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Minimize Your Bloat With These Natural Diuretics

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All week long we are showing you how to reset and rebalance and now we’re tackling something many of you complain about bloat and water weight i hear all the time it’s something that because of that i’m gonna dress it for you ever wants to know why do i get it and how do we get rid of it so let’s start off with venetia was kindly volunteered to help us in issue area

Vinicio she is come on up here thank you for playing it down this thank you so much i’m gonna put a coat on you tube on i’m gonna just demonstrate something here for you okay they’re out there face to camera so they can see it it’s your best i won’t put that in there now you might think hey i make it wet with this rain coat on but if you look above you there only

Lights up there right there’s no water so what could go wrong you’re talking about bloat so i thought i’d buckle you up here take you on a little ride okay now describe your bloat to me a little bit well i get bloated when it’s the time of the month and sometime i get bloated when i love to eat chips and soda which is my favorite they start to feel a little bit

Like this when you’re getting bloated just like that just like this can’t even breathe if they feel like you lugging around the whole world yeah cuz somebody cuz sometimes you get stomach bloating ready to get fluid retention your body’s made up mostly of water you know that already but here’s the thing even though we pee it all out sometimes some of it hangs out

Then it causes discomfort and sort of tugs on you like that right all the time no one likes that no here’s the thing everybody this is important the good news is this is something that we can deal with right now today today we got a little solution i’m gonna get rid of the water weight thank god straight for first gonna figure out what’s causing it and then give you

Some solutions for i’d be willing to come with this yes take a little trip with me cuz i’ve got a world expert in the room with us today penal ado deshays joining us so let’s get rid of what’s left down there you can keep that on if you want it looks good on you actually i agree we better off without it come on over thank ya jump gridding bloat and getting rid of

Extra weight this it’s a headache so what’s the first thing you look at when people start complaining about these things so dr. oz when a patient first comes in and they complain exactly what you’re complaining about like oh my gosh i feel like i have balloons around me the first thing you can do is change your diet and that will help immensely but a lot of times

You do want to make sure they’re not no underlying reasons like potentially heart disease kidney disease or thyroid disease so once you roll all those things out then changing the diet will help tremendously and again real quick you got a serious medical problem everybody deal with that other than that it’s primarily diet and hormonal changes so walk us through

Some of these absolutely so everyone knows usually with water they think of salt so salt is the big culprit so an easy fixes don’t add extra salt to your food of course but there’s also hidden salts and other things such as processed foods so those chips that you love the crackers the process meats all of those are loaded with salt and they will contribute to water

Weight and that’s soda many times dr. oz people think soda sugar but so it has a lot of sodium too so you really want to get rid of that which will also help minimize the bloat but the other thing you also mentioned which is very common with women especially women that i work with is that pms time like during that time of the month you feel like instantly 5 to 10

Pounds went on of water weight and that’s because of that fluctuation of estrogen and your hormones can contribute so when you’ll be able to minimize that extra sodium and help balance out your hormones that will help tremendously what are the things that you just heard that resonate with you what’s your pitfall do you think well the water weight the bloating a lot

So are you a soda drinker yes or you are that’s one thing we got to focus on i’m sure gonna point you in the right direction you got a lot bigger around at that time of the month yes and i eat a lot so it makes it even worse so you add more salt even at that time so it’s a double whammy so peters got an all day plans of natural direct upgrade to rid of bloat and

Waterway the first is a natural diuretic come on over here we’re gonna give you a little tips you can start today to incorporate cause i don’t want those balloons around your waist coming back again okay what is this this is a bloat busting smoothie yes this is actually very delicious so like if you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling like all those balloons

Are around you i love making the smoothie for breakfast and so it’s a wonderful combination of avocado strawberries banana and coconut water the reason why this blend in particular is so effective is that they’re all very high in potassium and it allows the body to eliminate the extra water so once you give it a try why you taste that notice this is coconut water

Go ahead but this coconut water is pinkish isn’t it it comes naturally that way yeah and i didn’t realize you go to the store now buy coconut water that’s naturally different colors yes what do you think it’s amazing actually it’s light it’s tasty it’s delicious isn’t it i like it i do a morning smoothie gus it’s very full you can taste the bananas at him the

Avocado for sure right and the avocado gives it a nice thickness and so it’s easy to go down it fills you up so it’s very satisfying so you don’t feel like you have to eat more foods and so it allowed the kidneys to release that extra water right that’s efficient omar next we can sip on something that’s important throughout the day parsley infuse green tea you know

Why do you recommend that they do this to help with the bloat so first of all i love parsley because viii very accessible for everyone everyone has it in their house so it’s easy to buy at the store and parsley is a natural diuretic as is green tea so what i have actually i did this for my dad last night he was having an issue so so simple all you have to do is

You get a pot of water throw in a couple of parsley leaves in the water you bring everything to a boil and then you could add the green tea to your cup or right to the pot and you pour it out and you could drink it throughout the day so this combination of the little bit of caffeine in the green tea plus the plus the parsley will allow the kidneys to release that

Extra water and it’s delicious take one of those pitfalls you had the the soda that you like drinking taste this and tell me would you be willing to replace soda with this once in a while hmm i don’t know about that i’ll try it with where you could drink it cold if you don’t like it hot but the key is to find something you like even better than soda yes and it’s

Refreshing and the thing is you can make it ahead mr. that keep it in refrigerator so it’s easy to have all the time hot or cold be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anything and remember to check back often to see what’s new

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Minimize Your Bloat With These Natural Diuretics By DoctorOz