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Metformin Weight Loss Challenge Day 39 I Got My Body Into Ketosis

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I got my body into

There’s something so powerful about taking back control about taking back control of your life and know that you can dictate your own destiny and you can make choices for your own health then you don’t have to be a slave to anything it’s amazing putting on this makeup and being 17 pounds lighter in 39 days i’m finally starting to feel like the real storm so guys

This whole entire journey has been an adventure monday 39 so almost 40 days down to 148 pounds from 165. y’all you can do anything you put your mind to you can and remember i started with discipline i didn’t take everything away at once i started by taking away sugar processed sugar just took it all away then i start taking away processed foods and carbohydrates

And then i started eating more healthy foods and then i started fasting more once my blood sugars came into effect and this has all resulted in a weight loss i always take my metformin with a meal when i take it and i take the metformin sometimes only 500 milligrams now because i don’t need more because i’m not shoving my system full of processed food it’s crazy

How food can make us so sick it’s a weapon of war it causes you to have addictive behavior it causes you to keep relying on it and it steals your energy some people have made comments to me like well you need carbs for your brain to work like i’ve i eat carbs from fruits and vegetables but that’s all i need i don’t feel weak i don’t feel shaky my brain is still

Working almost 40 days later so that’s not accurate people have a lot of um inaccurate information because i’ve been off all carbs besides there’s a lot of carbs and avocados and bananas and i’ve been eating those every few days i didn’t eat any of those things today but i do make sure my body is getting the nutrition that it needs but i could also i’m not anorexic

I was actually overweight a little bit so i had the ability to burn my fat it sucked i wanted to eat but like my body isn’t starving i needed it to go into ketosis so when i stopped i would get hungry at like breakfast really bad i start feeling those hunger pains but then once you develop the mindset those hunger pains start to go away then i got through lunch

And i got through an intermittent fasting time and then i was able to eat dinner but then i saw more weight loss because of those choices the point of this guys though is i want to empower you so you can be your best self you have the power just like at the end of the wizard of oz when glenda the good witch said dorothy you always had the power to go home and

She didn’t know it you have the power as well to change your health and your destiny

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Metformin Weight Loss Challenge Day 39 I Got My Body Into Ketosis By Native Roots