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Dr V Mohan clarifies the doubts regarding the safety of Metformin. Metformin has helped many people manage their diabetes and lead a productive life.

Metformin is an anti-diabetic drug which has been used for over 50 years in the treatment of diabetes it is therefore one of the oldest most potent and i would say one of the safest anti-diabetic drugs it is also used in children with type 2 diabetes in pregnant women who have gestational diabetes in the treatment of pcod or polycystic ovarian disease in young

Girls and therefore its safety is beyond any question recently it’s been in the news however because in the united states the fda had to pull out some brands of metformin because of quality issues as you know metformin is produced by hundreds of companies many of them are generic drugs now what they found in the u.s was that some of these companies most of

Them are not very well known companies some of their products especially the extended release forms of metformin of a few of these companies were found to have a contaminant called as ndma now ndma is believed to be carcinogenic and recently ndma was also found in other drugs not just in metformin but in ranitidine and many other drugs it’s something which

Is used in the preparation of medicines in general it’s not the constituent of the medicine as such but something which is added particularly to make the drugs extended release so when the fda looked at some of the companies they found that they had ndma levels which were in excess of the permitted levels and therefore fda asked them to withdraw the drug and

To produce new batches of the drug let me hasten to add that the major indian companies which supply metformin to the united states and the large proportion of the metformin used in the united states actually comes from these indian companies have not been included in the list in fact these companies have shown that their products do not have any ndma at all

That is it is even below the detection limit and therefore the drug is extremely safe again i repeat that it is the ndma levels found in some extended release preparations of metformin produced by a few companies which were asked to withdraw and to re-introduce metformin without that ndma the reason i’m making this video is that i’ve been receiving hundreds

Of phone calls emails sms’s from my patients saying i believe metformin is not safe and should i stop it there is nothing wrong with metformin at all as i said it’s been used for over 50 years some companies had a little problem with their quality in producing the drug and those companies have been asked to withdraw the product an example that i can give you

Is suppose there are a hundred companies making some idli mix and some sambar mix let me say and after screening all the companies the drug controller of india or the food safety authority of india finds that in one of the companies there was some contaminant in the idli or the sambar mix and they said this product cannot be used to remove it from the market

Does it mean that idly has to be banned does it mean that sambar has to be banned it’s not the problem with idli of the sambar it’s the problem with how it is produced and that is the distinction i want to make that it’s not metformin which is the problem but one or two of the companies which were not making it according to the usfda standards and therefore

They had to be pulled out in fact it is safe to say or i would go as far as to say that metformin actually has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in fact there are numerous clinical trials which have been done by cancer specialists oncologists including metformin which is not at all meant for treatment of cancer along with the other cancer drugs because

They believe that metformin actually reduces the incidence of cancer and improves the cancer status in people metformin is also known to reduce weight to reduce the blood pressure to improve the liver function and to even prevent aging or to slow down the aging process apart from being one of the best anti-diabetic drugs which has stood the test of time and has

Been used for over 50 to 60 years with virtually no side effects so my message and my suggestion to you is please continue to use the metformin particularly from well reputed companies which have been the pioneers in making metformin there’s nothing wrong with metformin at all so please continue to use your metformin safely thank you you

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