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Metformin for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome TREATMENT + Pros and Cons) 2022

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Is metformin an effective treatment for PCOS? 1 in 10 women worldwide have polycystic ovarian syndrome and metformin is often prescribed as a treatment method, but is it safe? And does it come with side effects? Learning more about using metformin for PCOS… 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

For polycystic ovarian syndrome or pcos and  the pros and the cons one in 10 women worldwide   suffer from pcos and it is the number one cause  of infertility in women and aside from causing   infertility pcos can be difficult to live with  for many other reasons it can make it difficult   to lose weight it can cause excess hair

Growth  and it can also cause acne so how is pcos treated   to women with pcos and it can certainly be   effective at reducing symptoms but my issue is  that women are not informed of the side effects   when they are prescribed metformin so in today’s  video i’m going to give you everything you need   to know about

Metformin for pcos how it works the  hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new  here my name is kait i’m a health coach and i post   videos on a high fat nutrient dense way of eating  if you like this video please give it a thumbs up   feel free to share and make sure to subscribe  and make sure to follow me on instagram

Twitter   and facebook where i share new posts every single  day so the topic of today is metformin for pcos   i briefly described what metformin was at the  start of this video but we’re going to go a   little bit deeper into what it is and why it works  for pcos then we will get into the side effects   and we will

Finish off talking about what you  can do to reduce these side effects and some   natural options to metformin that might be better  suited for you what is metformin metformin is   have issues related to managing blood sugar   diabetes type 2 diabetes and of course pcos   worldwide there are over 120 million people who 

Are prescribed it metformin helps to keep blood   sugar more stable with less big swings up and down  and it also helps to lower fasting blood sugar   and you might be thinking okay well i have pcos i  don’t have diabetes so why is metformin effective   and the reason that metformin is so effective for  women with pcos is because

The root cause of pcos   is the same as the root cause of pre-diabetes  gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes   and that is insulin resistance there are three  main symptoms that define pcos irregular periods   be diagnosed with pcos you have to have   two out of three of these main symptoms and all  three symptoms are

Caused by insulin resistance   should be a big spike in the hormone estrogen   high insulin levels block the ovaries from   converting it and the spike in estrogen doesn’t  happen so you do not ovulate and the eggs remain   left with high testosterone levels as a result   metformin works to improve insulin sensitivity 

It allows your cells to take in more glucose   taking it out of your bloodstream and lowering  your insulin and as a result the symptoms of   some of them you can prevent or reduce but some  of them you might be stuck with side effects   metformin is digestive distress which includes gas   bloating and diarrhea about 25 of

People who take  metformin experience digestive distress metformin   synthesize store and metabolize certain nutrients   this means your body can become depleted in them  two of these nutrients are vitamin b9 and vitamin   in these it can cause digestive distress   include starting metformin at a lower dose taking  

Slow release instead of immediate release and of  course supplementing vitamin b9 and vitamin b12   another common side effect of metformin is nausea  and vomiting again 25 of people who take metformin   metformin with food helps to prevent this   symptom another symptom you might experience is  hair loss now this is actually

The inverse of   excess hair growth women with pcos can sometimes   grow excess hair in places such as their face and  this is because of their high testosterone levels   which can reduce this excess hair growth   b9 is responsible for healthy cell growth   start to lose excess hair from our head   and also

Develop bald spots now these side effects  are pretty annoying but they are also pretty mild   compared to the ones we are about to talk about  the first more serious side effect is anemia   anemia is when your blood doesn’t have enough  healthy red blood cells in this situation anemia   leads to reduced oxygen flow to the body’s

Organs   the consequences of anemia can be severe so it  is really important to make sure you are getting   enough vitamin b12 in through your diet if you  are having trouble getting enough into your diet   i recommend supplementing with something like  beef liver beef liver is super high in vitamin   b12 and it’s best

To get b12 from whole foods  because the synthetic form is not absorbed as well   can help with digestive distress and hair loss   everyone’s cup of tea but thankfully there   are a lot of great companies out there now who  are making beef liver supplements you still get   all the benefits of beef liver without the taste 

I will link to some of my favorite brands in the   description box down below that are available  worldwide or in certain countries and i do   have a few promo codes so i’ll put those down  there as well the second serious side effect is   lactic acidosis this one is very serious but also  very rare but i also think it’s worth

Mentioning   because if you have kidney problems or if you  consume a lot of alcohol you are at a much greater   risk metformin causes lactic acid to build up in  the bloodstream and if your body cannot clear it   properly that is when lactic acidosis happens if  left untreated it can result in a coma or death   about

Natural alternatives there are two natural   supplements that have been shown to work in the  same way as metformin improving the body’s insulin   sensitivity in some studies these have been shown  to be just as effective at treating pcos and   different types of diabetes as metformin and these  two supplements are berberine and

Inositol both of   these are extracted from whole foods and available  over the counter without a prescription but it is   important to note that they also come with side  effects some people experience a lot of the same   digestive distress on berberine and dinosatal as  they do on metformin i did a whole video a few  

Weeks ago comparing the three metformin berberine  and dinosaur and going over the pros and the cons   and the side effects of each i will link that  video above if you want to know more about that i   am by no means recommending one over the other i’m  simply presenting the facts and you can discuss   with your doctor and come

To your own conclusion  about which one if any is best for you now the   other way to treat pcos naturally does not involve  a supplement because there are ways to improve   insulin sensitivity through diet and lifestyle you  can improve your insulin sensitivity by tweaking   the foods you eat and the exercises you do one 

Study followed 11 women with pcos for six months   the study involved a change in diet and by the  end all women who completed the study lost weight   lowered their free testosterone and their fasting  insulin two of the women even got pregnant during   the study despite having previously struggled with  infertility so what diet

Change did these women   make you might be asking they switched to a low  carb ketogenic diet that was the only change they   made this is effective because it significantly  reduces the amount of foods being consumed that   increase insulin the most which are foods rich  in carbohydrates every time we eat carbs they  

Are broken down by the body into sugar or glucose  these particles enter the bloodstream and insulin   is released to bring the sugar to our of course  if our cells are resisting the actions of insulin   and not taking the sugar from our bloodstream  then our bodies create more insulin in response   process for digesting protein and

Fat requires a   lot less insulin therefore if you focus your diet  around protein and fat less insulin is needed and   then your cells become more sensitive to insulin  again as a result which in turn improves your pcos   now low carb diets are not the only approach   i actually have a whole video on pcos where i give 

You some more tips and strategies for improving   your insulin sensitivity i will link that video  above if you want to check it out afterwards   even a modest reduction in carbs can be beneficial  or even changing the order in which you eat your   today you can check out that video if you want   to know more thank you

So much for watching i  really hope that you found this video helpful   let me know in the comment section down below what  your experience with metformin for pcos was or is   did you experience any of the side effects that  i spoke about today let me know down below and   also remember to give this video a thumbs up and 

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Metformin for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome TREATMENT + Pros and Cons) 2022 By Health Coach Kait