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Mellow Risperdal

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Hey whats up guys respite all here so i’m making this video just give you an update of what’s been going on um drunk in a monster uh here’s my stats hit a 2.4 to cake total level uh i’m actually going to camp dragons i need to get 33,000 bones dragon bones 499 prayer that’s kind of my next goal um you know just just cuz risen want to make this video is because i

Have a twitch account now i’ll probably put the link in the description i’m deciding whether or not i should start live streaming um if i live stream like i don’t know if i’d live stream very often because i mean there’s only 18 of you so what’s the chance you guys would have enough time to into a live stream anyways so what do you guys think about that i if if

You don’t think i should start live streaming that’s fine i have not purchased anything to do live streams i did download something for it and tested it out a few times and i think i figured it out um so i don’t know that’s just something that could be fun i i thought about doing it when i was going for 99 agility but i couldn’t figure it out couldn’t get the

Audio settings right but i set it all up so i mean the quality is not that great the quality of my videos have never been that great um you know but no offense to jagex its runescape so i mean let’s be honest we’re not watching runescape videos or playing runescape for hd quality at least i’m not um just did my task i guess i’m gonna go kill dragons again not

Really sure probably um well i related to school in real life but i don’t just been dealing with stuff in real life and not been too concerned about school though you know i guess i should be concerned because that kind of decides my fate for the rest of my life so maybe maybe i should be concerned around or on gloves i knew i had some charges left these gloves

Are from school fortune they give you money it’s kind of nice um yeah we’ll just do some flushing with these gloves why not um anyways what i’ve been up to just hanging out working a lot um spend time with my girlfriend which is which is always nice um you know but doing a lot of thinking um i don’t know life is interesting i think i will go ahead and do a little

Bit of school later day just so i can try and get back into the habit of doing school because i don’t want to be a deadbeat person you know just sit around play runescape 2007 um i’ll just play runescape you know 23-7 and do an hour a school a day and then then voila perfect i know why i’m just kind of laid back to do i think i forgot to take my drugs i’m ready i’m

Just kind of like chilled i’m just kind of like yeah whatever but let me know if you guys would actually interested in live streams i know like when looney did live streams he’d only have like ten people watching so i think i mean if i could get 10 people watching my livestream that’d be awesome um the only thing is i don’t have two screens for it which basically

Is essential i mean cuz um i can if i pay for a license which i won’t do until i hit like at least 100 subscribers i don’t think on youtube which which i’ll know if i’ll ever hit 100 subscribers so maybe the live streaming thing is just just a silly idea i don’t know just a lot of other youtubers have been doing it and it looked like would be fun so uh we’ll see

But because you have to purchase it and i think if the pay a certain amount each month for it it’s like a three-month contract or something plus basically it was like a few have two monitors it would be better than i only have one and i don’t know i’m not too keen on going out and buying another one so maybe i’ll just stick to the videos oh yelling sick to the

Video for now i mean it’s not like i’m pushing out tons of content anyways you know why put more stuff on me to do well but i’ll leave my twitch account in the description anyways just in case you have a twitch and in case you want to follow me in case i live stream again you know the quality was kind of shitty of the first times i captured so not really sure if

Food even be worth listening to me just rambling you know that’s how it would be it’s just me talking i mean i’d obviously playing runescape in the back but i don’t really do anything bad excited orig good oh i don’t go bossing usually um i don’t go peking so oh no why i might just go back to bed today i don’t know it’s two o’clock i’m just feeling really tired

I don’t know guys but uh doing better than it wasn’t my last video obviously you know life’s still difficult but i think he’ll always be somewhat difficult i don’t know nobody else has died this week so that’s a plus right and it made new friends today that was kinda had spent some time hanging out with a friend i mean sort of i mean it was just at work and but

I don’t know it was it was a good day yesterday really good man angelic and i we talked to on the phone some stuff it has we talked about some serious stuff which i mean that’s okay once in a while i think i think you just gotta relax and have fun sometimes so we did some of that too so it’s just there’s just really good day yesterday and um hopefully today would

Be good to you know it hadn’t been bad i bought some pizza plates a wee little huh her little sister i don’t know i’m not really felt like doing a hardcore runes keeping which you can’t see that by my stats i guess no no over 2400 that’s it’s not shabby you know i’m doing all right um as far as clan xp i am i clan on number six i think on this guy brisbane he

Has like 250 mil i only have like 85 know so like i don’t think i’ll ever catch up him i mean unless he quits the game or something or quits the clan i don’t know but oh it’s just thank you yeah i god it’s just fun to keep me going to bed to keep playing i um yeah bows right now i’m just uh i’m just gonna kill 33,000 dragons you know people are saying they’re

Like why don’t you go money and use that to buy dragon bones and i just i don’t i don’t know i’m not very good at money-making and i feel like it would probably take almost the same amount of time and this way i can collect i’ll show you what i have let’s see let’s just type in a mountain over i on i’ve turned 75 dragon bones and foreigner one black hides which

Is not very much at all as considering i need 33,000 approximately um but yeah we’re gonna use the hides for crafting i think that’s gonna get me 95 crafting uh you know so oh no it it should be fun it’s it’s it does make the game by res it does make the game more difficult when you do stuff like this like but i just i mean like my cash like and don’t worry i’m

Not asking for donations i accept them but i’m not gonna ask for them um i’ll all work a work um i’ll work but i will i will get these i will get nine and prayer you know it might be a couple months i don’t know hopefully if it’s longer than five months which is how long it took me to get not 200 cooking xp and that’s a little ridiculous but i mean if it is longer

Than five months it’s just cuz i’m not no life in it you know because i think i think you can you know you probably could get a thousand dragon bones in a day i mean because if i do 200 dragon bones i can do that and like two hours so maybe 100 dragon bones an hour so if you play 10 hours a day i don’t know this is all just estimates of course but um you know so it

Really collecting 33,000 dragon bones it should take me oh no maybe three to five months which if you think about it i mean it’s not really that long that’ll be fun to something different something because of then i’m not just focusing in on training skills and obviously see ai got a mining level today what i’ll stay level today um oh no no i got 98 farming today

So like i don’t know it’s it makes the game more interesting you know i mean yeah it would be nice if i had like 50 bill but um i don’t and it’s not like i mean it’s not like anyone’s offering a fifty bill so to to get all the nine-nine’s i’m just gonna have to work my ass off for it so i’m gonna go kill dragons you’re welcome to join me by the way if you want if

Your members and you play aoc um you’re welcome to add me my private tends to be on least from lately um come kill black dragons with me might be kind of fun you know and i can watch movies and stuff release listen to music so i don’t know how long this video is i’m just kind of rambling um i don’t know i guess you know i guess that’s what i usually do in my videos

So how is this ain’t different than normal i don’t think it is um have you guys been i know it was a bit dramatic in my last video i mean i was it was a serious topic and i you know i wasn’t just trolling or whatever i realized i realized i almost put out that video on april fool’s day and that just would have been bad timing cuz it it just would have looked bad

Like obviously that wasn’t an april fools joke that would be be pretty pretty crazy if i did that i don’t know i’m just not that kind of person i wouldn’t troll you guys like that but yeah so works been good have a day off today woo partly why i’m making this video mmm check my work i don’t know how much more i gotta work but alright well since i’m out of oh i’m

Sorry y’all like 30 million times in this video since i’m out ahead lazaro’s um i’m going to end this video and goodbye some more nice thing about these gloves is it doesn’t some what makes training profitable but mostly it just makes it where i can train without losing money the broad arrows i don’t buy those from the grand exchange they’re too expensive i buy

Them from slayer masters every day they’re 50 each from slayer masters so i don’t know just gets moody speed only gotten four mil exp this month which is approximately 500 k a day which if you think about me working all the time and stuff it’s not it’s not that bad so alright well thank you for watching let me know what kind of content you want to see um i know

Mostly i just do progress videos and tell you what i’ve been doing i do still plan on doing some real life blogs i think that would be fun i’m just going out with drivers going out and walking around and something else how i do is when they turn 21 i don’t know if they all have cameras and bars but i don’t i think it would be fun to bring the camera along and have

A few drinks on on camera just to like i guys have my first drink well first legal drink it wink wink if you know what i mean luniz on let’s go talk to a movie all right um i’ll see you guys around thanks for watching love you bye

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Mellow Risperdal By Cheshire_Top_Cat