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Metformin: What Happens If You Take Metformin For A Week?

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Metformin’s main pharmacological effect is it is  the most controversial drug used for diabetes as   well now recently there was a metformin recall  does metformin really cause kidney damage   what are the metformin alternatives what else  can i take besides metformin right metformin   was first shown to help diabetics avoid

Cancer in  2005 whereas early studies show that it affects a   wide range of molecular pathways that play a role  in the development of almost every type of cancer   but other studies show that it works well with a  wide range of other anti-cancer treatments like   your chemotherapy if you already have cancer your 

Radiotherapy your immunotherapy etc in addition   that it can help prevent cancers metformin’s   blood sugar levels as you all know that is mostly   because it improves insulin resistance in the  liver which is an organ that causes a lot of sugar   production in your system and releases into your  bloodstream and it also

Helps increase glucose   uptake in your muscles so that your blood sugar  goes down and also decreases the absorption of   sugar from your intestine overall improves your  insulin sensitivity it does that by activating   protein kinase now that main target for this   enzyme is mtor protein which is super important  for

Cell growth and cancer dynamics now amp   kinase stops the mtor from working which is very  important in preventing cell growth and cancer   in addition glucose metabolism is in the heart of  the metabolic arrangement found in cancer cells so   metformin primarily affect the glucose metabolism  one of the things that metformin

Does is   making cd8t lymphocytes more powerful and help  them recover from exhaustion cd8 t cells are one   of the most important parts of cellular immunity  against tumors because these cells can attack   cancer cells metformin was able to bring back that  exhausted cd8 positive t lymphocytes back to life   in the

Lab studies this has happened for leukemia  this has happened in melanoma renal cell carcinoma   carcinoma gastrointestinal cancers or even breast   cancers metformin is the most commonly prescribed  medication for treatment of diabetes in the world   for diabetes as well in fact up to 90 percent   of people have some sort

Of side effect such as  diarrhea excessive gas bloating burping and so on   now rare side effects can even include chest pain  and liver failure and so on now sometimes common   side effects are tolerable and sometimes they  are not one of the most forgotten side effects   is b12 deficiency again metformin may prevent  the

Absorption of b12 in the intestinal system   and ironically b12 deficiency can cause neuropathy  and diabetes can cause neuropathy so you don’t   a prolonged use of metformin now what are the   other side effects sometimes cardiovascular side  effects such as palpitations chest pain can happen   some people complain about

Shortness of breath   now general side effects some people will have  like tiredness some people will be like weak and   they will have muscle pains you know and that they  may not know what’s going on because they may not   attribute those side effects to metformin but  it does happen dermatological side effects such  

As skin manifestations sometimes skin eruptions  can happen rest can happen with with metformin   typically the most common and neurological side  effects we can we can think of like a dizziness   or headaches can happen with metformin as well  and since most side effects tend to disappear   effects so the way to start this is

Starting   very small like 500 milligram and then another  important thing is to start with your dinner   empty stomach you’re going to be in trouble   so take it with meal start with dinner take it  for a week and see how it goes and if everything   is good you don’t feel bad no side effects then  maybe you can start

500 milligram twice a day   with the breakfast and dinner this time   again to summarize guys start slow start with  meals start with dinner once a day only and   then advance it twice a day maybe 500 milligrams  twice a day and then advance to maybe a thousand   milligrams twice a day b12 deficiency now what you  do

With that so basically you just have met b12   checked maybe once a year or so or every other  year it’s not really your b12 levels are not going   to drain very quickly because b12 is a stored  vitamin so i would not uh panic about that check   your beat world if it is normal you don’t have to  check it for another year but b12

Is very easy you   can take your b12 supplement if you’re deficient  if you have pernicious anemia you can take an   recall now with the metformin recall i wouldn’t   worry about this gmat because when there’s a drug  recalled they’re gonna let your pharmacy know and   pharmacy will call you now metformin recall does 

Not mean that they recalled all the metformin   in the world no that’s not true some metformin  brands again there’s like a god knows 20 30 100   brands out there that make metformin because it’s  the most commonly used medication in the market   right now so uh some of the companies screwed  up and if they figure that out very

Quickly   immediately what are the metformin alternatives   what else can i take besides metformin right let’s  start with the simplest one the lifestyle change   right well the studies have repeatedly confirmed  that you can actually achieve diabetes control   especially early stages by restricting calorie and  carb

Intake because excess fat in the liver causes   excess supply of fat in the pancreas which leads  to impaired functioning of the pancreas which is   the insulin producing hormonal gland in your body  now reduced intake of calories not only decreases   the production of glucose but also contributes  to weight loss along with

The clearance of fat   from the liver and pancreas what is your other  option well excellent release metformin can be   so most of you may never heard of that or some   slightly more tolerable than regular metformin   able to tolerate extended release metformin   as well now berberine is an alternative to  

Metformin as well right so berberine is a great  diabetes supplement that is frequently used   to treat type 2 diabetes not by the doctors but  by the people berberine is a really good compound   that can improve insulin sensitivity hundreds of  different studies have been conducted to determine   its effect on type 2 diabetes

And cholesterol and  most of them pointing to metformin-like features   amp kinase activation which is an enzyme   it helps you improve your insulin resistance   by making your own body breakdown glucose better  and faster as a result of that your cholesterol   also improves and your ldl the bad cholesterol  also

Improves what else it does it also improves   the gastrointestinal system by increasing the   good bacteria and it helps to reduce the amount of  carbohydrates that are absorbed or broken down by   your body both berberine and meth vermin can cause  gastrointestinal distress but berberine is less   likely to do so so is there

Anything better than  berberine right that’s the question is there such   thing yes dehydroberberine is a superior form of  berberine the hydrobarbarian’s chemical structure   allows it to be more readily absorbable by the  body and it reduces the side effects there are   people may say alternative to metabolism but  

Totally different than metformin and the side   glyburide or glutamateride are totally different   and worse they make your pancreatic cells make  insulin all the time without taking a break   causing long-term failure of your pancreatic beta  cells you can still have even abdominal pain and   diarrhea but the worst problems

Associated with  sulfonylurea class is that it is low blood sugar   pioglethazon is licensed fda approved for a   long time it reduces the insulin resistance in  the liver muscle and fat tissue as well and as a   result you know your body will be able to uptake  the glucose a lot easier so it is in a sense we   call it an

Insulin sensitizer in a way similar to  metformin although not exactly it does not have   the gastrointestinal side effects of metformin  but it does cause weight gain water retention   or edema you can call it and a possible worsening  of heart failure if you are taking that medication   with insulin and a possible increased risk

Of  bone fractures have been reported and a slight   it does not directly cause kidney damage but what  happens when you have a kidney failure because in   excessive doses if metformin is not clear by your  body there is something called lactic acidosis   which can actually kill you now thankfully it  is very very rare but i’m

Okay with stopping   or reducing metformin as the kidney function goes  down just to protect you from the possible lactic   acidosis that happens with metformin but again  you know we work with the patients you know if   you don’t feel comfortable it is okay to stop it  it’s not like the only medication in the market  

There are a lot of ways to do it and if you are  dedicated to change your lifestyle and do some   exercise and dieting and change your lifestyle  entirely that is probably the best thing you can   do it may or may not be enough in every case every  case is different but i think you have options as   long as you know your options

And you’re educated  and that’s why you’re watching this channel   i think you have the odds to your favor guys make  sure you like this video share and give a thumbs   up and we’ll see in the next one metformin is  an old drug that has been repurposed nowadays   people who don’t trust metformin manufacturers  due to frequent

Recalls etc turn into natural   thing that the metformin does such as berberine   or the more absorbable form of berberine which  is dehydroberberine now it is good to see that   overall results from clinical trials and studies  have shown that both metformin and its natural   cousins dehydrobarbarian etc protect against

A  wide range of different types of cancer that’s a   new hope great hope as of 2022 there are more than  300 clinical trials showing or trying to prove   anti-cancer benefits of these agents and most have  been successful so make sure you check out our   website for super berberine and make sure you guys  stay free happy

And healthy i’ll see you in the   next video hey guys i hope you are enjoying this  channel so far and i hope you subscribed already   if you didn’t do it and if you did watch this  video right there i think that will help you too

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