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Melatonin – Nootropic – The Truth About Improving Your Sleep

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Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body. Melatonin used as medicine is usually made synthetically in a laboratory. It is most commonly available in pill form, but melatonin is also available in forms that can be placed in the cheek or under the tongue. This allows the melatonin to be absorbed directly into the body.

Hey guys honor during this video i’m going to talk about melatonin and it is a product that admittedly i have not figured out i feel like it does different things different times i take it and i’ve also found that the brand does really really matter when it comes to melatonin like i’m just looking at it online you can like see there’s so many different brands it

Just goes on and on and on and on they’re sold and droppers they’re sold and typically like up souls right i tried this brand this brand was okay name is senne i’ve tried i’ve tried now foods the good thing about it being sold in tab in capsules is that you can always just take take apart the capsule and lower the dose to yourself like the first time i tried it

It was a 5 milligram pill and if you are to try it i’d recommend that you do start off with the dose as low as like 300 micrograms or 500 micrograms and then increase it that way don’t take it you know two or three times during the night some people i think there was a dr. oz episode where he was he had specific case studies where females or some males but mostly

Females were taking it before sleeping and then every time they woke up in the middle of the night they were taking melatonin why that’s bad is because you’ll wake up very groggy because melatonin will have that impact on you that like 8 to 10 hours or somewhere they’re depending on you you’ll just feel that you’re still in that state of sleeping so if you take

Melatonin a few hours before you wake up you’re gonna be groggy or slightly grown either the rest of the morning which has a negative domino impact that’s gonna make you use caffeine it’s gonna make you stimulants as hopefully you all know you shouldn’t because of your natural spike in cortisol right when you wake up it’s not a good idea to take caffeine for

At least 60 minutes again so wake up wait 60 minutes then have your caffeine or your stimulants even if you’re taking something for adhd i’d say the same thing melatonin yeah i’d say you can check it out i wouldn’t advise you take it if you’re somebody that has a good sleep already there was a phase in my life were again i had accumulated so much sleep debt

Where the melatonin was very effective and i was taking maybe like 2 milligrams per night for a couple months in a row and i like the stuff i woke up great and i felt recharged however now i’m getting better sleep i don’t i don’t think i have i’ve accumulated much sleep debt or beaten that so melatonin doesn’t really have its use over the past year i’ve may be

Taking it for it’s taking it four or five times people say it has other uses like it could help you with a growth hormone can help you with fat loss that’s not really been my experience and i don’t see why it would if you’re getting good sleep you’re getting sleep then for a body composition just everything’s better you have appetite hormones or better regulated

Things like ghrelin if you’ve never heard of ghrelin it’s a very interesting hormone and it’s like when you’re when you don’t get enough sleep your grout be that hormone of ellen is negatively affected which causes you to crave sugar and fatty foods which are two things you don’t want on less sleep so get your sleep get your grilling right it’s like the like

The world’s best appetite suppressant app out there is just having good sleep it’s easier to build muscle you have better growth hormone and give more testosterone so get your sleep right melatonin if it helps with that right but this is not this is only temporary fix where a good use of it is maybe if you have a project like you have an exam that you have to

Study for which is in a few weeks time and you’re not gonna be getting adequate sleep melatonin would have have it’s good use that way just study study study whatever you get your 3 or 4 hours of sleep take your melatonin like 1 or 1 or 2 hours before going to bed i mean most people both of that stage of their life i know i have like three or three or four hours

Of sleep consistently just because of exams or something going on but um hope that was helpful guys i think mullins the strongest thing that you could really take there’s other alternatives which i’ll do in other videos like gaba larian root which i like and then there’s of course dietary changes you can make like you can cut out caffeine that’s the single most

Effective thing you can do we’re not cut it out which is to have your intake earlier in the morning so it doesn’t affect your your ability to fall asleep or get a good quality rest and i look forward to seeing you all next time

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Melatonin – Nootropic – The Truth About Improving Your Sleep By TheNootropicReviewer