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Mesotherapy with Dutasteride Injections, Pros and Cons and what Results to expect!

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Mesotherapy with Dutasteride Injections! Before and after results and what can you expect from them for treating hair loss?

Mesotherapy with dutasteride injections pros and cons before and after results and what you can expect from this treatment coming up this video has been brought to you by go fiber enter your pictures and win a one year supply of gold fiber it’s easy to enter order a free sample take a clear before and after pictures and send them to selfie hey welcome

Back everybody matt here if you are watching my channel for the first time it’s a hair loss and hair transplant related channel where i talk about these topics all year round so if you’re somebody who is new and he’s being fascinated about these topics maybe he wants to learn something new about these topics make sure you subscribe or at least consider it all right

Guys the technique of micro injections with deuterostorite or mesotherapy uh with dutasteride has been designed in order to not only promote the efficacy of deuterostorite for treating androgenic alopecia but also to kind of inhibit the systemic permeation of deuterostorite into the plasma and reduce the sexual side effects that men used to get with oral dutas

Right okay with this treatment they basically inject dutastride directly into the scalp okay into the dermis where it can reach the root of the hair follicle it’s usually rooted from 1.5 to four even five millimeters deep in your scalp that’s the dermis area where this uh deuterostorite is being injected with mesotherapy the efficacy of dutasteride mesotherapy

Has been studied since 2008 already and despite demonstrating like fairly good to even excellent responses unfortunately there is no uniformity among the application therapy protocols and i was able to find like six studies out of which there were like three observational studies and three more like higher quality uh placebo-controlled studies that i’m gonna

Be especially paying attention to in this video and i’m gonna be showing you some results from these studies as well and as well as before and after pictures and based on the results that i seen and the studies that i went through over the last couple days uh i can tell you like who is this treatment for well it’s gonna be somebody who is either diffused thinner

It can be anybody who is thinning on the crown or even uh somebody who is receding on the hairline if you are one of these guys and your hair loss is androgen induced then you’re gonna likely respond to this mesotherapy with deuterostorite i don’t know how well let’s see further let me mention some of the pros and cons of this dutasteride mesotherapy because as

Everything like any treatment on the market as always right be finasteride minoxidil any treatment besides like really weak natural remedies there are always going to be some side effects hell even with supplemental there can be some side effects and it’s a natural herb so this is of course going to give us also some negatives but let’s start with the positives

First the first one will be that one mesotherapy session with dutasteride that only takes like 30 minutes to complete something like a prp session some of you guys will probably know it who have undergone this and in order to like achieve like decent cosmetic results cosmetic improvements you may only need like three to four treatments per year which is not a lot

And uh dr sergio vano he has also conducted a small observational study i’m gonna touch on to later but this uh result is one of his patients who only underwent like two sessions and this is his six-month result uh after getting to uh do tasteride mesotherapy sessions which is pretty decent result in my opinion here is another patient who is 21 years old and you

Can see his result after six months and he underwent possibly to do tests right mesotherapy sessions but he also uses topical minoxidil five percent but you can see how his hairline just improved in only six months i’m not sure you will be able to do this with minoxidil five percent only most likely not okay so the dutastride uh mesotherapy session definitely

Helped here here is another result and this is really crazy because this patient also use oral minoxidil and you just can notice how this combo is like crazy and it almost looks like a hair transplant it’s not right but you see the hair thickening effect it’s like amazing because if you look at the before photo it seems as if the patient have already lost more

Than 50 of the original hair thickness and if you take a look at the after photo you see it the hair has clearly more than 50 of the thickness again so i don’t know how did this happen but it’s just excellent response and it just shows that somebody can really uh be like get lucky and respond well to this mesotherapy do you test right uh but again this patient

Also used oral minoxidil which by itself has been shown also to be pretty strong anti-hair loss medication and was able to you know give some really good results to some patients here is another diffusely thinning patient who has been put on minoxidil five percent he has been using it daily plus oral due to strides 0.5 milligram i suppose plus the due to stride

Mesotherapy injections and the result is also really good i mean it looks almost like a hair transplant to me here is another patient who is using 0.5 milligram dutasteride plus dutasteride mesotherapy he has been using it for six months so these were all like six month results from all uh sergio vano he’s kind of like a pioneer in doing this in spain that at

Least from what i have seen online he seems to be the pioneer so that kind of sums up the advantage number one right away not only you may just need maybe three four sessions of dutaster and mesotherapy per year to achieve decent results not only that but if you add some conventional treatments like minoxidil five percent or even the finasteride or all next to

That your results will appear faster and the end result will look also much better and thicker as without uh compared to without mesotherapy advantage number one advantage number two uh i already touched onto that it was basically that the delivery of these mesotherapy injections goes right into the dermis okay right there where the hair is rooted it’s not like

You would have to apply a topical dutastride hydroalcoholic solution and then wait for it to maybe get absorbed and go first through the epidermis and then the dermis some of that would get wasted you know so that kind of avoids this wastage right away because you just kind of blast through the epidermis with the injection and that’s why also a higher deposition

Of drug in the dermis can be achieved right away okay because the whole injected vial goes right there into the dermis and the advantage number three would be that as you have seen the results look promising it has been already tested by some doctors since 2008 if you combine it with conventional treatments the results will appear faster and it will just look even

Better so there is some evidence and some backup to this it’s up to you whether you want to try it or not this is just for the educational purposes let’s talk about the disadvantages and there are two main disadvantages i was able to come up with here as well uh the first one in mesotherapy with do tests right there is no standardized delivery and frequency of

These treatments established so some doctors they like to start with one treatment per month for the first four or five months and then ease it out or maybe once every three months and just continue like that some doctors like dr vano likes to do like one treatment every two three months right away and just do like four treatments per year and that’s something

That needs to be just experimented with until we find out what works better and what uh doesn’t work as much and the second disadvantage side effects now what type of side effects because everybody of you will probably think about the sexually related side effects uh like with the oral finasteride or oral detastroid or any alpha reductase inhibitor in here i mean

In this case it hasn’t been shown for now in these studies because the dht decrease as a result of due to mesotherapy has been shown to be very like pretty statistically insignificant but there are some physicians who claim that long-term exposure to such therapy is also questionable whether there is or is not going to be like a significant dht uh decrease

But for now it hasn’t been kind of shown but there’s also another side effect that i have in mind and by reviewing about six studies on dutastride mesotherapy i found out that some patients have experienced pretty ugly side effects on their sperm concentration especially the reduction in the sperm concentration after being on dutasteride mesotherapy although

The declines were almost always in the normal or healthy range there were two cases of two patients one 27 and another 40 years old uh and these patients showed a decrease in sperm concentration from 29 to 7 millions of sperms uh per milliliter which is like 70 percent decrease so uh unfortunately this can occur that’s why it’s a disadvantage all right guys i’m

Not gonna go through all of the studies right now i have like six or seven studies here but i’m just gonna go through the main studies where there were like a lot of men included like a relatively high sample size of men it was a placebo-controlled study which can give us more quality of reporting let’s call it this way the first one from 2009 is considered to be

A pilot study on dutasteride mesotherapy and uh initially like 34 patients enrolled but only 28 completed the study because it seems like six patients uh didn’t or were not able to tolerate the pain of the injections so they didn’t complete a study but we have a treatment group of 14 patients and 14 uh patients in a controlled group the treatment group received

0.05 percent due to asteroid per 1 milli milliliter so it’s like 0.5 milligram due to stride oral equivalent and the uh control group received selene if we take a look at the first patient who was in a treatment group his terminal hair count actually changed from 29 to 37 so it went up 27 so on paper the increase in hair count is pretty significant but on the

Photo you cannot see it as well because the crown area is pretty large you cannot just notice it like this and the picture quality is also very poor but in fact his hair count did improve in 27 which is pretty significant but if i look at the photos i don’t think of it as significant maybe like mild uh response at most if we take a look at the patient one of the

Patients in the control group who just received selena for 11 weeks you can see that there is no change in fact i see some worsening after 11 weeks so these are only these two photos of two patients from the first study which was a placebo-controlled trial of 28 uh patients let’s take a look at the other study which i consider to be like the most important because it

Includes like 90 men which is the highest sample size from all of these studies uh in my research it has been conducted in 2012 it includes again 90 men this study unfortunately also only provided us with one before and after photo of one of these patients who received nine injections after 20 weeks you can see that his hair situation also improved i would consider

His response to be like also mild to moderate but something more too mild in my opinion the hair got darker especially around the mid scalp the frontal third but especially here on the sides the crown also got a little bit more narrow but not that much and the vertex and crown crown areas didn’t fill out as much either so he is indeed just a mild respondent

Because he also received nine injections so that’s a lot for 20 weeks and the response is not as great to be honest what this study basically concluded is that mesotherapy using dutastride is a good option for treatment of male pattern hair loss resulting in reduction or seization of hair loss and promoting of new hair regrowth the proposed mechanism of action of

Dutastride is partly due to modification of hair cycle dynamics and partly through increasing hair shaft diameter of the existing hairs effects on sexual function by deuterostoriid mesotherapy is questionable mesotherapy using dutastride is not recommended in patients seeking pregnancy patients with borderline or abnormal semenogram and patients with ejaculatory

Or erectile dysfunction okay now we have uh some more studies from 2013 which were on the women the biggest one was done on women 126 uh women it was also a placebo control trial and another one from 2013 men and women 28 in a treatment group and 28 in a control group and besides these two studies from 2013 we just have two more observational studies from 2017

And 2019 each study only includes five men okay so it’s very small study one of them is actually from dr sergio vano and also the patient that i have already shown you uh earlier all right guys let me kind of conclude it for you here well the mesotherapy uh treatment with dutastride injections has been shown uh pretty effective in treating androgenic alopecia

Of course this protocol is not fda approved because there is no standardization and also dutasteride on itself it’s not fda approved treatment uh for treating hair loss in its oral form so that’s why it’s just going to be probably more complicated for the mesotherapy itself it is effective it can be even more effective if we add some conventional treatments

Like finasteride oral or topical minoxidil i also think that the main target audience for using this dutaster and mesotherapy treatment would be men because as men our androgen related hair loss is just much more severe of course women also experience androgen related hair loss but not to such an extent and their androgen levels are much lower than the androgen

Levels of men and also the density and kind of the activity of five alpha reductase on their scalp is not as kind of enhanced as in male scalp this that has been also shown so we need like really strong really potent treatments like dutaster and mesotherapy to counteract this uh densely populated five alpha reductase on the scalp all right guys so these were

Kind of my thoughts on the dutasteride uh injectable mesotherapy uh so if you liked this video make sure you give it a like and i hope you learned something from it really as far as the pros and cons of this treatment what are the expected before and after results of course not everybody is going to be at the same respondent as by any treatment so we have seen

Some extreme results and some really mild results uh so that’s important and also some disadvantages which are kind of connected with this treatment as it is not fda approved treatment okay so uh that was it for this video guys uh you know this is also a hair transplant channel so for all you guys who are interested in a hair transplant and then considering it

Seriously in 2020 you know that i matt specialize in this topic and i help you out during your hair transplant research i set you up the right way some of you guys already made use of them so that was amazing and many of you are still watching this these videos so i’m happy for that and yeah that was it from me for this video guys uh it was a pleasure take care

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Mesotherapy with Dutasteride Injections, Pros and Cons and what Results to expect! By MATTDOMINANCE