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Melatonin Saved My Life – Melatonin Benefits For Health, Sleep And Beauty

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This is how melatonin can save your life. New scientific studies have revealed some of the most impressive health benefits of melatonin consumption. This famous “youth hormone” has the power to change your health, sleep, and beauty in more ways than you can imagine. DonĀ“t miss it!

For millions of people melatonin can be the answer to many health conditions that they suffer on a daily basis especially if it has anything to do with sleep aging anxiety or even cancer according to the disease control and prevention center of the united states two of every three adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis and sleep deprivation is highly

Problematic if you want to keep diseases away and free your body from any health condition now the good news is that people who are supplementing on melatonin might have found the answer to their problems so in today’s video i’m gonna reveal why melatonin is important it’s health benefits and why you should be consuming it on a daily basis hey guys dr gus here

Naturopath acupuncturist conventional doctor and founder of in this channel is a conventional doctor treat my patients through natural medicine before returning to the use of pharmaceutical drugs so if you know my channel consider subscribing and press that bell down below to see notifications and be the first one to watch a new video if you

Need to line in appointment quality supplements for your disease visit dr and i encourage you to stay till the end of this video where i’m going to share exit tips and video links related to this topic most people don’t really know how melatonin can change their lives i would say that melatonin is one of the healthiest supplements everyone in the

World should be making an effort to consume and especially now with all the new research that is coming to light melatonin is highly important for maintaining overall health in part because it helps ward off both acute and chronic health problems so heart disease diabetes obesity mental health and even cancer are all connected to this hormone which nowadays is

Referred to the youth hormone so in today’s video i’m reveal why melatonin is important it’s health benefits and why you should be consuming it on a daily basis number one it’s a natural sleep aid melatonin is truly amazing it’s the hormone we should be producing naturally to make sure that the human body gets some rest every single night hundreds of research

Papers have supported the fact that melatonin is a vital part of our well-being it helps us sleep but most importantly feel rested during the day or when we wake up every single morning melatonin is the substance responsible for resetting our biological clock without it every organ and tissue is unable to set a correct functioning schedule throughout the day

And the best part is that we can all take it even if you don’t really think you need it it’s truly spectacular if you need a quality melatonin supplement that comes in sublingual form to have a better effect in action look for melatonin from even better if you take it along with five htp a supplement that improves nerve stability and

Rest during the night number two melatonin keeps you young sleep is one of the most important things we all need to stay healthy and look younger have you ever heard the phrase i need my beauty sleep well the truth is that when it comes to rejuvenating or a beauty routine if you want melatonin and sleep may be the closest thing there is to the fountain of youth

Melatonin in a good quality sleep supports the body’s healthy and natural process of detoxification it helps the body regenerate rejuvenate and allows the brain to reorganize and recharge itself it allows every toxic waste product to be excreted from the body if needed and sleep is probably one of the most important things when it comes to rejuvenating by the

Way if you don’t sleep well that is practically impossible and by the way this hormone is known to be the youth hormone because it’s heavily produced in children and young people so go ahead and try it i can’t stress this enough it can be used to improve your skin texture rejuvenation and even reduce stress i recommend looking for a good quality melatonin that

Has a sublingual form this is the best form to make your body accept it without being digested through your digestive system and losing its effectiveness while doing so number three it improves immune function most people ignore that melatonin is one of the most effective antioxidants produced by the human body this 100 natural hormone is also known for being

A very important part of our immune response it has a powerful effect on every single cell and make sure that every part of the immune system regenerates and function properly during the day a 2013 scientific study called melatonin an immune booster it stimulates our immune cells to function and on top of that behaves as an anti-inflammatory that has the power

To stimulate the reparation of damage caused by external factors as a matter of fact millions of people use it to improve beauty and rejuvenation it’s very very effective so go ahead and use it it will keep you healthy and make sure that your immune cells function the way it should if you need something effective for your immune function that contains more than

20 natural ingredients specifically designed to keep you free of any infection caused by bacteria parasites or viruses look for immunoquin and in mime defense from thailand at dr immunocoin contains some of the most effective traditional chinese herbs and supplements for this purpose and much more number four it balances out hormones and reduces

Menopause symptoms most people don’t understand how important hormones can be they govern almost every aspect of functioning in the human body metabolism growth reproduction heat and energy production and much much more now believe it or not melatonin is the one in charge of making sure that every hormone is released at the proper moment when it’s needed and

This happens because melatonin is the hormone that regulates our biological clock this biological clock tells the body when it’s time to sleep or stay active during the day and when it’s time for every organ or every gland to release their hormones or accept them at certain times that are effective for the human body to function for example taking a melatonin

Supplement has shown to improve weight loss sleep problems and even in women suffering from menopause symptoms relieve their symptoms a recent study done by the university of siberia demonstrated that menopausal women between the ages of 42 and 62 reported a general improvement in mood and symptoms of depression irritability and even sleep problems so it really

Works and you should really try it it also works in men for example men usually experience a reduction in irritation and stress response which is very common for testosterone imbalances in our bodies so very important do not ignore it number five it prevents the appearance of any disease including cancer there’s no doubt that melatonin plays a role directly or

Indirectly over every organ tissue and cell in the human body this is so true that hundreds of studies have proven how melatonin can be used to prevent the appearance of an incredible number of diseases heart disease diabetes memory loss circulation and even cancer a 2017 study published in the oncotarget magazine of the united states states that melatonin could

Be an excellent candidate for the prevention and treatment of several types of cancers and another study discovered that people who tend to produce less melatonin and tend to sleep less at night obviously have a higher recurrence for cancer the same thing happens with other health conditions and diseases like diabetes heart disease circulation problems and much

More in synthesis without it we could fall sick in no time so don’t ignore it melatonin is a lot more powerful than you think so i suggest you supplement on it if you can and how about this you know making this video a thumbs up and sharing it with your friends and family if you have any questions leave your comments down below and i’ll be happy to assist you if

You need a quality supplement for your disease or relying on plenty visit dr and right over here check out this other events related topic you find valid information that might prevent the serious health condition in the future thanks for watching guys and i’ll see you soon

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Melatonin Saved My Life – Melatonin Benefits For Health, Sleep And Beauty By Dr. Gus