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METFORMINA: El secreto de la longevidad?

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The goal of longevity is one of the oldest of the human being. since basically the beginning of our existence we have been seeking to prolong our life, initially through spiritual and religious transcendence, but later, thanks to scientific advances, it has been sought through surgeries, medications and gene therapy. although we do not yet have that eternal youth pill,

Research on the implication of telomeres and their shortening and their relationship with cellular aging bring us closer each day to having that hypothetical fountain of youth. currently, there is some research that seeks to extend life through the use of drugs and natural substances, among these trials, metformin has emerged as what is metformin you may be wondering? well,

Metformin is a drug approved as a first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. this is a drug that is already quite old, since it was used in humans for the first time in 1957, by jean sterne who called the drug glycophage , that is, glucose eater for its impressive ability although it was initially studied for its benefits to glucose metabolism, it has now been seen, in animal

Models, that these benefits seem to go beyond improving this metabolism. among these mechanisms is a reduction in oxidative stress, a pathway that produces toxic substances for the cell, the so-called reactive oxygen species , these are associated with the appearance of diseases such as parkinson’s, atherosclerosis, on the other hand, metformin has also been associated with

The reduction of inflammation, inflammation is a defense mechanism of the body against different stimuli, however, its excess is bad for the body and can lead to different undesirable states , what has been shown about it? and it is an excellent question, because it is one thing for studies to produce a result in animals and under controlled laboratory conditions well,

Several epidemiological studies have shown that the use of metformin reduces the risk of cancer and the risk of dying from cancer. it is suggested that the mechanism is a reduction in insulin levels, currently there are more than 100 registered clinical trials in order to evaluate this effect more thoroughly. another observed effect is closely related to fasting, a diet

Associated with longevity. metformin has therefore been associated with an increase in the activity of the ampk enzyme, which is strongly involved with food consumption and energy currently, the tame study, for its acronym in english target aging with metformin, is also pending , it is the largest study to date that seeks to evaluate the effects of metformin on longevity. this

Study includes 3,000 patients between the ages of 65 and 79 who will be followed for 6 years. and the goal is to find precisely this longevity drug and propose it as a medical indication if the genomic instability , epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, dysregulated nutrient detection , mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular aging, stem cell depletion and alteration

Of intercellular communication. although we do not yet know how important each one is in the aging of the human body, what is known is that a modulation of these markers can promote rejuvenation at the cellular level and, in addition, at the it is very important to mention that metformin is not without adverse effects, so it should not be taken without medical supervision,

Some of these are gastrointestinal discomfort, decreased levels of vitamin b12, lactic acidosis and very rarely, hypoglycemia. with current information it is not possible to clearly recommend it as the pill of eternal youth, and its use for this purpose is currently limited to closely supervised clinical trials . however, observations in observational studies and animal

Models leave a very encouraging picture of positive results in the near future. before i finish i would like to talk about other medications with the potential to extend life. the extension of life in mice consuming metformin was 5% in some studies, sib but there was another drug that extended up to 25%, this drug is rapamycin, an immunosuppressant drug used in transplant

Patients why is this not a good candidate to be the longevity pill? well, rapamycin is a powerful immunosuppressant, this means that it decreases the response of your immune system. this can be very good if you recently received a kidney transplant that potentially helps save your life, but it can also be very bad if you are a healthy person who would suffer from something

Similar to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in a perpetual way. years of life if you had to spend them in a bubble and with the fear that even the slightest cold could this is the reason that not all drugs that are shown to extend life are going to be good as you can see, metformin has a very promising outlook as a drug that can significantly extend human life or at least

Maintain once free of serious disease . the publication of the results of the tame trial is still pending and until they are published, we will not have reliable data in humans on the usefulness of metformin, however, at an observational and theoretical level this could be mentioned. before finishing i would like to ask you, would you like to live longer? would you take a

Medicine to help you do it? i would love to know your opinion in the comment box, i am the doctor without a doctorate and i wish you an excellent day. bye.

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METFORMINA: ¿El secreto de la longevidad? By Dr. Mijail Tapia