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MMG to Hydromorphone

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drug review for Hydromorphone

Alright guys today we are going to talk about hydromorphone or its more common name as dilaudid and again dilaudid a really great drug boy it does make things better but we’re gonna talk more specifically about again what we use the dilaudid for i know that in critical care we used it a whole lot on the street level it’s being used the biggest reason we’re

Starting to use a lot more is that a lot of people are already desensitized to narcotic pain medicine so with that being said again we’re going to use it in people that are opiate tollett tolerant and when they have a lot of moderate or severe pain we’re definitely want to use this drug now this comes with some good and some bad the the it’s a again an opioid

Analgesic and again it’s a narcotic agonist so it activates it activates the pain relieving system it competes for the receptor sites the the the biggest thing that we have the problem with though is people abusing it and with that being said again we walk into the room and immediately though i want something for pain and it starts with a d oh well it means

That they probably already know about this so again it the biggest thing that it also does is causes respiratory depression just like any narcotic does but remember this stuff is eight to ten times more powerful than a the standard morphine dose so obviously it’s gonna definitely interrupt the the mule receptors it’s going to interrupt it’s going to cause a lot

Of respiratory depression from it and again it does have a lot of it it causes a lot of nausea vomiting so usually when we give dilaudid when you give give as oh fran with it or some sort of feniger in with it to keep it calm now this stuff actually takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to work but it but it lasts for about two to four hours but again it’s very

Effective at controlling pain actually when your pain is like a burn pain or a broken arm broken leg the stuff really works really well as with our narcotics we we know that they’re going to be some-some the same things that we would have let’s say with a morphine or a fentanyl we’re also gonna have with dilaudid again i wouldn’t call you side-effects is kind of

What it does it makes you drowsy makes you sleepy again every now and then people can have a reverse reaction a little dysphoria the biggest thing is is it causes some bradycardia and that’s usually related to the respiratory components so again watch out with your blood pressure again dilaudid will drop your blood pressure again and respiratory depression that’s

A really big one and in some rare cases it actually can cause you the laryngeal spasm or bronchospasm and and again that can make things very difficult very quickly again nausea and vomiting again constipation it is an opiate so if they using a lot of dilaudid it’s going to stop up pipes again we try not to use it with ladies that are that are nursing or or they’re

In labor at that particular time but we definitely we got to watch out for patients that has asthma with this drug associate they got a history of status asthmaticus this stuff can really tighten up cause bracha spasms and again can cause some major issues again it wouldn’t a this stuff reacts with a with the medicines the the the verse says the the they increase

The effect especially alcohol if the person is is intoxicated on alcohol this stuff will really do a number on them we shouldn’t give it they’ve had some sort of alcohol ingestion and again it the good news is is when we do give it in an rsi situation it actually helps us because again it actually it helps the neuromuscular blockades action of let’s say it sucks

Or our back so so we do use it and that’s a good thing for that our reversal for this again it is a narcotics therefore narcan will be working on it and again watch out with your older patients and the biggest problem is is everybody slams the strug and you can’t slam this one this one’s got to be given nice and slow because if not you’re gonna cause a lot of

Hypotension you’re gonna cause a lot of the side effects to happen that the respiratory depression is also going to happen as dumb as this one sounds yeah unfortunately dilaudid is extremely habit-forming so again we usually the biggest one that i’ve seen is is this bot vial usually they don’t do the big vials of this stuff especially in pre-hospital and we give

It 1 to 4 milligrams and i can’t stress this enough slow iv push slow slow slow make sure your blood pressure is above 90 systolic i’d i would probably want it just a little bit higher than that just in case and for peds again we do not use it in there in the setting again our routes as iv io we can give this i am if we need to and avail it’s a pregnancy class c

Just remember we talked about it earlier that we really don’t give it to people the lady’s in labor or if they are if they’re nursing at the time and originally the clip i was actually looking for was from look who’s talking so when they give a when they give debate mom the the pain medicine and the babies all floating in the in the womb all right well that does

It for dilaudid hope this helps guys and i will see you next time

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