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Metronidazole and Diloxanide furoate

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This video describe about the properties uses, formulations and brands of Metronidazole and Diloxanide furoate.

Hello everyone welcome to another video session class so today we will study about metro religion first okay so let’s start metronomizer so we know it is an anti-protozoan drug or anti yes it is empty blood so first let me know the structure of this uh material as well so it is a nitro immunological okay so it is a nitro imidazole derivative that is one nitro

Group will be attached to the amino acid group okay i mean immediate main imidazole moiety so and bring this structure just sit very carefully so this is the structure of this is the structure of imelda okay this is the structure of immunity so what will be the metronome and during this structure you just see this is the structure of okay so this is the nitro group

And this is the imidazole group that that’s why it is nitro immediately derivative so how can you name this structure just see it very carefully two so numbering will start from here one two three four then this one will be the five so two methyl in two position one carbon is there one carbon that is ch3 is there cyst is containing one carbon so two methyl

Then five nitro nitro imidazole okay then this is the in one position what is that position nitro group is there and ultimately the structure is imidazole then in one position or we can name like this one okay two hydroxy ethyl okay one two hydroxyl then two methyl so it will be the roman one position two hydroxyl is there okay hydroxyl is o h group and

Italian means two carbon one two okay so likewise interpolation methyl group is there okay so one hydroxyl okay so this is the nomenclature so next property is we will start about the properties okay so properties we’ll see so this metronome result is it is p yellow or cream color okay clean cream colored crystals slightly natural so it is crystalline and it’s

Melting point you’re saying this from 150 degree to 160 degree celsius okay so it’s melting point ranges from 150 degrees celsius to 160 degrees celsius that is a wide range of melting pot okay so next about the solubility i’m writing here it is very limit having very limited solubility limited solubility in water and other organics and other organic solvent

Organic solvents so in other inorganic solvents and water it is having very slight solubility very less solubility in water and other organic solvent like pure foam methanol these are organic solvents and you remember this metronome you need as well it is stable stable in light and darkens on heat okay so this is the thing so this is the one more properties

So next we will go to uses uses it is anti-proposal drug entry photo as well for interpretation this is entrepreneurial drug used for susceptible proposal infection okay proposal infections so that we know it is the anticlosure drug and it is used for susceptible protocol infection next it is also used for anaerobic anaerobic bacterial infection bacterial

Infections that is also used for anaerobic bacterial infection then it is also used for dracontesis okay dracon tiacis so what is decontius is so i’m writing here used for draconthiasis okay so it is guinea worm infection kidney bone infections minimum infection is called as draconities okay next another use i’m writing these are the uses okay use this this

Inflammatory it is used for inflammatory bowel diseases so it is also used for inflammatory bowel diseases okay another use and chunk to it is used for example radiotherapy radiotherapy of radiotherapy of malignant neoplasm okay that is type of cancer okay maintain it in your plasma which is the cancer okay so a jump to radiotherapy along with radiotrophy

This drug is used for malignant plasma okay so these are the uses so after use you will see what are the preparations of formulations preparations or formulations aspire usb united state pharmacopoeia so these are the preparation and remember metronomes that very much very often is available in the drugstore or medical store there you will get 400 mg of this

Metronome result okay you will get the tablet form so next we will study about its plants what are the brands so commonly available brands are there you know metrozype so in metrozyne you will get metronidazole then okay then brazil oh brazil okay these are the formulation with relatively presentable sir etcetera okay lots of other branches are there which are

Containing this mechanism storage condition so storage condition waiting here so these are the grants storage conditions so keep it protected from tonight storage condition of this metronome measure so next i hope you have understood this compound okay so it is storage condition is keep it protected from like light and this is an anti-protrusion drug okay so

Next we will start deluxinite furious okay few words you notice salt so deluxe knife few ribs so deluxe knife directly will go to properties so it is okay crystalline powder then it is odorless it is waterless this is no specific smell then it’s melting point uh minting points ranges from 114 degree celsius to 1160 celsius so this is the melting point range

For this electronic period okay next property about solubility solubility so solubility it is very slightly soluble slightly soluble in water then it is slightly soluble slightly soluble in ether and alcohol okay in ether and alcohol this is about its solubility okay it is uh very slightly soluble in water then it is very slightly soluble in ether and alcohol

Okay so next we’ll see its uses okay so it is a luminal luminal luminal a mobicide used for intestinal hemobiases so we already know what’s mobius is intestinal in ammonia so it is a immunologist used for intestinal mobilises then along with along with microneedle okay it is used used as so along with metroid load it is used as a movie search for and tamiba

So these are the uses so next we will see about the preparations or formulations okay so preparation or formulation formulations okay so occupational formulations uh yes nitrogen deluxe night firo and vps per bp as per ib then deluxe okay so these are the preparation or formulations and next we will see plants for plants i remember euphoria is one plant the

Looks like fluid then storage so keep it protected from light from light in your type container okay container so this is about its storage okay so this is about the deluxe night okay so i hope you have understood this video thank you

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Metronidazole and Diloxanide furoate By Muslek Mazumder