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Metronidazole (Flagyl) Info Tips

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This video is about Metronidazole

Hello everybody men made easy here today we have a medication that we’re going to talk about it is an anabolic and it is pronounced metronidazole metronidazole which is also called flagyl so these are some informational tips that every healthcare provider should know and just general people who are taking this medication let’s go ahead and begin this medication

Is indicated and given for different things including stds c-diff and intestinal infections these are just a few things let’s go ahead and get into the tips tip number one do not take any alcohol within 72 hours before or after taking this medication what can happen is the individual can start having some symptoms when those two are combined they can have

Headaches cramps stomach pain tachycardia hypotension and or nausea vomiting and this is just a few of these signs and symptoms so the key takeaway point here is to make sure to ask your patient before starting the medication and also to make sure that they understand that they’re not to drink any alcohol while on this medication tip number two this medication

Can potentially raise liver enzymes now it’s not typical that the patient is always going to have a chemistry panel job just to check the liver enzymes but if there’s anything that you would suspect that the patient potentially could have some kind of liver disease or elevated livers liver enzymes then obviously you’d want to go ahead and get a chemistry before

Starting this a lot of times what would happen if the individuals start developing some abdominal pain or jaundice or darkening of their urine a lot of times getting liver enzymes might not be a bad idea info tip number three if a patient is being treated for an std with this antibiotic the sexual partner should also be treated as well this is just an important

Info tip in general and this can apply to many different types of antibiotics especially if it’s related to community municipal diseases tip number four just let the patient know that they may develop a metallic taste in their mouth it’s nothing to be overly concerned about it’s something that can be a little bit annoying but the patient may ask you where this is

Coming from and at least you’ll know it it is from me flagyl tip number five another side effect that the patient may develop is that their ear and may turn a dark or reddish brown color this is a common side effect and it’s nothing to be overly worried about i do still think that patients should let the writers know of these types of things because sometimes there

Are other certain conditions that can cause they yearn to be a caller like this those are things to be aware of so i think it is important for the patient to still notify the provider if that does happen and then the provider can decide if they have any other questions that they want to ask the patient and kind of go from there decide what the next step would be

Or if it’s just something that they’re not concerned about info tip number six tell a patient to report any neurological symptoms immediately because this antibiotic does penetrate the csf the cerebral spinal fluid it can cause potentially neurological issues and side effects and somebody’s can be very bad some things like seizures peripheral neuropathy are just

A few things that can cause so it’s extremely important that the patient is educated about these signs and symptoms and what they need a report and that they need to report it immediately well that’s it for this video guys thank you so much for watching make sure to hit the like button if you like this kind of video also hit the subscribe and the notification

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