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Meet Myka

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Discover why Myka asked her healthcare provider about DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets.

Hi my name is micah and i grew up in the philippines and i moved to the us in 2017. i currently live in miami florida i love fashion and wearing beautiful outfits my dream is to be a model one day i also create my own designs i’ve learned pattern making and even bring some of my designs to life i also like to be active and go kayaking hiking and camping with

My girlfriend i have a cat named nala oh she sleeps a lot as a transgender woman i want to share my story because it’s liberating and i know it’s the right thing i love seeing the transgender community represented along with other people in the discover prep commercial i feel it’s a big step forward for visibility but they haven’t seen enough transgender

Representation in advertising so i want to help bring that visibility to the transgender community and i want us to feel seen and heard i think we need people from within the transgender community who can advocate for us and provide more representation for the community as a whole the scoview for prep is the once daily prescription medicine for adults

And adolescents at risk of hiv it helps lower the chances of getting hiv through sex it’s not for everyone discovery for prep is not for use in people assigned female at birth where at risk of getting hiv from vaginal sex because its effectiveness has not been studied you must be hiv negative before and while taking discovery for prep talk to a health care

Provider about your risk for hiv and if the scovie for prep is right for you i’m doing educational outreach with groups of people like flight attendants servicemen healthcare providers teaching these groups how to be a better allies to the transgender community i also have created presentations for high school and college students of all identities to help them

Educate about their hiv prevention options including prep medication as a prep navigator i help educate my clients about their hiv prevention options including medications i also connect them with healthcare providers so they can start the conversation about their hiv prevention options discovery does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections so it’s

Important to use safer sex practices and get tested regularly you must be hiv negative to take discovery for prep so you need to get tested for hiv immediately before and at least every three months while taking it if you think you were exposed to hiv or have flu-like symptoms tell your doctor right away they may check to confirm you are still hiv negative serious

Side effects can occur including kidney problems and kidney failure rare life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems the most common side effect was diarrhea tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take or if you have kidney or liver problems including hepatitis if you have hepatitis b do not stop taking

Discovery without talking to your doctor i first learned about prep medications from my senior prep coordinator at work i first thought it was wow i can’t believe something like this exists when i was promoted to prep navigator my job was to help encourage my clients to learn more about their hiv prevention after doing some research i decided if i was now going

To be recommending that my clients talk to their healthcare providers about prep medication then maybe i should talk to my doctor as well so i started a conversation with my doctor to determine whether prep medication would be right for me i started with a different prep medication and then after talking to my doctor i switched to discover prep last year for me

Switching to the skill paper prep was relatively straightforward process that didn’t affect my daily prep routine i always take my pill right before i go to bed when i take my hormones as a prep navigator when i see clients it’s not a one size fits all i believe in a holistic approach because every individual has different needs i do my best to help my clients feel

Welcome so they will feel comfortable opening up about the care that they need when i refer them to the medical provider the clinic from what i’ve seen some of my transgender clients are actually afraid of going to a clinical setting because they’re scared of being scrutinized or being misgendered at my clinic i challenge my co-workers to be better allies to the

Transgender community because it’s not just the medical providers that are accountable it’s the person at the front desk the person who opens the doors for you and you know the person who registers you i think we need to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and listen with our hearts if you’re interested in learning more about skill paper prep talk to your health care provider you

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Meet Myka By DESCOVY® (emtricitabine 200 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) tablets