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mood swings! day out 360 video vlog Thu 30 July 2020

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I anthropomorphize cuttlery!

I thought i’d show you devil’s point have a look down over euro this is a 360 video you can move the screen around with your mouse or your finger drag it around drag it and then you can look over there look over there opposite me turn it around you can see the sea and you’re not even having an eye test see down there move the screen look there’s tina wavertina oh

She can’t see me she’s been attacked by a seaweed monster i think but come this way comes this way ourselves the devil’s point yeah yeah look at the nice day it is let’s go a bit slower actually oh i just had a cornetto when it was a bit chewy not crispy it’s one of those re-frozen because it melted because i left the freezer off kind of texture to it me and tina

Just been in town right to get my prescription which we didn’t get post something or poster susanna your pen is on the way love and that to return something did that went all the way to town for tina’s prescription because they don’t have what she needs at her normal pharmacy what an effort that was we had we stopped for a pasty and i kind of cooked one effort

That was i mean we was out for like three hours trying to sort that out it was effort oh this place here all used to be closed off but now it’s open you can go all the way to the closed bit now oh fishers just eat down there look look fishers i’d really like to go fishing you know i’ve only ever once been fishing oh yeah actually it was around near here over

There over yonder i caught a garfish apparently i didn’t know what to do with it so i just chucked it away that’s the only time i’ve ever been fishing oh let’s have a look over here have a look over here look i wonder if this scooter would go up that path it looks a bit steep for a scooter what is this place is it are those tennis courts what kind of place is

This is this public place or what or what i don’t even know hmm it’s not like a private place or what or what i don’t know there’s no gate to get in there though so probably is to do with whatever’s building over there but i saw some council people fixing that up so it seems that it is council run it’s over here have a look have a look oh look intent nice i

Wonder if this goes all the way down there no it stops there there’s a gate over there behind you in front of me yes that is a tennis court over there because i see an abandoned tennis court net but i don’t think it’s in use at all i smell weed someone’s smoking weed without me am i able to drive over there let’s give it a cross-country track well it’s a bit

Wiggly wobbly here oh what’s going on down there how’d you get down there then what are they doing how did they get down there or some steps there oh there right and this is the end of the road oh look at the boov look at the would you just look at the view savor it savor it sometimes right you know it’s like and a know mood swings right i love it i really hate

That i love it you know oh i hate you that kind of thing been having a lot of them lately hopefully now i’m back on the four weeks between the infusions i’ll be able to you know settle into four weeks between the infusions kind of thing because the eight weeks between the infusion was just too much weed or it could be actual weeds well this is as far as you

Go mate you could go down there i suppose there’s plenty of steps down there and it’s got a pathway you’ve been there oh yeah i could talk god news about my occupational therapist she came to see me on wednesday i think it was what day is the day not wednesday so so she came to see me someday that wasn’t the day and she’s gonna give me a mirror box she’s gonna

Do some mirror therapy so like moving your right hand but with your left hand in a box with a mirror on it and then i gotta try and match my left hand to my right hand kind of thing and she says that could be a way for the uh the neuroplasticity in the brain to be able to create new pathways for particular type of moments movements and moments movements so i’m

Looking forward to doing that because apparently there’s no but there’s no evidence but i feel absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence and that’s only because there’s no evidence because no one’s done any studies on it but she personally has the experience to say it helps to do this thing this mirror therapy to try and develop new pathways in the brain to

Burn new positronic pathways if i was an android of the star trek variety or possibly isaac asimov he was all about positronic brain and stuff wouldn’t he that was back in the day i stopped reading isaac asimov because he was do having a story and one of the characters said to the other characters get out your slide rule and check i was like that’s old nobody

Uses slide rules anymore how do you and that put me off all of his sci-fi and then i read the takeshi kovach trilogy altered carbon that’s what it’s called my friend well not my friend my friend’s brother wrote that she said all my brother’s an uh an author he wrote this book so i read the book and it was amazing i drank in this sci-fi book it ruined all sci-fi

For me from that day forward because nothing else could live up to it how good it was it was so good i’m going to do a long video i’ll take you all the way up to the end there even a slow speed meet yeah but no but yeah but no mood swings swings around about his mood swings around he’ll be around again in a minute just give it 10 minutes i’ll be angry again at

Someone or something or inanimate objects do you ever get angry at inanimate objects like drop something and then you put it back and it falls off again then you drop it and it falls off again and like do you mind it’s like you’re doing it on purpose when it’s like a fork yeah i anthropomorphized cutlery because it’s all out to get me oh look there’s tina can

You see that far all the way over there look there she’s got shadow hair dyed there’s his waving oh sorry i had a bit of cornea with my teeth delayed pleasure oh do you know what i found out i have now got a lot better with my urgency to pee i’ve had that um talk to radine for just over a week now and i do believe it’s doing something i’ve still got i still need

To pee a lot but not as a lot as before so that’s really good that means i can read i can go to a nice place and read and i don’t have to think about oh i need a p because usually anytime i’m gonna do something anything whatever it is before i do it i’ve got a p even if i’m going for a p i’ll grab a p before i do a p it’s so frustrating and annoying and bloody

Bloody lovely into into knife i didn’t stream yesterday because i wanted to go out for a bit oh i got really disappointed i made a chili and normally i’m really good at chilling in the instant pot and i forgot to put the can of tomatoes in the chili and i was looking there i thought that’s a bit beefy a bit brown a bit smelling of meat just me you know it turns

Out i didn’t put the can of tomatoes in it can you hear that dog barking bloody where is that rat dog oh you probably can’t hear him it’s the microphone down here i will be streaming tonight at 7 pm as usual on weekdays and i’ll be playing the games that was quite good fun playing the games when i do the cycling i can join the two and when my mirror box comes

I’m gonna do the occupational therapy um thing and i’ll livestream that because i was telling the the ot the therapist she was really nice she knew a lot of stuff about her job you know that kind of confidence that someone has talking about their job when they really knew their you know their shizzle i like that kind of confident talking relaxed i don’t have to

Prove anything i know my kind of talk i like that so i’m going to do my mirror box therapy occupational therapy mirror transfer thing for the win if you watch these videos and you get something out of them and you can share them or you like them or they resonate with you and you like being part of a gang then please consider giving it a thumbs up because that

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In the inside i don’t want to see you on in the inside actually it might be a bit dirty

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