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Minecraft Java 1.18 Sodium Lithium Phosphor Hydrogen CaffeineMC Mods (Jellysquid) FPS Mods

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We look at how to get download install Sodium Lithium Phosphor Hydrogen CaffeineMC JellySquid FPS Mods Minecraft Java 1.18 to Boost FPS performance. By combining Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, Hydrogen, I can achieve up to 2000fps! In vanilla game I get 350-500fps. Apart from these 4 mods, you can even add Sodium Extra Mod and Iris Shaders to give the perfect combo!

Minecraft java video today we’re going to   be taking a look at some performance mods for  minecraft the java edition version 1.18 that just   came out recently and we’re going to be taking  a look at sodium lithium phosphor and hydrogen   and these are the caffeine mc mods for minecraft  java edition version 1.18 and they are made

By   of sodium which is a nice performance mod   game so we’re going to be taking a look   mods that are made by the caffeine mc group   i’m going to show you guys how to download the  sodium lithium phosphor and hydrogen mod today   and how to get everything set up and these are all  available now on version 1.18

Sodium and lithium   are actually available as of now from the curse  forge website but for the other two mods which   are phosphor and hydrogen we have to get the test  build so i’m going to show you guys how to get all   of the mods how to install the performance mods  by the caffeine mc group which are made by jelly  

Squid who is also famous for making the sodium  mod and then we can see what kind of fps i can get   inside my game as you guys can see right now i  am getting 1400 fps there as you guys can see   i am getting some nice fps in my game this is  actually my boosted fps mod pack so if you guys   haven’t already done so do make

Sure to check out  this mod pack because it does actually include   the caffeine mc performance mods inside it as  well as other performance mods and i will leave   a link in the description where you can go ahead  and check that one out so i’m going to show you   guys how to download and install sodium lithium  phosphor

And hydrogen today and how to get these   available right now on minecraft version 1.18   right so the very first thing you need to make  sure is that you have got fabric installed which   is a mod loader and all of these mods actually  run off fabric so do make sure that you have   got fabric installed if you haven’t head

Over to click on the use link on the top here   and then just click on the download installer  and download the universal jar installer file   as well if you are on a windows space system   once you have got fabric downloaded do make sure  that you also head over to the curseforge website   and download

The fabric api as well and just click  on files and make sure that you are downloading it   for a version 1.18 then just click on the download  link like so and after five seconds it should give   you a download option after you have downloaded  the fabric api jar file another mod i would   recommend is to get the mod menu mod

So in your  search bar on the curse forge website under the   mod section just type in one menu and look for  the mod menu mod and download that file as well   making sure that it is for version 1.18 because  this is going to create a mods button on the main   screen menu and you can click into that and you  can view all

Of your installed mods so do make   sure to get the mod menu mod as well after you  have downloaded fabric fabric api and mod menu we   can then head over to the github website so just  go to like i’m showing you right now   to a page that looks something like this after   you come to this page do make sure that

You have  created a github account and you are logged in so   as you guys can see in the top right corner here  i have actually logged into github and now i can   download files from this website as you guys can  see they have got the four mods which we are after   today and they have listed them on this website  so we can

See it says sodium fabric lithium fabric   are going to be downloading all of these files   and open up all of these links in new tabs   so let’s go ahead and do that for these four mods  and then i’ll show you how to start downloading   them okay so let’s go into the sodium section  first of all you can click on this link

Over here   which is the releases section and it should come  up with a sodium alpha build for minecraft 1.18   another way to download it is to go to the actions  section here and just look for where it says 1.18   and it’s always going to be usually at the top  section and then just click into the link which is  

Next to the 1.18 written like so and so i’m going  to click on this link over here and it should show   something that looks like this and it should say  build and the file we need to download is this   one which says artifacts so it should say sodium  artifacts 1.18 so i’m going to click on this file   and i’m going to save it

To my desktop you don’t  want to do the same thing for a lithium as well   click on actions look for where it says version  1.18 click into the link which is next to 1.18   a zip file link over here that says build   so just rename them to build artifacts one two and  three and then you can open them up later on so  

I’m gonna do the same for phosphor as well and i’m  going to do the same for the hydrogen mod as well   all right so i finished downloading all of these  files to my desktop another thing to note is that   sodium and lithium are officially released so  you can actually go ahead to the   1.18 for the other mods which

Are phosphor   the test builds at the moment so do come to   this github website and download it using the  actions menu here and download the artifacts   can just test them out and see how they   actually released officially on curves forge   you can also go to mod rinth as well which is  another cool mods websites

And you can actually   mods and you can download the latest version of   the sodium lithium phosphor and hydrogen from here  sodium and lithium are officially released for   1.18 however the other mods like hydrogen and  phosphor are not yet out for 1.18 so you would   have to get them from github you can also get  other

Mods like sodium extra and iris shaders from   this website as well so it’s a good alternative to  the curseforge website all right so i’m now going   to show you guys how to install sodium lithium  phosphor and hydrogen mods for minecraft 1.18   all right so i’m assuming that some of you might  already have fabric installed

But for those of you   who don’t just open up the fabric installer jar  file and if you guys are not able to open this   jar file installer i will leave a link in the  description where in my blog i have mentioned   how to install the java open jdk installer which  will allow you to open up these jar files easily  

So do make sure to read that link as well the link  is in the description okay so i’m going to double   click on the fabric installer file and it should  come up with the fabric installer menu like so   i’m just going to click on install and just go  ahead with the default options here making sure   that minecraft version 1.18

Is selected if you  are doing this in the future do make sure that   you are selecting the latest version of minecraft  so it might be a more later version compared to   the current version which is 1.18 so i’m going  to click on install and it should come up with   as you guys can see i’ve actually got two   launchers

Installed at the moment i’ve got the old  minecraft launcher and the new minecraft launcher   so i’m going to select this option which says  microsoft store slash xbox which is basically the   an installation into that launcher okay so   i’m going to click on ok and close this down and i  can now get rid of the fabric installer

And now we   can actually go ahead and start installing these  mods so let’s open up the minecraft new launcher   and there should be an installation that shows up  at the bottom left corner in the drop down as you   guys can see it does say fabric loader 1.18 and  it says fabric loader 0.12.8 for 1.18 i can then  

Click on installations over here and it should  show me the same thing like so then what you need   to do is just hover over this folder icon click on  the folder icon and it should open up your default   minecraft directory once you are in the default  minecraft directory go to a folder that says mods   if you don’t have this

Folder that says mods right  click on an empty space click on new click on   folder and then rename that folder to mods okay  so i’m going to go inside this folder i can now   drag the fabric api jar file inside this folder  and i can do the same thing for mod menu as well   okay so earlier from the github website we did 

Download those artifact zip files that i showed   you earlier so let’s go ahead and start opening  up those zip files and then they should have jar   files inside them which we can just drag into the  mods folder so i’m going to do that for a sodium   sodium zip file as you guys can see it does say   sodium fabric minecraft

1.18 is 0.4.0 this is  the alpha 5 build 808 jar file so let’s click   on that and then drag that into the mods folder i  am using an application which is called a winrar   any other application that is able to open up   zip files okay so let’s go ahead and delete the  sodium zip file once that is done i’m now going  

To open up the other artifact files as well and  the next file is lithium now you will notice that   it does actually have four different files in this  zip file and the file that we need to get is the   first one on the list which is just the normal jar  file it doesn’t have api or api dev or dev before   the jar so it’s just

A normal jar file and it’s  the first in the list so just drag that into your   mods folder like so let’s close this down let’s  go and delete this file let’s open up the other   build artifact zip file and let’s do the same  thing for phosphor as well so again click on   the first file in the list and then just drag that 

Into your mods folder let’s get rid of the build   artifact zip file as well and let’s do that for  the final mod which is hydrogen so let’s go ahead   and do the same again select the first file in the  list and then just drag it into your mods folder   and now i can close this down and delete this  zip file so in your mods folder

You should have   these mods showing now you can actually go ahead  and also install other mods on top of this like   sodium extra mod and iris shaders again get those  from the curse forge website or the modern website   as well or you can go to the mod authors github  website as well to get the latest test versions  

Of those mods if you want to do that okay so your  mods folder should look something like this with   the mods showing inside them like sodium lithium  phosphor and hydrogen as well as the fabric api   mod and the mod menu okay let’s close this down  and now we can go back into our minecraft launcher   let’s go ahead and click

On play where it says  fabric loader and that should now launch the game   and we should be able to see our installed mods  by clicking on the mods button from the main menu   so let’s just wait for the game to now load up  alright so as you guys can see the game has now   launched i can now maximize this window and if 

You guys notice there is a mods button here if   i did not install mod menu i would not be seeing  this mods button here i can now click into this   and now i can see all of the mods that i have got  installed so starting from the beginning we can   click on sodium and as you guys can see this is  sodium version 0.4.0 and it says

Sodium is a free   and open source optimization mod for minecraft  which improves frame rates and reduces lag spikes   favorite mods for getting good fps performance   boosts in your game okay let’s click on the other  mod on the list which is lithium and as you guys   can see it says lithium is a free and open source 

Optimization mod for minecraft which makes a wide   range of performance improvements to the game  and then let’s click on phosphor as you guys can   see it says phosphate is a free and open source  optimization mod for minecraft which improves   the performance of the lighting engine resulting  in significantly reduced world

Generation times   and improved server tick rates and this is version  0.7.2 and finally we have hydrogen which also it   says a minecraft mod designed to reduce the memory  usage of the game which is another helpful mod   the alternative to this mod which is not made  by a jelly squid is actually called starlight   so

If you guys don’t want to use hydrogen you can  actually use starlight as well we also have the   mod menu mod here as well and you can configure  the options by clicking on this configure icon   here if you want to do that so as you guys can see  we now have all of these mods installed we can go   into our single player game and

We can have a look  at what kind of fps we are getting in our game all   right so as you guys can see the game has now  loaded up and i can now go ahead and enable the   fps counter so i am actually using fraps because  if you were to use the f3 console you would not   see the true result of your fps so let me first  of all

Actually get rid of the vsync option here   and give myself maximum frame rate so as you guys  can see by default these are the fps results i am   getting inside my game if i was to press f3 on my  keyboard you guys can see that the fps just drops   something fps and if i look at my fraps counts on   the top right there you can

See that i am getting  much higher fps than i was getting before okay so   we can actually go ahead and start customizing  the video settings here and tweaking them a bit   so obviously i’m gonna change my render distance  to six turn down the simulation distance as well   and then i’m gonna go into quality and change some 

Of these settings to the fast and lower settings   so let’s go ahead and do that quickly and change  some of these settings as well and i’m going to   reduce the mipmap levels the other settings we can  just leave as they are all right so let’s click on   done let’s also make our fov 60 as well to try  and get that extra fps

Boost so as you guys can   see i’m now getting 1700 fps compared to before  where i was getting about a thousand fps just   by doing those tweaks you can also turn down the  biome blends at the moment it is selected to to   but if you were to select it as zero then you  would see the contrast in the different biomes  

So if you guys don’t mind that you can turn that  off but we can obviously go ahead and enable that   as well i haven’t noticed much of a difference  in enabling this and setting it to the default   setting which is number two let’s go ahead and do  that and as you guys can see it’s now blending the   biome colors there like so

If you do actually  play in full screen mode so for example on my   machine if i was to press f11 on my keyboard i’m  going to do that now i do get much higher fps if   i was to play this in full screen mode playing  this in windowed mode i would recommend trying   get any higher fps we are able to achieve   this level

Of fps performance boost in our game  thanks to those mods that we have just downloaded   which are sodium lithium phosphor and hydrogen  from minecraft the java edition version 1.18   and as i mentioned earlier you guys obviously can  go ahead and install other mods like iris shaders   based mods if you guys know about them as

Well   again do make sure to check out my boosted fps mod  pack as well if you guys already haven’t done so   it does include quite a few different performance  based mods and should help you guys get some nice   fps gains inside your game hopefully you guys  have found this video useful if you have please   do give us

A like if you have any comments or  queries about how to download and how to install   sodium lithium phosphor and hydrogen for minecraft  the java edition version 1.18 then please do leave   them in the comment section below i’ll do my best  to try and help you guys out do let me know what   kind of fps you guys are getting with

These mods  inside your game and also please do subscribe to   this channel to help support it help it grow and  you

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