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Mirvaso treatment for facial redness caused by rosacea.

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Mirvaso, a prescription-only gel, is now available for the persistent redness caused by rosacea. Watch how in just a short amount of time the redness begins to fade. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Trowers to find out if you’re a good candidate for Mirvaso.

Hi i’m dr. andrew towers and i’m a board certified dermatologist practicing in north miami today we’re here with my patient maryland and maryland suffers from rosacea so you can see where she has this generalized squashing or redness over her entire face and you know with different types of triggers such as sun-hee coffee the redness can get worse with a flushing

Which is technically known as rosacea so have you tried anything for your rosacea before no okay are you bothered by the redness alone okay and well today we’re going to use the new cream that was just released today it’s carrot called nervosa and it’s a topical cream that you apply to get rid of that redness that patients with rosacea do not like so we’re going to

Apply just 5 drops to her forehead each cheek the nose and then the chin and the great thing about this cream is that you can put it on as the first thing that you apply to your face in the morning before your sun change or your makeup and then you can quit those other creams on top and it will not affect the effectiveness of it so the way that the cream works is

That it works on that generalized redness that patients with rosacea have it won’t work on little broken blood vessels so you can see for example if you come closer where she has this little broken blood vessel on her nose so it won’t get rid of that because it’s actually working on the smooth muscle that’s lining the blood vessels and little broken blood vessels

Like that don’t have that smooth muscle lining and then what we’re going to do is check back in about a half an hour and then an hour supposedly the peak of the medication is at three hours so you can apply it every 12 hours if need be okay so we’ll check in with her and approximately 30 minutes thank you so this is approximately an hour after we applied the morosa

To maryland space and you can see that she has a fantastic result we’re super excited you can see that basically it blanched out all that redness on her face you can even see up here on her forehead there was a little skip area that we didn’t get underneath her bangs and you can see the difference between the area with rosacea versus the area of her skin that has

Been treated with the mimosa and then also another area that you could see i should be able to see the effect of the morosa cream is a lot of place another place that a lot of patients are affected by the rosacea is on their chest where you can see she’s right here and you can see how basically we can blanch out that area and so you can see the difference from the

Rosacea on or chest versus the rosacea on or face which you can’t see it all now so you’ve had a fantastic results on if you’re interested in a prescription give us a call thank you

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Mirvaso treatment for facial redness caused by rosacea. By Dr. Andrea Trowers Dermatology