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I forgot my sunscreen man i packed it so many times so many times i packed it okay didn’t realize it was gonna be this sunny didn’t realize they just no trees in the lagoon there’s just no trees on the water arthur please just don’t grow on the water so got to figure that out gotta find shade somehow so this whole blog is now just me desperately

Trying to find shade cuz i’ve got better skin okay i don’t know if you guys can tell i don’t know if it’s just you know crazy out here i can’t even see my cell phone it’s so bright man it’s just bright it’s so bright it’s just bright oh man what’d i do shade quit bro think of shake i gotta find shape right now let’s scan this area let’s

Scan my surroundings there ain’t nothing man there ain’t nothing there’s something over there let’s see what’s over there aah aah i can’t abandon my kayak doh dude where is the shade man all right it might be i might have to get on that this big-ass under this big platform right there i might have to find a way to get under there but that

Is so far away man that is far away dude oh all right so i wasn’t able to make it to the platform in fact i drifted even further from the platform so i was on tick-tock for a while i just got sucked in man i got sucked in dude how can you not tick-tock man tick tock is me kill me all right but now my problems have grown exponentially

Because now now i’m not only just as you know being destroyed from the sun i’m thirsty man surrounded by water that i can’t drink you know crew that is i hear something i hear music bro do you hear that we gotta find this where is the at holy oh my god i actually worked there i worked there for like a whole summer do you know what

Happened all right here’s what happened okay i was worried i was a lifeguard all right 15 okay one you shouldn’t hire fifteen year olds to be like okay because i wasn’t gardening lot then i was just looking at girls the whole time coughs 15 years old the is am i supposed to do card live well there’s ass hanging out everywhere everywhere

I look and my job is to look gertrude okay you think i’m gonna look at me gertrude all right are you think i’m gonna look at damn little jimmy little three-year-old jimmy little jimmy all right i’m out there looking out for my little jimmy i’m too far down come on dude jesus yeah i got it where’s the bottom of this thing it i’m

Bored dude no people say matt you want to go kayaking what they’re really saying is hey you want to do some strenuous exercise with little to no benefit with little to no endgame what’s the endgame here man when people say let’s go kayaking we’re for what reason i would just want to be on the water i mean you can just get then just be in a

Water man trying to get in touch with my roots i heard some kids quite a penis game earlier i want to play well guys i found some shade okay but we got bad news okay cuz now got a migraine all right got a little over going on now i got a rush home i guess some medication i’m finna die whoa i’m very disoriented for those of you don’t know

What a migraine aura is it’s or an ocular migraine is where you lose your vision and eye vision going away i think it was the sun that did it i think it was the sun my ancestors would be so embarrassed if if this is a downfall name being out in the sun man kind of where we’re supposed to be as life-forms huh that’s what brings us life and

It brings me vision problems so i gotta get home just kidding okay kind of maybe i might pass out at some point okay i’m here to live the tape okay or tell the tale i’m i’ve lived to tell the tale right so here’s what happened okay migraine all right it happened okay goes down like that sometimes sometimes it’s gonna happen okay i got it

Out in the middle of nowhere okay was left abandoned by god no just i was left out there okay let adrift okay floating around couldn’t see couldn’t talk right couldn’t communicate okay finally a local fisherman spotted me in the abyss okay i’m the brink a certain depth okay i couldn’t talk i said buddha little little air right he said all

Ships guys a truck okay he rested you okay next thing you know i’m walking up on this swing that’s where i woke up right there okay and now nate so that’s that thank you guys for watching you know it was kind of a fail but we learned a lot along the way okay at least i hope so okay so don’t forget to like this video you know subscribe and

Hit up my podcast man link in the bio you know check it out maybe if you want you know what that was that i love you guys thank you for watching adios over now

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MIGRAINE ATTACK @ SEA By Coffee in Confidence