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Migraine Supplements: Do they work?

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Migraines suck. Period. Few things can ruin your relationships and ability to live a normal life like recurring, debilitating headaches.

Hello i’m dr james bogash expert in health and longevity and creator of bogash life and balance as well as the author of migraines and epilepsies migraines and epilepsy how to find relief live well and protect your brain and today we’re going to talk about a recent study looking at the use of vitamin d and fish oils and whether or not they were able to help with

Migraine i will tell you that some studies are designed to fail and i’ve seen this lots of times over the years where just an example there was a recent study looking at vitamin d and vitamin a in use of some type of liver injury and it’s nothing i would have ever thought and sure enough the study didn’t show any positive effect but that totally made sense because

You wouldn’t use vitamin a and vitamin d to help protect the liver and so it was one of those studies that was designed to fail and this one is not too far off so in the study they used it was a little over a thousand migraine sufferers and they used 2 000 ius of vitamin d and 1 000 milligrams of essential fatty acids omega-3 supplements per day now two things

To comment on that is first of all those are just low dosages period let alone somebody who’s got a chronic condition like migraines as an average i typically recommend 6 000 iu’s of vitamin d and at least 2 000 milligrams of fish oils a day so for somebody with a problem like that’s way under what they should be taking so that’s the first thing this session to

Point out so obviously in this study they didn’t find a positive benefit of that but they wouldn’t have the other thing to understand is that supplements are not drugs they are not designed to work by themselves to fix anything they are all part of the package that’s the frustrating thing that when you look at clinical studies that look for supplements they try

To use them as drugs they’re not designed to do that that’s something that’s very important so certainly you could throw other things you know certainly vitamin d potentially fish oils magnesium is high in the list feverfew there are definitely things that can help with migraines but they should only be used as perfect part of a comprehensive lifestyle approach

Because ultimately we are talking about blood vessel health when we’re talking about migraines we’re not talking about when i say that they’re related to blood vessels this isn’t the old oh well the blood vessels constricted and that caused the aura and then when the body responded and opened up the blood vessels that’s where you get that pounding migraine headache

And that’s where all the tryptams the drugs that they um because those have tendency to construct the blood vessels and they still we know that that’s not really what happens in migraines and yet those class of drugs do still work for migraines um which is interesting but we’re talking about migraines it’s it’s about blood vessel health that’s really what it boils

Down to it’s not about the cg rp see proteins at the new you know ammo vague in those glasses it’s about blood vessel health and you have to adopt a lifestyle that’s very friendly for your blood vessels are our fish oils and our vitamin d part of that plant well yes so with sunlight exposure and nitric oxide there’s a lot of things that i go over in my book that

Are designed to help you heal from migraines and yes that can be done but you have to treat your blood vessels with respect until you do that anything including most drugs are just going to be a band-aid because you’re not fixing the underlying problem as always i will post a link to this particular study in the description even though it’s a study that didn’t

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Migraine Supplements: Do they work? By James Bogash DC