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Mock Transfer Surprise| Lupron, Estrogen, and Letrozole Symptoms| IVF Couple

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Breaking down all of this weeks symptoms!! Whew.. I feel like a crazy lady after lupron injections, estradiol, and letrozole. Also, I tell the story of my mock transfer and the surprising twist for transfer day. Journey with us! Comment and let us know where you’re at in your journey. Also, follow us on Instagram at Kindlythelinds so we can follow you back!

Hey hey kohli oh she’s so mad at me because she is starving and it’s not time for her to eat so anyways happy friday i am going to give you guys a little bit of an update about the symptoms that i’ve been having this week and also i don’t think i told you guys but i had a mock transfer a couple weeks ago and it ended in a pretty surprising way so i’m going to tell

You about that and maybe talk a little bit about the shirts that i’m doing that i’ve been posting on my instagram talk about that and what to come so my symptoms i have been having the craziest headaches like awful just pounding pounding headaches 24/7 i tried to take ibuprofen to make it go away it cannot get it to go away today i drank a little bit of coffee to

My surprise and actually helped to take the edge off like the headache is still here in president but it’s not pounding right now so i don’t know if that’s gonna last but i will take it i am grateful for that yeah so aside from that when i was on letrozole and the north fin drone or however you say it i had some really bad symptoms and i don’t know if it’s just

Because i was really sick at the time i get bronchitis like this awful mucus really pretty deep pain and discomfort and my abdomen just an array of different issues like i’ve talked about before and a lot of those issues are coming back even i mean i don’t think i’m gonna break into a cold and like how this bronchitis right now i hope but even like the mucus that’s

Coming up is reminding me a lot of that letrozole cycle so thank goodness like i think i have two more days left and then i should be done with that for a while but the symptoms are just not fun astrid an old the loop runs of dumbs i feel like i mean this could be from any of it but i feel like the loop prague symptoms mostly bring me one like those deep kind of

Sharp pain like not sharp but just like these overwhelmingly deep like contractions i feel like almost to my abdomen i feel that and i have just a key kind of like achy joints and it discomfort in my body so i’ve kind of been dealing with that all things that i gotta manage and get through but they have been uncomfortable so aside from that those are kind of the

Symptoms that i have been experiencing this week this week i also made a lot of really great connections i don’t want to tell you guys about that i have been experiencing this week my mock transfer that i had was very interesting couple weeks ago so basically my doctor said come into the procedure with a full bladder and you know be pretty quick so i took my 32

Ounces i go in for the procedure and she’s taken a really long time i guess she had a transfer that was taking a little bit longer than she expected so i’m like like i drink all this water or she finally comes in and does the procedure but she’s having a little bit of trouble and she says hey look i see that your bladder is not as full as it can be if you have a

Few minutes this is what we’re gonna do i’m gonna have you drink a bunch more water like as much as you can and we’re gonna try it again so that’s what we did i drink like 32 more ounces at this point having gone pee like over an hour so i’m like oh so she goes to do the procedure again and after not even a minute it’s like i’m so glad that we did this transfer

This is what we’re gonna do for you i’m gonna put you under anesthesia and i’m gonna put you to sleep during your transfer so what i knew is that me and brandon would go in we get to watch in on the ultrasound and it was just gonna be this magical moment but yeah they’re like no we’re gonna put you out and do this range that way the reason for that she said i can

Do it but it’s going to be very uncomfortable with a full bladder and the force that i’m gonna have to do it it’s just gonna be really kind of unpleasant so why not just put you out and let you relax so although it’s another curveball and a little bit of a hurdle i can absolutely manage that put me to sleep knock me up and i’ll be a happy happy lady especially

If it works out which we are really really really hoping for obviously we’re very excited and you know i know that if it doesn’t work it’s gonna be devastating there’s no way around it but my perspective on it lately is just to remember that i have very little control of it happening and i i’m just really excited to see a picture of my first little thought out in

Real i haven’t seen any pictures so i’m just so grateful and excited to know that i will be meaning one of those little embryos so trying to be positive super excited for that in a couple weeks we have our injections to keep doing some appointments that are coming up and go like once or twice more before the transfer to make sure the lining and everything is great

So maybe at that point i can update you the next thing that we’ve been doing this week are our t-shirts if you follow us on kindly the lens you can see that we have posted a lot about these this week i keep kind of sharing and post that bran and i are working on a big project together that we’re very excited about call it kindness takes love and it’s going to be

Important i think and touch people because it’s all inclusive it’s not just about infertility it covers like just so it covers everybody it’s just about going out and making a difference and being positive and spreading kindness and just getting back to our roots you know we were all born with a with natural instincts to be good people and i think somewhere along

The line we kind of lose touch with that and we let life get us hard so you know through this process it’s been very difficult we’ve battled with infertility and me having a chronic illness and anxiety and depression and we are just ready to bring everybody together and do something positive so our first kind of act of kindness is to support my mom through her

Endless efforts every single year she volunteers and is a huge part of relay for life for the american cancer society she dedicates her entire year working towards the walk and that day and all the different events that they do so i and my mom fun fact has actually helped us a lot with our kindness takes love a project and shirts that we’ve started to make for

That and designing our logo and on these things so i’m like what way can i get back to my mom and to something that’s very important to her and do a lot of people and act relay for life one of our shirts is that i’ve got this with the cancer ribbon and anybody who’s going through cancer going through a difficult time related to cancer that is an awesome empowering

Shirt to just let them know you’ve got this you know keep powering through there’s a community around you that supports you and that’s kind of one of our variations to support the cancer society then we have the ivf got this which i initially just made for myself i’ve put it on and i just feel like you know what you’re right i do got this i’m doing ivf and doing

All these things and i’m getting through it conquering these hardships so i’ve got that that pertain to all my infertility warriors out there and the one last option that pertains to everybody and is all-encompassing is that i’ve got this shirt and then you’re just out there conquering your everyday life whether you battle with a mental illness of physical illness

If you’re just having a tough time if you’re taking on a lot doesn’t matter just know that you know you’ve got this and so we thought it was a great way to empower our community and share a little something and to give back so we would love for you to support us and these t-shirts and give back and i just want you to know like if you’re interested in it i get so

Excited when you message me and i feel like we are making a difference together so don’t be shy just message me get a shirt support a good cause maybe even get one for yourself and give one there’s a little discount there and then we’re going to donate a lot of that money to these two great causes so yes support us in that and there’s a ton of people that i follow

Right now who have transfers this month so shout out to you if you are transferring this month send me a comment connect with me and let’s support each other i know that the transfer and those two weeks of waiting are gonna be nerve-wracking and exciting so i love to have you on my side and to be on your side with that so yes so if you’re interested in the shirt

Contact us go to our instagram and look for kindly the lens follow us there so we can follow you back leave a comment reach out to us let us know what’s going on in your life i’m really not super big into being like follow my or subscribe or all these things but i think that the reality is the more people who see our page and support us the more we can support

Other peoples pages and see them and just help each other spread such a good message so yeah thank you for being on this journey with us and we’re really excited to continue to share i mean coeliac say have a good weekend and say ciao ciao

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Mock Transfer Surprise| Lupron, Estrogen, and Letrozole Symptoms| IVF Couple By Kindlythelinds