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Meds Update – Jan 17

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Happy New Year and I’m back with a medication update. Please note I am not a medical professional and this video is just to share with you my regime. You should seek advice from you medical team before making changes to your medication or supplement intake.

Hey stars and welcome back toe in my last video i didn’t quick health update about how my hospital appointment went but i talked a little bit about my mrs. martha i want to give you a proper medication update with my po box so by the time you see if i might already have tapered my dosed as mentioned in my health update video but um we’ll go with what i am taking

Right at this moment in time so here’s my pill box one of many footnotes i got loads of what pill boxes from memories yeah there’s about my leftover as i feared me from when i had a cold cuz i have a cold i stopped my as a sea bream and double my steroid dose so i did that for about three or four days because their buds in an office and they was coughing and i

Had sniffles come breathe so doctor but anyway let’s talk about what’s going on anything so in the top one i basically have my essential drugs that i need to take because they’re keeping me alive essentially so i have 150 milligrams of as a seer prepar admire as appearing and i work up from 50 to 100 250 since i’ve been 150 i haven’t come down then right now in

Here i have 10 milligrams of prednisolone which is the same as prednisone but we just have deciphered in this alone for some reason um i might have tapered down by the time this video comes out cuz i did mention in my health update that i was trying to go down one milligram a month i should have been them off you never know with me so then i have a 20 milligram

Omeprazole i can finally say i reached a rule saying or my medication name i’m tired of staying focused i hope i am in focus if i’m not up on the judge um then below we start going to my vitamins and supplements ice currently take evening primrose oil garlic capsule cod liver oil glucosamine i don’t know if i say that right 30 & co q 10 so the evening

Primrose oil is for kind of like hormonal i found a handout the slaw flower it’s even better they even in front of the active ingredient economy boy this is like three times as much in starflower however paulina merit which is like a health food store look my membership card for holland and barrett they didn’t have any when with so we’re still an evening from

Rose oil um that’s like for hormonal and mood and i think that was quite helpful when hired also steroids and i had the crazy crazy mood swings um currently what i look for somewhere some o every school the colony blah blah blah blah and that’s for joint health which obviously with the inflammation and my immune system deciding my drinks are even attacking them

Um that’s necessary to co q 10 i think that is and the garlic capsules those are for heart health and wells ready i can let’s see so um that’s what i’m taking supplement wise i also already have a lot of garlic and turmeric in my diet i know a lot of people like praise some work but i just can’t see myself drinking it so i just quickly they put in me clean eggs

Season just everything some tongue whipped cream last it makes the rest like you know like mandals rags yellow and fragrant that year tamra compact we cut so um yeah that’s what i’m doing mid why oh and i forgot to say multi you coming with you just for everything a little bit of everything make sure everything’s up um yeah so i just supplement my dad because

I’m i’m concerned about how the medication affects my insides so i just supplemented to make sure i basically maxed out my adult seem to have any problems i know people are concerned about your kidney and liver house and all of the especially when taking supplements however i’m not particularly concerned because in every blood test i get a full kidney i live a

Profile and and i’m not leaking protein or anything like that the only protein leaking is from the muscles um yeah so oh i also forgot to mention in my health update but i told you guys mouth if you go back on my instagram feed because i’m sure posting quite a few pictures it there’s a little mini video mean the gym doing a shoulder press which shows how much

Improvement i made because i literally could not lift my arm at all um i was lifting two and a half kgs which is really like nothing but for me who couldn’t even lift air is pretty amazing so as always guys thank you for watching my whole story if you’re interested in taking any of the supplements i take check it with your doctor because obviously i’m not a

Medical professional that’s right i’m not a medical professional and this just is what i do for myself i just thought shared with you so make sure you ox your doctor if it is ok for you start assuming a regimen um have any questions oxon down below as always thank you for following my health journey and i see lovely stars in my next video bye guys you

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Meds Update – Jan 17 By Just Fizzstah