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Menthol kick from hell

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Menthol kick from hell 🥶🥶

Hello everybody time for new shave today i’m going to use this eric anthony eraser with a bobbus notch uh hologram razor you can see there for it i don’t know if you can see that this is somewhat uh i eric anton bay with a small shark on it from this crystal sweden warranty and it’s so sorry i have a bow liner today and use this soap it’s the lime scented

Milkshake supply soap and either twist today and try see how it works this ladder looks absolutely modest in my opinion emerald sharing supplies my brush and first brush and gonna finish with citrus mask from bernard thank you very much i thought i did a little twist to this soap i have first time ever now got mental crystals not crystal meth mental crystals

And then i tried it before and let’s just say it feels cold feels actually cold already on the face maybe i took too much i don’t i think my eyes start to clear i don’t know if do you know what i forgot toilet paper of course that’s gonna something like that okay let’s start shave see how it works i hope this edge is great uh i think so at least it felt great

When i shaved my arm just shave and this is cold i think you put too much mantle in it but let’s roll with it see my stairs tearing up i mean bought these mental crystals i want to try thinking of doing the soap mental crystals i don’t know how much i have to use of course i’m going to shake it on the internet and so on and let’s see undo batch and see if it

Works it’s really fun to try out new things i had three days ago last time i shared was when i did the last video i’ll have to go quickly in just a moment yeah it’s cold i took a little bit of the mental crystals and i don’t have a grinder i bought really nice trying to push with his fingers and you can grind them out but it will arrive next week and uh so

I took off oh what it’s called i don’t know in sweden call it mortal when you have fresh herbs or whatever you put in a bowl and you have a thingy bang has smooshed out i’m gonna put the name here uh i don’t know how much it took but when i tried it first i had to put a small amount first put it on my face later let it be there for a couple of minutes could

Maybe feel a little bit mental and then i i’m only going to do a two-part shave today and i oh this is too much then i added movement on top to it then it’s too much my eyes are tearing up it’s cold for my skin so because even i’m not sad and a small cut this was actually really cold i don’t know if this would work when i bought these things because i don’t

Know what kind of main decreases you have to buy and so on so i googled and found something on swedish amazon sorry i was never but it’s the mentor i don’t want you so much next time it’s damn cold yeah i think i added too much i think i don’t think i know i had it too much see tears of running through the ladder i do apologize for the sneaking i thought you’re

Going to do two patches it could be enough going to go quickly just a moment i have to get this off my face sorry about that but oh that’s cold i’ll tell you this mentor thing works it could be fun when i got that the grinder i use in my hand it’s much easier one two three four and if that doesn’t work i can add two more and so on to find how many squares you

Have to do i think i took a half teaspoon of this mental crystal that i have smooched up to powder almost and i can tell you that was too much really nice shave a little bit here of course a little bit there because those spots go against the grain there and this way i go against the green here so it’s really nice shape i do apologize about this sniffing and

I’m not cold not that it’s the mental that kicks in really hard really awesome mental kick that too much for me i haven’t learned to put the right amount of mental in the soap i think about buying these metals crystals for for a very long time but they are not cheap at least where i found found them and maybe just soap with that then even put i started the bowl

Added for a half year ago or something and it’s really nice to have a soap but sometimes you want some mentally in it and if somewhere when you got some nice soapy but just adds mental to it and it that’s really nice i’ve seen people using it for a long time and always thinking i should maybe should do try it after now i bought this crystal and the the crystal

Works and then i want to add it to this hand grinder thing so we shall see how it works i think it would be gonna work perfect this was too much uh uh in my opinion as you saw my also teared up thank you for watching everybody have a great great rest of the week and we shall see you maybe this weekend have a great day see you bye

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Menthol kick from hell 🥶🥶🤘😃🤘 By Matti Lindholm