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Mometasone Furoate cream & lotion

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Mometasone furoate is a topical corticosteroid that is indicated for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, pruritus and psoriasis.

Hi everyone today in this video let us discuss momentazone momentosone is one of the glucocorticoid which can be given in the form of momentazone fury8 in this ester form moment zone can be used as topical corticosteroid this drug is available in different doses forms such as ointment cream solution all these are given by topical root and here moment zone acts as

Anti-inflammatory agent so this drug can be indicated in the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema pruritus where itching swelling and redness of the skin can be observed atopic dermatitis even psoriasis in all these skin disorders moment zone furious can be used by tropical root to reduce the inflammation swelling and redness of the skin apart

From these skin disorders moments on furiate can be used as nasal spray for the treatment of energy grenades but today in this video we are going to see how this moment zone is used as topical corticosteroid one of the advantages of moments one is that it can be applied on the skin where irritation pierces so by administration of moment zone it can be absorbed

Into the skin which reduce the inflammation and swelling but few of the molecules of moment zone can be absorbed into the skin where they can be transported into the systemic circulation but this is somewhat less in case of moment zone fury age even the systemic bio oil built of moment zone is somewhat reduced by the liver even though this structure shows very

Less seismic absorption few of the molecules can enter into the systemic circulation but they are metabolized by the liver so these molecules when entering into the liver they are going to be metabolized to produce inactive metabolite so due to extensive metabolism and less systemic absorption momentum fury is mainly used as topical root and it is having very

Less systemic exposure resulting in the decreased systemic side effects of momentosome so this is one of the advantages of moments on fury which can be used by tropical root with less systemic side effects now let’s see how this drug acts mohammed zone can act on the glucocorticoid receptors which are present within the cytoplasm these glucocorticoid receptors

Are coupled with one of the protein hsp90 heat shock protein 90 and since momentum is a steroid it acts on the nucleus and interacts with the dna now when moments on binds to glucocortical receptors they are activated and they can be internalized into the nucleus where heat shock protein is separated within the nucleus these glucose receptors are going to be

Dimerized which produce the beneficial gene transcription thereby they can produce mrna this mrna codes for anti-inflammatory mediators which can undergo translation within the ribosome such that it can produce few of the inflammatory mediators such as lipocartein 1 this lipocartein 1 and anaxin a1 can reduce the synthesis of inflammatory mediators so in this

Way moments on can control the synthesis of inflammatory mediators by enhanced gene transcription of anti-inflammatory mediators similarly this gene transcription can also inhibit the release of il2 interleukin-2 which promotes the inflammatory response and finally moments one can also inhibit the response of inflammatory mediated so that they can stimulate nfkb

Nuclear factor kappa b this nfkb can interact with the dna to produce gene transcription which resists in the release of inflammatory mediators so this produces inflammation within the cell which is again controlled by momentosome now this moment zone occupied on the glucocorticoid receptors can interact with the dna and it can inhibit the action of nfkb in this

Way moments on also inhibits the gene transcription of inflammatory mediators within itself when there is an inflammatory stimuli it can release one of the important mediator phospholipase a2 this phospholipase a2 can interact with the phospholipid membrane so that you can cleave the phospholipids into one of the mediator arachidonic acid this araedonic acid is

A c20 fatty acid which is the important precursor for many of the inflammatory mediators now cox is another enzyme which can interact with this erectionic acid such that they are going to be converted into various mediators such as prostaglandins and thromboxanes so pge2 pgi-2 and thromboxane a2 all they can produce inflammation resulting in the swelling redness

And itching of the skin now moment zone can stimulate one of the mediator nx in a1 this nx in a1 can control the action of phospholipase a2 thereby can reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins and thromboxane similarly moment zone can also inhibit the acute of cox pathway so that it can inhibit the sins of prostaglandins by all these actions moment zone can reduce

The inflammatory response now it is the precautions of moment zone since this drug is going to be applied on the skin it can produce some skin reactions resulting in allergy contact dermatitis so moments one can increase the redness of the skin within the hands due to any allergic response when skin irritation perishes this motion should be discarded moments on

Can inhibit hp axis resulting in the decreased release of cortisol so this may produce the symptoms related to adrenal insufficiency but since moments one is given as tropical root suppression of hp axis is somewhat less absurd for instance when this moment zone is applied at high dose such as 15 grams twice daily then it can produce significant suppression of

Hp access but such dose is not applied at therapeutic level so at normal doses this drug may produce less hp access suppression notice the side effects of this track moments on fury can produce local reactions resulting in burning stinging skin irritation boils on the skin and contact dermatitis can be produced by this tag now that is the chemical nature of this

Tag so this is the structure of momentosome how it is given this drug is available as ointment at a strength of 0.1 percent it is also available as cream solution and this drug should be applied once a day on the affected area to reduce the inflammation since moment zone is a potent corticosteroid it should be used only for two weeks and when inflammation passes

For more than two weeks this drug should not be used so that’s about this drug moments on fury eight which is a topical corticosteroid so that’s about this type moments on fury hope you have enjoyed this video if you like this video please subscribe to our channel share this video with your friends post your comments in the comment box thank you for watching this video

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