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Prof. Dr. Akçahan Gepdiremen, metformin nedir, metforminin doğru kullanımı nasıl olmalıdır, metforminin yararlı ve zararlı olduğu durumları sizlerle paylaşıyor.

Today i will tell you about metformin, which is from the biguanides group, which is one of the old but safe drugs used in the treatment of diabetes. as i said, metformin is a very old drug and is still the only member of the biguanide group. although it is so old, it is a drug that is used very safely and successfully to treat diabetes today. one of the most important

Reasons for its successful use for a long time; … which is an indicator of long-term blood glucose elevation in patients, … it can reduce hemoglobin a1c levels quite effectively, which is quite high compared to other diabetes treatment drugs . we can say that one of the most important problems that can be encountered in the drugs used in patients with high blood sugar,

Which we call hypoglycemia … this is one of the most important options in treatment for us. we anticipate that metformin reduces blood glucose levels by 3 different mechanisms. one of them; reduction of glucose absorption from the intestines, latter; when the sugar levels in the blood rise, it blocks the storage sugar in the liver from passing into the blood … plus,

In order to reduce the high sugar levels in the blood, it has the effect of lowering blood sugar through 3 different mechanisms, such as ensuring the passage and depending on these, to repeat, the risk of hypoglycemia, that is, excessive decrease in blood sugar and preventing the patient from putting the patient in life-threatening situations. on the other hand, to mention

Another advantage of metformin over other antidiabetic drugs; it provides us with a positive situation because it does not trigger weight gain, on the contrary, it causes partial weight loss in obese and overweight patients. in addition to this, since it is an old drug, it provides very cheap treatment and 8-10 tl for diabetic patients. it is possible to provide a monthly

Treatment for a number of around. it is also possible to apply in one or two doses per day, which can be considered as a very advantageous situation. apart from diabetes, it is also used in many subjects, research continues. we should not go into this subject too much, but to briefly mention; another clinical use of metformin is what we call polycystic ovary syndrome;

… Metformin is currently used in clinics to induce ovulation and to regulate menstrual bleeding in a situation characterized by irregular menstrual bleeding in women and the absence of ovulation, and hair growth in women in general . if we talk about some of the situations at the research stage; there has been speculation that metformin may be beneficial in some types

Of cancer. however, since our topic is diabetes today, i do not want to dwell on it. in addition to the good effects of metformin, it can also lead to negative effects. it was found that b12 and folic acid levels in the blood of patients using metformin decreased by around 25-30%. it is suggested that it would be beneficial to periodically measure the level of b12 in the

Blood and, if there is a decrease, simply add a b complex vitamin to the treatment. if we talk about undesirable side effects that are not very life-threatening but may be seen partially; … it is necessary to mention side effects such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and generally feeling weak. what we call the gastrointestinal system; it is necessary to mention some of

The undesirable effects on the gastrointestinal system. often in the initial stages of the treatment, a significant number of patients … can present with side effects such as bloating, indigestion, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. since these are very uncomfortable in some patients, they can go as far as discontinuing the drug. … but if we are patient, we can say that

These side effects decrease or disappear completely within a few weeks after the drug treatment is started, or if we say what we need to do to avoid these side effects; by starting low-dose metformin and gradually increasing the full dose during the week, we can reduce the incidence of these side effects. we can say that taking metformin with meals causes these side effects

Much less. another undesirable effect of metformin may be that patients feel a metallic taste in the mouth, especially in the initial stages of treatment. this is usually not an effect that can be easily removed. for this reason, it is beneficial for our patients to have information on this subject. another rare side effect of metformin is peripheral edema, apart from

This, metformin does not carry the risk of fracture, which is very common in the drug generation that we call glitazone derivatives, which are widely written and consumed in the market. however, we can talk about the pathological transition of the ph level in the blood to the acid side, which is the most serious undesirable or side effect, which we call lactic acidosis.

Although it is very rare, we can say that the risk of lactic acidosis due to metformin use increases in patients who have had a heart attack, which we call myocardial infarction, and who have heart failure. what are the contraindications about metformin, that is, the conditions that should not be used, to talk about them; metformin should not be used in patients with lung,

Liver and kidney failure or in patients who have previously had problems with these organs. in patients with decompensated heart failure, alcoholism problems, and in patients who will undergo imaging with contrast agent in radiology. another issue is that in patients using a certain group of diuretics called furosemide or what we call nifedipine; we can say that the use

Of metformin in patients using a calcium channel blocker medication is also inconvenient. as a result, although metformin is an old and cheap drug, it is currently preferred and used safely due to its effectiveness, safety … and strong effect.

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METFORMİN NEDİR ? DOĞRU KULLANIMI -Prof. Dr. Akçahan Gepdiremen By Hipokrat TV