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Melatonin Yay or Nay? And Alternatives

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What’s up everybody it’s your boy ryan and this is the thunder channel on nootropics on testosterone on energy and on male performance thanks so much for being with me going to talk about my experience with melatonin melatonin do i still take it have i taken it in the past what is it useful for what’s the moa what’s my take on it interestingly in the nootropics

Forums there’s always there’s always a conversation about melatonin is it good is it bad you know and a host of other things i want to discuss what my strategy is now relating to sleep because i do not take melatonin now i have in various sense and i’ll explain that uh doses and hosts of other things okay so let’s let’s just jump right into the moa because

This is really important and i don’t think it gets discussed enough very complex i mean it it breaks down into like seven or eight different metabolites once your body breaks it down uh it you have a a few melatonin receptors let’s just call it mt1 and mt2 for now that you know melatonin binds to and then those receptor sites from melatonin agonizing them have

Responsibilities but the primary responsibility as it relates to sleep is essentially acting on adenylate cyclase and inhibiting camp signaling okay that’s what it’s really doing inhibiting camp signaling and that is your energy production so when melatonin binds to particularly the type 1a melatonin receptor then you start inhibiting camp and then you’ve got

Sleep induction so let’s talk about my history with it um so first of all i’ll say right now i do not take melatonin don’t take it right now but i did okay i did take melatonin three years ago or so i kind of wanted to see hey you know what would this allow me to induce sleep easier stuff that was happening in my life at the time shut my brain down and then just

Be able to induce sleep in a manufactured way i mean i’m a neuro hacker that you know is into nootropics and testosterone and all these kind of things and so i’m always looking for ways to see if i can manipulate biology and whatever melatonin was actually really useful in that regard my dose was three milligrams the typical dose range is anywhere from 0.3 to 10

Milligrams i mean i think that’s really high i stuck with three milligrams i’d take one three milligram dissolvable you know melatonin tablet and within probably about 30 40 minutes it would onset i would notice it and then i’d be the point where yeah i couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore i would ha i would have to go to sleep now that’s not typical for it to

Happen that fast under normal conditions right and in my body that’s just not how it typically works i don’t you know start to feel the tiredness and then it just rapidly onsets and then i get to the point where i kind of just like there’s no other choice here but to go to sleep i went on to take melatonin for yeah i mean probably the in the ensuing two years

Like the next two years or so pretty much every night i would take melatonin it also helped my digestion melatonin tends to help with reflux to a capacity and whenever i would have reflux almost undoubtedly because i ate something stupid uh melatonin you know tended to help that at least in some part do i take melatonin now um no if i can avoid it i don’t

Take it not because i think it’s gonna do anything bad to me but because compounds are really only in the mix for me aside from nootropic stacks to foster productivity throughout the day if they need to be in the mix okay and then when they don’t need to be in the mix anymore you know they’re not in the mix anymore and basically with melatonin i stopped taking

It i don’t know i want to say a year ago i kind of just was like you know what i don’t i don’t care i’m just going to do sleep naturally if it takes longer that’s fine we’ll see there wasn’t like some sort of funky withdrawal or anything from it just so folks understand again your mileage is going to vary but my experience with it was like while taking it it

Made me go to sleep within 30 minutes while not taking it you know it took longer and it just kind of got me back to my normal rhythm of you know watching something or reading or meditating or talking to god and then eventually just falling asleep but no weird stuff like you know coming off of it or anything so i want to talk about my latest sleep strategy and

What i’ve been doing it’s actually really simple uh but first what supports this broadcast are epic nootropic products let’s take a break real quick and talk about nootropics look we built the cortex stack seven years ago for hard charging entrepreneurs and business people and that’s what i initially made it for but it turns out you know over the ensuing seven

Years of people buying it and i think right like 80 000 bottles sold or something at this point everybody just loves it motivation mental energy the drive to work look if you want a nootropic stack that’s going to turn on brain function and put you in a place where energy is easier right productivity is easier you almost have that dopamine centered stimulating

Feeling where you just want to tackle stuff go by cortex at and listen i want to give you a deal if you use the coupon code 15 now 15 now which you’ll also be presented with on the website if you leave the website you can save 15 off your first month of cortex i suggest you get it on a monthly subscription so that it comes every 30 days the cortex

Stack should be cycled so you’re looking at four days on three days off that will provide you with an entire month’s supply and by the way when we launch torque soon we’re going to infuse that into kind of the schedule too and so you can be taking cortex and torque and switching between them which can be really awesome but go get the subscription for cortex if you’d like to just buy a singular bottle to see what it’s like for you totally fine but when you realize that you love it you’re gonna want it cheaper on subscription every 30 days do it at so let’s talk about my my latest sleep strategy um so yeah i stopped taking melatonin again somewhere around i want to say it was about a

Year ago and just kind of get back to my regular schedule of like falling asleep normally i mean it’s not that difficult for me to fall asleep i’m either watching something like a showtime show or something like a series or i am watching something and then researching on my phone that’s that’s 99 of the time like what i’m what i’m doing before bed now i might

Pray and i also will like flip over land on my stomach and think about business and life and stuff that’s going on with cortex labs either way uh then in that time period i usually just start to get tired notice that i’m tired right and then eventually gets to that point where i’m like all right i i’m pretty much ready to to clock out i say goodnight to my cats

And within about five minutes i’m asleep but lately what i’ve been doing is i’ve been taking magnesium i’ve been taking magnesium magnesium is not a supplement for the record that i have taken a lot over the years lately i’ve been dosing 250 milligrams of magnesium glycinate about two hours before i’m about to jump into bed so call that like 8 30 or so because

I usually get in bed at like 10 10 30. quite honestly it’s a really great wind down for that latter period of the night if i’m not working or aggressively on like nootropics doing something related to productivity it’s a great brain wind down it does tone down like that you know that sort of i don’t want to call it anxious feeling i’m just a generally anxious

Productive person we’ll just call me anxious productive right i don’t want to sit still like to get things done like to sort of be doing stuff magnesium really helps at night just in 250 milligrams of magnesium glycinate just sort of tone that down and then what’s interesting about it is it seems to make me release my own endogenous melatonin uh quicker than

My regular baseline i’m sure there’s a mechanism for that you guys can go research it i haven’t but you know i’m curious to probably research that tonight perhaps when i’m going to sleep uh but it does seem to be the case that you know after about an hour and a half of dosing it not only have i been relaxed for the previous hour but i actually start to feel my

Endogenous melatonin kicking that melatonin-esque feeling comes about and then it’s a lot easier for me to just fall asleep added bonus of magnesium is that it shuttles water into the intestines for better uh motility right gut motility so it helps my digestion too which is kind of just really awesome about it that is the gist of it my friends thank you so much

For being with me take melatonin or don’t make take melton i mean i really all depends like if you have a problem falling asleep at night i do not see a problem with it that’s one of the primary things i forgot to even put in my notes here and mention you guys like i don’t have an issue with you taking melatonin i don’t think that it’s a huge issue i think for

Most people that i’ve worked with and certainly myself and that i’ve been with and seen take melatonin it’s really not an issue right it just induces sleep a little faster than normal and it’ll put you in a place where falling asleep is certainly going to be easier all right now i quickly wanted to talk to you guys about the testosterone super class so i just

Sent out an email to everybody on the email list that that thing is back to 20 off the coupon code for that is twenty two zero coupon code two zero gets you 20 off the testosterone superclass why is it so awesome i mean look first of all it’s protocols to raise testosterone number one reason that it’s awesome but secondly it is a complete testosterone course

Like a lot of the courses out there are like all right we’ll take zinc and to do this and eat cholesterol and maybe take some fenugreek and whatever and it’s maybe some natural protocols but they’re not as in-depth and certainly not as large as the protocols that we’ve got in the testosterone superclass i mean my natty protocol my natural protocol is actually

Very very robust includes modifying androgen receptor function optimizing it so that you can get the best out of the androgens that are binding to the ars but what makes it complete is that we are also giving you strategies to supercharge your own endogenous testosterone not exclusively with natural compounds okay so there are other compounds that you may need to

Use depending on how old you are and where you are in your testosterone raising process that are safe and highly highly effective at forcing you to make your own testosterone endogenously without having to go on hormone therapy and we talk about those types of protocols in the testosterone super class too should you go on trt we discussed that we discuss exactly

The point at which you’ve done everything you can you’ve it’s like if you’ve done this this and this on the the natural or semi-natural route to raise testosterone and you’ve given it the proper time frames and nothing has worked then is the time to go on tnt but there’s a very particular way to go on trt and we discussed that too in the testosterone superclass

It’s just so complete packed with very very powerful principles on how to raise your testosterone as a guy and look as i always say raising your testosterone will absolutely change your life it’ll make you a different guy it changes your confidence makes you generally have more energy throughout the day in the latter part of the day when you’d rather go to sleep

Or just like i don’t know sit on your couch and drink beer god forbid and like you’re cropped out at 5 p.m having high testosterone actually changes that and in that 5 p.m onward time frame you want to be productive you want to get stuff done you don’t want to just like crash on the couch and be a nobody you want to live your life go get the testosterone super

Class live cortex dot com again please use the coupon code 2020. you can save 20 on it right now download the video course start watching it start getting the stuff that you need for the protocols and begin okay your life changes when you start working on testosterone thank you so much for being with me everybody talk to you next time you

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Melatonin Yay or Nay? And Alternatives By Cortex Labs