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Meth vs Adderall – More Similar Than You Think!

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When it comes to Meth Vs Adderall, there are some major similarities as well as differences. The first difference between Meth and Adderall being that one is prescribed(Adderall) and the other, (Meth) being an illegal substance.

Hey everybody today’s topic we’re gonna be talking about meth versus outter all crazy topic my name is sydney wofford i am the outreach director here at beginnings treatment center i wanna i want to touch on adderall first because i think adderall is a prescribed medication that could easily onset on to methamphetamine addiction and i did a video before and i

Hope you check out the other video on adderall addiction it’s really important to kind of gauge what we’re talking about and reflect on the other former videos that we have done the real true prescription for those diagnoses for adderall for people with a dd and adhd so they just can’t quite focus they just can’t quite come down and long enough to focus whether

That be homework whether that be daily things going on in the household to work anything in that realm they just can’t calm down enough to focus therefore their stimulants like adderall strattera ritalin i’m sure there’s other ones out there and i’m sure y’all know what they are that are strictly prescribed for those diagnoses now here’s the kicker people that

Are diagnosed with a dd and adhd is it a true diagnosis a be if the doctor diagnoses the a dd or adhd and prescribes your child or yourself though any of those medications those medications should ultimately when you when taken orally calm you down they do the opposite effect because it’s a stimulant if your body chemistry is truly a dd or adhd i’m gonna tell

You this one more time because it’s super important and i think doctors get it wrong throughout united states a dd aid hd are people that cannot focus and then are constantly 500 things going on in their mind doing 500 things at all time when prescribe those medications specifically let’s talk about the outer all the effect if it’s a true diagnosis when taken

They should calm down they should be able to maintain focus they should be able to do their homework they should be able to perform their job correctly that should be the effect of adderall now if it’s not and you get more of a high off of it then that’s a problem because then it’s not treating that diagnosis right that was diagnosed to you so my own my own son

Was prescribed one of those medications and it did not work and it had an opposite effect of what it what should do so meaning when he took it the energy went even higher and i knew that wasn’t the right medication and i’m talking from practical experience i’m not a doctor nor do i claim to be but i’m just telling you from my personal experience what i have seen

And what i have learned over the years now we’re gonna switch to crystal meth oh boy here it comes so crystal meth crystal meth has been around for a while man like it’s it’s one of those things that i think that one of those drugs that we just talked about the strattera adderall or the ritalin could easily onset into crystal meth is made with things heck i don’t

Even know man like i don’t want to know i don’t i don’t want to know what ingredients are in crystal meth crystal meth could be injected by needle it could be nasally snorted it could be eaten and it could be smoked my colleague pez that works for us as well he had talked about being the devil’s dandruff right it’s a great terminology you know personal experience

With that particular one for me i feel like it brought me into the rooms of recovery quicker crystal meth comes in it’s a white usually white powdery substance crystal meth is bad like it’s bad it’s it’s it’s bad to the point where you lose all sight of anything you’ve ever known you’ll lose your morals your ethics and morals meaning like really let’s talk about

The morals for a second on crystal meth normally when you’re a child and and you know you know right from wrong from what your your parents have taught you and what you know from being an elementary school preschool those kind of things you know lying is bad you know stealing is bad you know when you’re with you know your first boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever

You know cheating on that person is bad all those thoughts go out the window on crystal meth it doesn’t matter nothing matters and i can tell you that for crystal meth the the addictive qualities for crystal meth are are severe we see it all over the news we see we see people that have had prolonged use of crystal meth they looked almost like a zombie like they

Lose their teeth they have shallow cheeks they pick at their face so there’s pock marks all over it definitely takes away all of you it’ll take your soul it’ll take everything from you you know you know going back to the adderall versus meth so adderall so and i talked about a little bit about you know if you have a true diagnosis of a dd or adhd then the adderall

Should bring you down and help you focus right but if you don’t then that adderall should give you more of a high more of a stimulant high meaning you have more energy you’re doing lots of activities whatever those are i know you some of you are laughing out there because activities are they start projects and they don’t finish them so but adderall can be easily

On set it into methamphetamine and i did a case study on my last talk about adderall and in that particular case she probably was taken like 20 adderall pills a day like it was just the tolerance level that had gone up so much now we’re gonna go switch back over to meth so meth you know as i stated it could be smoked it could be injected it could be eaten it could

Go into nasal and you know personal experience for me i started nasal with methamphetamine and and it hurts like a burns it’s bad but the effect was great and it lasted for hours now when i started smoking it is when everything went out the window i was homeless i was you know doing whatever it took to get the drug i lost my kids i lost everything and you know when

I got my kids taken away from me it didn’t stop me didn’t it didn’t stop me from using that wasn’t enough for me to hurt i had no fear out there i was completely numb and it’s a scary place to be and i can tell you that if you’re in that scary place or if you’re thinking about being in that if you feel like you’re getting to that scary place either with adderall

Or meth my heart breaks for you because i’m one that has overcome that addiction and i am here if you need me just give us a call we’re available 24/7 but if you don’t call there’s nothing i can do so you need to pick up that phone so so you can get the help that you need and get back on your feet you need to get back on your feet just get back on your feet thank you

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Meth vs Adderall – More Similar Than You Think! By Beginnings Treatment Centers