’s what i want you to do what i don’t want you to do is to stop taking your medication without consulting your healthcare

Provider okay this video is not medical advice i’m not telling you to do anything i’m giving you this for information so that you can do more you can go talk to your doctor and figure out what you guys as a team want to do about this possible cause of depression okay let’s dive into this and let’s talk about this so further i’m gonna go through the drugs kind of in

Classes so that we can kind of keep them all grouped together the first class is the cardiovascular drugs these are drugs are there for heart health to help heart failure blood pressure cholesterol all those things that we associate with heart heart disease clonidine can increase depression this has been known for years it’s actually not a medication that should

Be used very often for hypertension at all these days methyl dopa also a very old blood pressure medication there’s probably better alternatives out there here’s a very common one the thiazide diuretics and so if you’re taking anything that has the initials h ctz or h ct that’s a thiazide so any of those hydrochlorothiazide or the other size i diuretics they can

Increase your risk of having a depression or worsening an existing depression another is all of the beta blockers and so if your blood pressure or heart medication or you might take this for tremor or migraine prevention if it ends in lol law atenolol labetalol any of the all’s those are beta blockers and so if you also have depression you might want to go talk

To your doc and say hey is there another medication for my blood pressure or my heart failure or my tremor or to prevent migraines that i can take that is not a beta blocker because i think it’s making my depression worse another class of drugs which i have talked about many times are the statins your brain absolutely needs cholesterol and fatty acids in order to

Function properly one of the many ways that can miss function is if you’re if you’re blocking too much cholesterol with a statin drug so go talk to your doc and say is it really worth the risk of low testosterone depression and all the other things that a statin can cause is it really helping me that much don’t have that conversation with your doctor and he might

Switch you off that or he might if nothing else you might help wake him up a little bit another class of draw that can lead to depression are the benzodiazepines and this is a divan valium xanax klonopin and there’s several others in this class there are for anxiety they’re for panic attacks and really they were never intended for long-term use they were intended

If you had a terrible loss in the family or if you have an occasional a panic attack but taking the benzodiazepines every single day can certainly make you irritable and/or depressed so go talk to your doctor about weaning those down very slowly and maybe trying something else if you still think you need a pill for your anxiety another huge class of drugs that

Many of us take every single day are the nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs this includes mobic this includes relevant this includes celebrex and then all of the over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen advil naproxen leave motrin all those guys have as one of their many side effects possible depression and so if you’re taking an inset just

Rarely every now and then it’s not gonna cause depression okay i don’t worry about that but if you’re taking an anti-inflammatory an nsaid every single day that’s something you got to consider and there are many other side effects that you can get from taking them every day i would much rather you including decrease the inflammation in your joints by changing your

Diet than by just thoughtlessly taking a moba chrysella breaks or an advil every single day that’s probably not a wise idea there are a few antibiotics which are for bacterial infections that have been shown in a few case studies they might provoke a depression the two most common are ampicillin and flagyl or metronidazole you’re probably not going to take them long

Enough for them to have this effect and i know that your doctor is only going to give you these antibiotics if you truly have a bacterial infection and so you’re probably going to be taking them very very rarely because i know your doctor would never give these to you for a viral infection another big class that so many of us take every single day are the proton

Pump inhibitors like nexium prevacid all the others in that class those guys are not oh okay to take every single day they lead to a host of potential serious long-term side effects one of which is depression we’re not sure the mechanism that they they can worsen depression but they certainly can h2 blockers as well like pepcid zantac ranitidine pepcid all those

Guys will also have this risk of possible depression to other stomach drugs are reglan and mental and a lot of people take these every single day to keep their good issues at bay and that’s so that’s probably okay if you’re not having any depression symptoms but if you’re also depressed you might want to talk to your doctor about switching off to something else the

Next another big class is the chemo therapeutic agents so chemotherapy drugs all of them have had depression as a possible side effect if you’re on a certain chemo therapeutic regimen i mean you’re kind of stuck with that but just know that you know first of all having cancer or the autoimmune condition that you have that you’re getting these chemo therapeutic drugs

For it’s kind of depressing to start with but if you’re having more depression over and above that you might talk to your oncologist or your rheumatologist about trying another regimen just a thought another big class is the anticonvulsant these are medications that are used for seizure disorders or tremor disorders and so the this list this is the most common ones

That you might have be on or might have heard of tegretol this is a rotten de lanten phenobarbital and mysoline okay the first four are for seizure disorders of various different types my saline is this anti-seizure but it can also be used for essential tremor and so if you’re taking any of those drugs and and you also have symptoms of depression you might want to

Talk to your doctor about trying something else any of the class of medications that affect your hormones can also lead to depression so the oral contraceptive pills the birth control pill for some people there has no effect on their mood for other people that can cause anxiety or depression also any of the core de cosas steroids so medrol prednisone prednisolone

Any of those if you take those chronically they can make you depressed now you might take a short-term taper of the corticosteroids and you might feel kind of down while you’re taking you but that should go away as soon as you’re done with that tapering dose over a few days but if you have to take them long term and you also have depression you might want to talk

To your docket that some psychiatric drugs can also lead to quite severe depression lithium can do this prolixin can do this and also haldol can do this and so if you have a psychiatric condition you take one of these four and you also have depression symptoms you might want to talk to your psychiatrist or your primary care provider about let’s try something else

To see if my depression gets better parkinson’s drugs is the next big class they absolutely can have some pretty severe depression side-effects parla del levodopa and amantadine have all been shown to increase your risk of getting depression or worsening an existing depression and so if you take any of those for parkinson’s there might not be another option but

Still i think it’d be wise to talk to your doc and say hey i’m kind of i’m depressed as well do you think this medicine is causing that now so let me reiterate one more time if you’re currently on any of these medications and you also have signs and symptoms of depression do not stop taking your medication until you see your doctor go see your doctor and have a

Conversation he may say yeah it might be doing that but the risk of you coming off this medication is too high you need to stay on this or he may say good point let’s try another drug in a different class and see if it has the same beneficial effects without the depression side-effects now if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to see others like it i have over

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