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METOPROLOL | What to know before Starting!

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Have you been recently prescribed Metoprolol for your high blood pressure or heart condition? Maybe you are taking it for your migraines. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you know and understand the things that you need to watch for while taking this medication. We’ll go over the side effects, how to take it and how to stop it if you need to.

We use it to treat high blood pressure, certain another heart attack and even to help for headaches. this probably means that you are worried about well, keep watching because we are going to better decision with your doctor about the best course for you. i d like to welcome you to familymed, a channel if you think this would be something that hit that notification button

And follow along with us. this is a medication that still is more commonly also is used for a variety of different heart blood flow to the heart, situations where this is a medication that has been available metoprolol belongs to the class of medications called beta-blockers. they cause your heart to beat slower and with they also work to relax the veins and arteries to

Improve blood flow. these medications have fallen out of favor, unfortunately, at least on its own, beta blockers for this reason, we usually don t reach for it as first treatment. so, because there are a lot of different reasons this is a great conversation to have with your doctor. just like any medication, the type and amount of side effects vary by person. but if

You do, the most common ones relate it can slow down your heart rate making you others may see some swelling especially around your ankles and feet. it can cause some shortness of breath in some, there are also some reports of some worsening and finally, in some men, we see that it can cause some issues with ed. certainly, if they are more bothersome it there are some

Conditions though, that you remember, typically your doctor has recommended with your heart and you may already have underlying heart disease. we also recommend, that especially if you stop it abruptly, as it can lead to different talk to your doctor to see if they think you are at risk for these. you do need to be careful with them if you these medications can make those

Conditions it can cause some more significant skin type called raynaud s phenomenon where the circulation to get white or blue and painful when exposed to the could. i already mentioned those with lung problems, bad heart disease or problems with plugged if you already have a heart rate that is really other medications like a certain kind of calcium taking this or at least

Need to do it under sometimes there is a fine line that we have with your doctor on what the best thing is for you. i usually don t have many people wanting to stop them because of it. if you are having problems with it then usually it s important that you just be aware of what this is a great medication though because it comes in a few different formulations to a day as

Well as various iv and injectable forms that are used in the hospital. the most important thing that you need to just need to have a good open communication how your pulse and blood pressure are responding on this medication. on their own or don t check in on a regular ok, so that s about all i have to say about metoprolol. hopefully though you ve learned enough to well,

I hope you found this to be helpful, it helps our channel to grow and reach other if you haven t done so yet, don t leave without button so you don t miss out on any of our future content. your body because it s the only one you have.

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METOPROLOL | What to know before Starting! By Erik Richardson D.O.