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Meet a Toenail Fungus Expert

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VICE meets with Dr. Lori Weisenfeld, a New York City podiatrist who takes great pride in treating people’s feet no matter the condition. Over her multi-decade career practicing medicine and performing surgery on feet, she’s never once been grossed out and has developed a genuine love for helping her patients.

How long do you think you have the fungus in your toenails you’re talking to me yeah what yes how long do you think you have the fungus and the toenails a long time six seven years maybe longer i think you do you look the same all of this skin dry skin here this is a fungus and the fungus is coming from the nails or the skin to the nails or vice versa i’m

Lori weisenfeld i’m a podiatrist i practice in new york city why were you in bed when it began or so i treat a wide variety of patients all related to the foot and ankle when any given day i could treat dermatology geriatrics neurology vascular orthopedic sports medicine a variety of things but it’s all related to one part of the body my nails now have grown crooked

So that i find it difficult for me to be able to cut them myself some patients who don’t want to treat the fungus or can’t treat the fungus for whatever reason those patients are just uncomfortable with the thick nails i’m not going on the beach and showing off my toes people are embarrassed about the way their feet look people are embarrassed about the smell of

Feet that’s a medical condition i have no reservation about doing with anything that somebody comes in for me to treat whether it has pus or gangrene or fungus or warts or virus or cross over toes it’s nothing to be grossed out about it’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s something that needs to be addressed i am one of a family of podiatrists i used to practice

With my father who was an iconic new york city podiatrist he would come home every day happy telling stories not necessarily medical stories but just stories about his relationship with his patient the reason that i started in podiatry was 100% because of his enthusiasm it takes a year for this big toenail to go all the way people always say i don’t know how you

Could touch feet i hate feet i just don’t understand that it’s just another part of the body on the other hand i go to parties and people will say oh i ever a fungus in my toenail can you look at it in the whip of the shoes so there’s there’s two sides to that story i am a runner yes i feel a connection but i feel connection with people who do sports that i don’t

I don’t do either it’s just helping a patient get to their goal our patients gave us their trophies and their medals because we help them achieve that goal it’s so much work to train for that marathon it’s so many hours so many days of running in the cold and the bad weather and they come to me a month before with a problem and they’re in tears they’re not going

To be able to do it they’ve worked so hard and i can help them get to that goal that’s that’s a very gratifying thing your wife’s gonna thank me for that

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Meet a Toenail Fungus Expert By VICE