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Meet Kyle

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Discover why Kyle asked his healthcare provider about DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets.

Hi my name is kyle my pronouns are they them and i live in nipples hills oklahoma i’ve always identified more non-binary and queer because i don’t find myself just attracted to men or always find myself identifying as masculine or feminine i just love living in between i’m a very social person i often host themed get-togethers to help raise money for a good cause

And to give back to the community i also love being out in nature hiking and camping plus kayaking i live with my husband matthew we have a golden doodle named luca and we just rescued a cat louie and then we have two sugar gliders who were small gliding marsupials and we have a wonderful growing family i come from a very conservative working class family

Who are mostly ranch hands growing up my uncle was openly gay and he was very much a parental figure to me after i came out my uncle took it upon himself to give me the gay sex talk and he told me to always use protection get tested and know my status he really helped pave the way for me i first heard about prep medications when my uncle’s partner started taking

Them as i learned more about prep medications i started to think that they might be right for me because i wanted to do everything i could to help reduce my risk of getting hiv and prep medications are a part of that the scoview for prep is a once daily prescription medicine for adults and adolescents at risk of hiv it helps lower the chances of getting hiv

Through sex it’s not for everyone discovery for prep is not for use in people assigned female at birth who are at risk of getting hiv from vaginal sex because its effectiveness has not been studied you must be hiv negative before and while taking dyscovy for prep talk to a health care provider about your risk for hiv and if the scovie for prep is right for you

Growing up i always aspired to be involved in public policy in some way i thought that joining the military would be a great stepping stone to my future career so i enlisted right out of high school the don’t ask don’t tell policy was in effect at the time and i did have reservations given my sexual orientation but i was reassured that it wouldn’t be an issue

As long as i kept my sexual orientation under wraps unfortunately that wasn’t the case a few of my fellow recruits found out that i was gay and i was actually assaulted i continued to experience harassment and i felt like it wasn’t safe for me to stay in the military so i requested to be discharged some members of the media found out about my story and it

Got picked up by several news organizations however i was very fortunate that coming out of this incident members of the lgbtqia 2s plus community rallied around me and supported me including an openly gay member of congress if it wasn’t for that support and those folks coming around me that journey would have been much more difficult and i don’t think that

As an individual i could have made it through all that alone dyscovia does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections so it’s important to use safer sex practices and get tested regularly you must be hiv negative to take discovery for prep so you need to get tested for hiv immediately before and at least every three months while taking it if you think

You were exposed to hiv or have flu-like symptoms tell your doctor right away they may check to confirm you are still hiv negative serious side effects can occur including kidney problems and kidney failure rare life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems the most common side effect was diarrhea tell your doctor about all

The medicines and supplements you take or if you have kidney or liver problems including hepatitis if you have hepatitis b do not stop taking dyscovi without talking to your doctor the congressman reached out to offer me a job and he said let’s make your dream a reality even without the military the congressman being gay had a massive impact on me and the work

That i do today he taught me that being queer and doing this work was a livable dream after the congressman retired i moved to oklahoma for work and to be closer to my family one day i heard the sitting mayor had resigned and the town was having a special meeting to figure out who would replace her when they were announcing the nominations for candidates to my

Surprise someone stood up and nominated me i gave an impromptu speech about myself my public policy experience with the congressman and that night i was elected mayor after i left office i was recruited by the oklahoma policy institute which is a nonpartisan think tank that works on public policy ranging from health care to criminal justice reform part of that

Includes hiv prevention options such as prep medications matthew started taking prep medications first and we always spoke about me wanting to get on them as well i contacted providers in oklahoma city who were affirming and found one who discussed the risks and benefits of this kobe for prep together we decided it would be a good option for me he also showed

Me the discovery pill size compared to another prep medication and i preferred how small the scoby pill was the discrimination i faced in the past was a terrible experience for me and i don’t ever want anything like that happening to any of our queer youths my experiences set the wheels in motion to become a public servant and help lead me to the path that i’m

On now to give back to my community because they have always been there for me through hard times and i want to make sure that i’m there for them and future generations to come if you’re interested in learning more about discovery for prep talk to your healthcare provider

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Meet Kyle By DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets