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Menthol Freshblast NET liquid | By Juice Cabin | Authentic menthol cigarette replacement!!

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Nothing really more to add to the title of this review, as this excellent NET is a true menthol cigarette alternative

Welcome to nat vapor reviews today’s review is a naturally extracted tobacco from juice cabin dot com now this is a menthol tobacco and it’s called menthol fresh blast and this is the new packaging new labeling from juice cabin as i mentioned in previous ones completely new packaging with a very top quality cap and also you get a thin nozzle and you can lift

This to put in your nicotine so very nice indeed now when it comes to mental tobacco it has to be right and if you follow my channel you know that i enjoy very much drake’s and um peppermint and basic liquid also got very nice mental tobacco that i’ve got actually in my spiker pro very nice this is more of a mental and the peppermint from drake’s is peppermint

Some mint bowls are excellent so i’m very much looking forward to review this one and apparently i was told that is banned mental cigarettes in the uk so for anyone who used to smoke mental cigarettes this can be ideal let me try it now so basically the description of this one is a truly reminiscence of a mental cigarette right so let’s have a go well you can

Definitely smell the mental from it yeah and like sort of an earthy note from the tobacco very nice so i’ve got my geek vape amit mouse too long rda freshly wicked and let’s give this one a go i do enjoy mental tobacco on occasion um it freshens up your palate and it gives you a very fresh aftertaste in your mouth oh yeah oh yeah very delicate smell of like a

Minty mental very nice let’s see let’s try it i mentioned before remember i used to have problems with the cap i took off the bottom o-ring well actually a tor so i never replaced it and since then i’ve got no problem of putting back this cap lovely right let’s try a mental fresh blast oh yeah let me open up the airflow well this is like a mental cigarette no

Ifs no but it’s like a mental cigarette see the difference is when you smoke a cigarette and your vape nuts extracted obviously the smoke element is not there but you get the fresh leaf and the fresh notes of the tobacco leaf that the liquid was extracted from and that is the delicious notes of naturally extracted tobacco and in fact in the cigarettes the smoke

Ruins it only maybe the first or second draw you get that fresh tobacco note and then just becomes smoke flavor but when you smoked mental cigarettes you got as well that mental taste with the tobacco and this is what you get here so it’s actually very very accurate let me add some more liquid um is is not much to describe when it comes to a mental cigarette

I mean it is a delicious note of tobacco and a very pleasant refreshing not overpowering it’s not one of those mentals that leave you like sort of gasping for air you know this is a refreshing it doesn’t leave much coolant very similar to the best thing liquid it’s a bit more crisp i think than the basic liquid it’s a bit different on the mental note but it’s

Very similar in top quality that is this is a bit more crispy if you know a crispy mental more and you can taste the tobacco notes in the background is absolutely stunning this liquid is a refresher fresh blast that’s called a refresher if you vape tobacco and on occasion you need a bit to refresh your palate um this is ideal for mental cigarettes um ex-smokers

This can be an all-day vape for me this is not an all-day vape but definitely every once in a while to give me that refreshment literally a mental cigarette so if you can’t buy mental cigarettes it’s about time you stop smoking and pick one of these up from juice cabin dot com mental fresh blast and you will not miss your cigarettes whatsoever this is more

Reminiscent of a cigarette than for instance the drake’s peppermint i can’t remember the full description of the name but if i put a link above if you want to watch it my review on that one that is more of a tobacco with mint this is more like a mental cigarette very nice i would love to put it in the spiker pro because there will probably be a bit more focus

More concentrate the flavor very nice mental tobacco that’s all i mean is not much i could add this is like a mental cigarette simple yeah mental fresh blast from bestsig and i love also the glossy finish on it very nice bottle indeed i want to wish liam a lot of success in the business we’re not taking it for granted i always say this again and again

Um that we can get such top liquids for a reasonable price he’s got if you buy two you get one free and to start off with it’s not expensive and you’re getting the best quality naturally extracted tobacco for the money you paid and this for mental cigarette smoker perfect match here you will not miss the cigarettes at all delicious okay this was the review on

The mental fresh blast from juice cabin dot com thank you liam for sending to me and until the next review take care enjoy bye bye for now

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Menthol Freshblast NET liquid | By Juice Cabin | Authentic menthol cigarette replacement!! By NET Vaper