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Modafinil, Ritalin, Adderall – They Make You Dumber?

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Let’s talk about the side effects of modafinil, ritalin and adderall, do these nootropics make you dumber? Are the benefits good? I’ll discuss my experience and review them.

Hey guys i’m during this video i’m gonna talk a little bit about life off of modafinil as i haven’t been using it for the past several days and want to talk about a little bit of a ritalin because i came across an article which was entail entailed as modafinil versus ritalin and come to think about it they are somewhat similar just in the fact that they can help

You with focus and they do have similar properties and that with modafinil and with with ritalin you’ll feel you know you’ll feel like you’re in a better mood it’s easier to focus and there are also very very strong appetite suppressants most people don’t realize but they’re just not eating enough they’re typically eating less calories than they would have if

They’re not on modafinil and that’s been my experience but anything which is a stimulant almost like the stronger stimulant the the more likely it is that it’ll suppress your appetite like the more stimulated you are the lessons suppressed which is bad look mean if you think about adderall most people don’t even eat when they’re on it and they can just focus

Right through so i’m talking about modafinil if you’re unfamiliar with it what it’s used for is to help us feel more motivated boost motivation especially useful when it comes to like lazy people and and then it helps you to feel awake and feel alert so it stimulates a part of the brain that’s associated with like wakefulness and it’s very powerful that way

Because it’s gonna deliver it’s gonna just demolish any side effects that you may feel from being somewhat sleep-deprived like yawning just feeling like physically fatigued so what what’s interesting about modafinil versus ritalin is that really is very short lasting if you look at the graphs and you can find this on wikipedia you could see how ritalin looks even

You know short term long in terms of like the short term or extended release it’s just interesting that it peaks up and then it just goes down very quickly that’s something i don’t like about ritalin i would almost compare it to like something like new pepped even because it’s a very you defect and then after it’s gone but what’s great about ritalin there’s no

Crash right now that’s what i like about ritalin in terms of the focus it’s better however it is such a strong stimulant i would even say it’s stronger than modafinil so that’s the reason why given a choice i would much rather be on modafinil let’s not let’s not forget like ritalin is prescribed for people that have adhd whereas modafinil is prescribed for people

With a lot of just a very different circumstance but being off of modafinil right now what i’m noticing is it’s very easy to just look at like the bigger picture of my life so they say like you could be chopping a tree or you can be looking at the whole forest if you’re somebody that is that it’s currently in like a phase of your life where you’re just working

Like in the business itself not necessarily on the business then modafinil could be very useful if you’re somebody like just on the phone you’re making like the same call you’re calling prospects modafinil is very very powerful however if you’re somebody that really has to like overlook a lot of tasks because you have very complex problems to solve i would not

Recommend that you take modafinil unless i mean you’re sleep-deprived you’re not feeling your or you’re not feeling like your best self but if you’re like i mean if you’re in a good state so you you’re you’re well rested you’re well hydrated right you’re eating the right things you’re getting the right nutrition in the right supplements that state is gonna be

Better you know you’re gonna be better there and you don’t need the modafinil you’ll be able to function a lot better so that’s what i’m noticing off being off modafinil i’m liking the experience however i am requiring more sleep which is is going to come with it but let’s see how it goes i’m going to strategically just try modafinil here and there adjourn i’m

Just during the week maybe two or three times throughout the week just to see how i respond to it and it’s very very powerful when it comes to and when it comes to improving your mood i mean when i was taking ritalin itself i couldn’t understand like it took me about two months to notice that it was really just that it was the it was the ritalin which was really

The one difference that helped me improve my mood so much because we get when you’re a better mood you’re gonna be more likely to like engage in social interactions you’re gonna be more optimistic about your work you’re gonna be just more naturally driven you have it more you have something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning and if you can get

That from a supplement purchase as many of those supplements as you can so when it comes to modafinil i initially rated it very highly like eight out of ten now it’s more closer to like a seven just because it is so addicting that people may not realize if you’re if you’re somebody that is new to stimulants or new to supplements or nootropics you may not really

Be observant enough to notice how addicting it is and that you could just take the stuff for three months straight and not notice there’s anything really wrong with it but if you take it consistently you’re gonna stop you’re gonna convince yourself but you don’t need to sleep as much you may lose some of your good habits like working out because a lot of people

When they don’t exercise they feel like sluggish i will note that with modafinil you really don’t feel about feeling you still feel driven so it’s a very fascinating drug and what comes with it though is the crash it seems like there is this there’s this correlation it almost seems like like the more severe a drug is the more severe the side effects are with

The modafinil crash eight to nine hours after ingestion you just come down you lose a lot of productivity those last few hours in the day if you’re somebody that’s working like 12 10 12 hour days modafinil may not be the best drug to take unless you like dose it in the morning like dose it in the afternoon and if you’re doing something like that are modafinil

For my experience was actually better if you’re looking to just have a more completely productive day when you look at like you know gross productivity our modafinil would definitely be better that’s i mean if you’re somebody again working like you know 80 hour 100 hour work weeks maybe if you’re a student you’re just going through exam time then check out our

Modafinil in any case guys i recommend you check out both of them if you’re somebody that has focus issues i’m not a doctor but i would say that there was there was a stage when i was noticing i was reading and very often like regressing back to the pair of back to the beginning of the paragraph just going back and my mind really wasn’t there which was the time

I had gotten a prescription of ritalin and it was very very effective my grades jumped up i felt better although again it really just is something to pay attention to make sure you’re getting the adequate nutrition because both of them they will really suppress your appetite hope you guys found that helpful and if there’s anything you’d like me to review in a

Future video comment below i read all the comments and i really appreciate your your support by subscribing and sharing this channel with people you know and i look forward to seeing you all next time

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Modafinil, Ritalin, Adderall – They Make You Dumber? By TheNootropicReviewer