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It turns out thank you both for coming as you know david ruby the starch tomorrow from the hospital and i mean this meeting we would like to review david’s medical issue discuss they follow up here and then sir any questions you may have about diabetes or david’s ongoing care let’s start with you david what do you know about diabetes just in that blood sugar time

Also people that i know who have their babies end up with insulin does that mean they did will have to be honest it does mean that david’s blood sugar is high they the good news is that the careful attention to your diet and increase exercise you may not eat into the northmen is not needed for a long time if you lose weight you may not need your medicine as long as

You eat right exercise and keep the weight off david’s diabetes is caused by his body not responding properly to insulin which is partly caused by his extra words we know that exercise increases muscles response to insulin so these lifestyle changes are very important just as important as the oral medicine what kind of dietary changes should be make david will need

To be very careful about the amount of carbohydrates he eats carbohydrates include things like bread pasta cake any rice you have told me before that you like tortillas these are usually made of white flour which is high in carbohydrates you can substitute porn on holy which are better for your diabetes and provide more nutrients i can give you some pamphlets about

It if you use the internet the american diabetes association website will be very helpful david’s new doctor has a certified diabetes educator in his practice going to your classes will be very helpful to you both to in about the changes in the diet and the classes are covered by your insurance didn’t you text david the extra exercise we’re recommending doesn’t

Have to be like a marathon it just takes 15 minute walks after meals taking the stairs instead of the elevator and / further away from your destination david you will also have to check your blood sugar regularly at home and make sure you’re recording it in order to get a good control you doctor will prescribe a home button ring a device and show you how to use it

He will tell you how often to use it also any other questions can you just go over the information a lot of medicine absolutely your medicine is metformin you take you once a day it is a generic so it’s not expensive some people but not many do have side effects most kindly is nausea and diarrhea if you experience these tell you doctor he may change your medicine

There are lots of available oral diabetes medicine but more metformin is a tried and true first line i know all it takes it will take a while to sink in to make sure i’ve explained the drug can you tell me your understanding about your medicine please so i think my phone in once a day if it makes you sick my stomach or disney diarrhea then i would contact my doctor

And who changed our medication i will have to change my diet i’ll have to exercise i’ll have to check my blood sugar my doctors want to talk to me more about checking my blood sugar i had my next visit that’s going to be one busy busy yes there will be a busy lizard teresa if she can you might consider adjoining him for that first visit i’d also like to ask teresa

How she feels about his lifestyle changes because these will affect your life to teresa are you willing to make these check for the most part i think we can do this so thanks for that some sweet and other fully character politics but on a daily basis oh you have any other questions for us at this time no no okay let me check your chart here okay well your ring

This charge will include not only the appointments and contact information for your new doctor but will also give you the number information for the people here in the hospital can answer all your questions i’ll be sending a written summary about your state to that your doctor and get there before your next appointment same

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Metformin By Joseph Valentino