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Melatonin & Marijuana (Weed, CBD, THC, Cannabis): Can You Take Them Together? What Happens?

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Melatonin and weed first sleep can you take them together and what can possibly happen hi i’m matt from sleeping lucid comm studies show that marijuana can increase the natural levels of melatonin in our body not to mention that this combination of marijuana is soothing sedative effects and melatonin is ability to regulates the sleep cycle can work well together

So when taken together the effectivity of both marijuana and melatonin to induce sleep is boosted when problem encountered by marijuana users is a lack of dreams to dat chcs effect that reduces rem asleep the stage where we dream the most and increases deep and rem sleep but dreaming and rem sleep is essential for the body for these help and exercising the brain

Refreshing memories and keeping the immune system healthy taking melatonin alongside marijuana produces more vivid dreams which can counter the said problem caused by thc taking them together and makes them more effective but is it safe generally thc and melatonin together is safe unless you consume too much research suggests that thc can regulate melatonin

Levels in the body and two possible ways by their stimulating or inhibiting it thc tends to increase the amount of melatonin in the body drastically when the body’s melatonin level is just average however it’s the opposite when the body’s base melatonin level is already high with that being said the effects of thc with melatonin effectiveness may vary depending

On the situation this is why when using marijuana and melatonin together the cannabis indica is more advisable because as a lower thc so what about cbd oil can you take that with melatonin yes you can there are even supplements that have both cbd oil and melatonin as an ingredient these two can work together to help you sleep better cbd or kena boyle is a non

Psychoactive can avoid known for its ability to promote relaxation and to reduce anxiety while melatonin is a natural chemical that regulates the sleep and wake cycles so can melatonin get you high no it’s very unlikely to get you high melatonin is a hormone that’s naturally produced by the pineal gland to manage the body’s circadian rhythm what it mainly does is

Signals the body when to sleep and when to wake up it is also discovered to be an antioxidant and as to have an anti-inflammatory effect but it has never been proven to make you high next let’s cover the benefits and drawbacks of melatonin and weed first the melatonin pros melatonin has a lower risk of developing side effects it’s not how about forming and it’s safe

For both long-term and short-term use it’s also available over-the-counter in most parts of the world and in different preparations the cons of melatonin are that it’s not as effective for sleep marijuana pros include a higher effectivity in general but its effects may vary depending on the manufacturer and the strain it’s available in different preparations as

Well marijuana cons include that it’s not safe for long-term use it’s illegal in most places as a higher chance of developing side effects and it’s habit-forming and has a higher risk of developing drug dependency at the end of the day it depends on your preference and your condition marijuana with a high thc when or high cbd might be your best choice if you’re

Looking for an effective set it – if you’re having trouble sleeping due to pain stress or anxiety you would want a marijuana product with a high cbd level however if you’re looking for a supplement to help regulate your sleeping pattern you’ll want to take melatonin instead in conclusion yes you sure can take weed a melatonin together as long as you can have a

Full night of sleep so what about alcohol can you take melatonin with beer wine and other alcoholic beverages we actually just made a video about that which i’ll put at the end of the description so you can check it out we also have a video comparing melatonin to-die-for hydra main and benadryl which you might be interested to check out and i’ll have that one pop

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Well for easy reference sleep well and we’ll see in the next video

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Melatonin & Marijuana (Weed, CBD, THC, Cannabis): Can You Take Them Together? What Happens? By Sleeping Lucid