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Melatonin (PC) – First Impression / Video Preview

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Time for some dreamy tunes with soothing visuals as we take a quick look at a small, upcoming rhythm game called Melatonin. I recently got to check out the demo from this new and upcoming indie developer (David Huynh / Half Asleep) and was quite intrigued, so here are my impressions thus far in a small, quick preview.

Hey everyone, sep here, with a quick impression  on melatonin! recently i got to check out the   demo of this quirky rhythm game. as an insomniac  who can’t remember the last time he had a dream,   the name is already intriguing. but as a game it  should actually keep us awake and engaged us. does   it succeed? let’s find

Out! first let’s take a  quick look at the options. they are basic, but all   the necessities for a game like this are here. the  game should support resolutions up to 4k, although   i didn’t test it, as my screen doesn’t support  this. it’s good to have some assistance and   calibration options to tailor the experience to 

Your own liking. something i’d like to see added   is a high contrast mode. the pastel graphical  style provides some very unique, dreamy and   beautiful aesthetics, but unfortunately it also  makes the little text that is in the game rather   hard to read. i also consider an option to change  keybindings basic decency nowadays,

Especially on   pc and when playing with a keyboard. the default  controller layout works fine for me however.   there’s a handy tutorial to get you accustomed  to the game’s mechanics, which is a basic ‘hit   the button at the right time based on audio visual  cues.’ the first night featured in the demo only   requires

Single presses of the a button or space  bar. left, right prompts or elongated presses   seen in the tutorial are for later nights in the  full game i guess. as the night starts we see our   being surrounded by all manners of melatonin   suppressants, the sleep state is still achieved  somehow and we get to explore the dreamscape

In   four different themed stages or songs. and one  that combines them all into one final challenge.   the actual stages are quite a treat to play. the  hand-drawn graphics are very pleasant and the fun,   upbeat music fits the different themes nicely and  it’s easy to get into the rhythm of the tunes,   featuring a

Metronome and clear visual  prompt to easily learn the required rhythm.   these are the assists you can also freely enable  in the settings. a good rhythm game in my opinion   needs to put special focus on the music and be  playable even without the visuals. too many games   within the genre seem to require some foresight by 

Looking ahead to actually be half decent at them.   to say that this game is much more on my level   and actually can be played just fine with your  eyes closed. at least these earlier levels.   feels real natural where you’re supposed   to press the button. how this would translate  into multiple buttons, i’m not sure, but

This   first night felt great to go through. although for  veterans of the genre it’ll be a total cakewalk.   the visuals will support the audio well and  what i especially like is that it’s very clean.   stuff to distract you and even the score meter   is very subtle. things that are there to distract  you are there by

Deliberate design for the level.   based on your performance you get a rating of  one to three stars at the end of each track.   to open up the final, combined, challenge you  need at least 8 stars. each stage also has a   challenge variant. these vary in quality i find.  the first two actually feel a bit different from  

The original stage, but the last three stages feel  almost the same as the original and don’t add much   variation and feel honestly a bit underwhelming.  to aim for the highest scores, you require a lot   of consecutive ‘perfect’ timings. to help you  hone in on these timings, there is also some   haptic feedback. a perfect gives

You a stronger  vibration compared to an early or late reaction.   being quite awful in keeping rhythm myself, i must  say that even for me it was quite easy to go for   the great ratings, which is 2 stars at least. the  game seems to stick mostly to 4/4 time and nothing   the changing factor to mainly content with.  

Far i found it very enjoyable. not particularly   for sure. who knows what the later levels   will bring to the table and what themes it may  explore. will it all be dreams? or we also find   dreams to get the heart pumping a bit? we’ll   just have to wait to find out i guess. the game  should come out somewhere in fall of

This year,   for the steam and epic game stores, as well as  for the nintendo switch. next month the demo   should also be available via steam for everyone  to give this game a try. and i recommend you do   as it’ll be a nice quick diversion at the very  least. well that’s it for this one. as always,  

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Melatonin (PC) – First Impression / Video Preview By HalfBlindGamer