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Metoclopramide Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX)

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Study this Metoclopramide NCLEX mnemonic and other mnemonics with Pixorize.

Metaclopramide is a drug used to treat nausea gastroparesis and gerd you might recognize this drug by its trade name reglan in this mnemonic video we’ll cover important facts about metaclopramide so you’ll be ready contestant in today’s scene i’m taking you with me rock climbing on a remote mountain where my partner and i are gathering specimens for our science

Experiments while he’s setting up our experiment down below i’m climbing and putting all my trust in this metal clip if you’re familiar with rock climbing at all you probably recognize a clip like this by the way let’s use this metal clip as our anchor for the drug metaclopramide metal clip for metaclopramide get it you can even think of it as metal clipperamide

If that helps metaclopramide is often called by its brand name reglan but remember that the nclex will always use generic names when you see or hear the name metaclopramide think of this metal clip to come back to this scene from my angle it’s kind of hard to see exactly what’s going on down below but even i can tell that my partner doesn’t look very good he has

A super green face like he’s feeling nauseous and is about to vomit good thinking he’s cracking open a can of ginger ale you know since ginger ale is thought to be the remedy for an upset stomach so the way my partner is using ginger ale to treat his nausea reminds me of how metaclopramide is also given to treat nausea and vomiting especially for post-operative

Or chemotherapy related nausea on my climb i brought with me a water skin full of water after all you can never be too prepared out here in the wilderness unfortunately i forgot to tighten the valve so the full water skin is emptying out the bottom hey doesn’t the shape of this water skin remind you of the stomach let this full stomach shaped water skin symbolize

Gastroparesis gastroparesis is the fancy term for delayed gastric emptying which just means that the stomach has difficulty emptying but in this case since the full stomach shaped water skin is emptying out you can remember that metaclopramide treats gastroparesis by emptying the stomach in other words metaclopramide promotes contraction of the stomach to empty

Its contents forward into the intestines makes sense while setting up our testing station my partner pulled out a beaker full of bubbling acid the acid started bubbling up to the point where it threatened to overflow but luckily my partner was able to cap the top of the beaker just in time not before the smell reached him though i guess that’s what is making him

So nauseous here at pixar eyes we use a beaker of acid spurting upwards to symbolize gastroesophageal reflux disease abbreviated gerd let me explain think of the base of the speaker as the stomach and the neck of the beaker as the esophagus can you picture that well just like the acid is spurting up the narrow part of the beaker gerd is when stomach acid spurts

Up the esophagus causing a burning sensation that we call heartburn so when you think of my partner stopping the spurting of the acid use that to remind you that metaclopramide is also used to treat reflux now that we know the clinical uses of metaclopramide there’s just one major side effect to touch on before we wrap up climbing requires a lot of energy so

We planned ahead and brought ourselves a post-climb snack some tarts yum i’m licking my lips just thinking about them for convenience’s sake we brought them in this eps delivery box so that they wouldn’t get smashed while climbing here at pixerize we use eps to symbolize extra pyramidal symptoms abbreviated eps metaclopramide may cause extra pyramidal symptoms

Especially tardive dyskinesia this is where the tarts come in tarts for tardive dyskinesia get it tardif dyskinesia is characterized by involuntary repetitive movements of the face and mouth like lip smacking and tongue rolling that’s why i’m licking my lips here make sense we actually have a whole dedicated scene to eps and its treatments you should check it out

If you want to learn more just know that the onset of eps or chart of dyskinesia should warrant lowering the dose or stopping the medication altogether alright that’s all for this video on metaclopramide let’s recap metaclopramide is a medication used to treat nausea and vomiting gastroparesis and gastroesophageal reflux or gerd side effects of metaclopramide

Include extrapyramidal symptoms or eps which classically include tardive dyskinesia a symptom characterized by uncontrollable lip smacking and tongue rolling and now that we’re actually done with metaclopramide let’s eat some of those tarts see you next time thanks for watching for more videos like this one subscribe to our channel and check out our newest

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Metoclopramide Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX) By Pixorize