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Menstrual Cramps, Nausea, Vomiting, 15 years – Natural Relief by avoiding Franken Estrogens

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Real Patient tells how menstrual cramps, nausea, and vomiting would ruin her monthly schedule. Now, she is normal by avoiding “Frankenstein” Chemicals and Herbs that mimic estrogen and taking Natural Progesterone. These “Frankenstein” estrogens (xenoestrogens) do NOT appear on the hormone test. Xenoestrogens are ten times more potent when applied to the skin.

Hi my name is nina yes i’m here to give you a testimony for projeto which i will gladly do if you’re somebody who suffers with mental cramps and sickness and your life is on hold because of the pain that you’re in every month hold on there are answers there is a solution and dr. oetker has it for me it began at age 14 when my period started out bad and by the

Time they just kept getting worse about the time i was in my mid to upper to mr. li to mid-30s my periods were so bad that for three consecutive days out of a month i’d be knocked out on the bathroom floor alternating between vomiting and diarrhea icy cold sweats burning hot fever i was hypotensive very weak obviously a lot of pain and cramping feeling sick and

Miserable and heavy bleeding and i needed answers and it was it wasn’t just that time block that i was out being sick it’s it takes about a week or so to recover for me it took about a week to recover from that and so it’s almost like half my calendar month was shot and i was desperate there has to be an answer i can’t just keep going through this month after month

So i saw an endometriosis specialist total waste of $500 i tweaked my diet to an extreme degree and it sort of health but didn’t solve the problem i researched and i knew to avoid xenoestrogens kind of health but it still didn’t solve the problem and in 1997 desperately searching online for answers i finally came across peter eckert site woohoo where i saw on their

Projectile and the little glass dropper bottles and that it was made from coconut oil or it’s based in coconut oil the progesterone comes from the yams and he had a lot of stuff written up on there and i knew i think this guy knows what he’s talking about and he does peter knows his stuff and it was a buy one get one for free so i said absolutely i won’t hesitate

To do it and trust me it’s worth it and i went and i got it and that was 12 years ago and since then since then since faithfully using it i have not had problems my periods are normal periods they’re they’re uneventful i don’t have pain i don’t have sickness i don’t have cramping i don’t have that nasty sick feeling that comes that i used to get and it’s a huge

Answer to prayer so my great granted to you to peter for what he has done and he can also send you this booklet this blue booklet of things to avoid because that’s part of the puzzle to what to avoid either that you’re ingesting or that mean you may be coming in contact with your skin and what to use instead which larger detergents are okay peter knows his stuff

And he’s been very generous with this time i’ve called and asked questions and he’s helped out and so and there’s no it’s not like there’s any side effects – in case you’re wondering that if i take this is there some bad side to it no there’s no bad side it’s all good your body needs that this the progesterone it’s not in a chemical soup like other products might

Be and there i’ve never had any negative side effects whatsoever and all from taking you all notice that if i don’t take it but not if i am applying it and so if you are in this position and you’re in pain and you’re your periods are misery for you and you want your life back i strongly recommend for just all just imagine going along in your in your month and then

When you get your period instead of dive-bombing down into this trough of of sickness and suffering imagine and you know your life is on hold you can’t go do anything because you’re too busy being sick imagine if you’re just you get your period and your day just keeps going like normal and it’s uneventful and and you don’t have to try to shove down advil before

You vomit it back you know progesterone works it’s it’s it solves the problem and actually solves the problem in your when you’re using it and you do what peter tells you to do so please don’t hesitate to to go get four just though follow the instructions it’s easy and do what peter tells you to do

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Menstrual Cramps, Nausea, Vomiting, 15 years – Natural Relief by avoiding "Franken Estrogens" By Vid Endo