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Meet Kevin

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Discover why Kevin asked his healthcare provider about DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets.

Seems like it might hold with the tape we have on i’ve got like four of them on there no no hey my name’s kevin i’m originally from miami florida now i live in new york city this is my daughter luna she is the love of my life i adopted her from a rescue just a few months ago i’m a performer and musician for a brief period i was working as a performer on cruise

Ships i think music is very subjective and people react to music so differently that’s part of the beauty of it i play the trumpet the piano the cavakinu which is the steel string ukulele and i sang i do all those things in the videos i post on my channel it’s something that started um with having limited performing opportunities hey familia i know it’s been

A while and so having to just think outside the box but within four walls i really honed in on what methods it were for me to tell stories from home combining all the different instruments i had a sexual encounter that made me realize that i might be at risk of getting hiv that motivated me to start taking proactive steps to reduce my risk i think that seeing

Someone who looks like you speaks like you and shares a similar story can help encourage others within my hispanic community at risk of getting hiv to start the conversation with a healthcare provider the scoview for prep is a once daily prescription medicine for adults and adolescents at risk of hiv it helps lower the chances of getting hiv through sex it’s

Not for everyone discovery for prep is not for use in people assigned female at birth we’re at risk of getting hiv from vaginal sex because its effectiveness has not been studied you must be hiv negative before and while taking discovery for prep talk to a health care provider about your risk for hiv and if the scovie for prep is right for you i first heard

About discovery for prep from a friend here in the city i saw it was a small pill which definitely appealed to me i also noticed he was using the day tracker pack as part of his prep team so i decided to talk to my doctor about it each pill in the day tracker is individually packaged alongside a numbered day that way you can visually track whether or not you’ve

Taken your pill she discussed with me the potential risks and benefits explain how to get started with the day tracker we both agreed that this kobe for prep was right for me there was a point where i lost my health insurance but i was happy to know that i was still eligible for gilead’s advancing access program when i was traveling and performing overseas

My schedule was non-stop it was crazy so it was important for me to have an hiv prevention plan that fits into my daily routine i feel like i’m doing what i can to help reduce my risk of getting hiv here’s some important information my doctor explained to me before i started on discovery for prep dyscovia does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections so

It’s important to use safer sex practices and get tested regularly you must be hiv negative to take discovery for prep so you need to get tested for hiv immediately before and at least every three months while taking it if you think you were exposed to hiv or have flu-like symptoms tell your doctor right away they may check to confirm you are still hiv negative

Serious side effects can occur including kidney problems and kidney failure rare life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems the most common side effect was diarrhea tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take or if you have kidney or liver problems including hepatitis if you have hepatitis b do not stop

Taking discovery without talking to your doctor i want to show others within my hispanic community that we can take steps to reduce our chances of getting hiv i don’t think that education and information about prep medications are as accessible in the hispanic community i would say don’t let the societal pressures or even family pressures deter you from talking

To your healthcare provider about your hiv prevention options hiv has affected my community for a long time but there are things we can do to help protect ourselves if you’re interested in learning more about the scoby for prep talk to your health care provider you

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Meet Kevin By DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets