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Most effective way to use CLEN? | Ask Dr Testosterone E 154

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Hello guys i’m so excited i finally have just received my new book the bible of bodybuilding it’s a book that consists of 400 pages you can purchase this book on amazon and this book contains my format other books the pds using sports and the good about the agri plus agriplastic training supplementation but also including extra features q a’s about gear about hrt

But also quiz regarding supplements and diet and of course pds so the bible of bodybuilding on amazon both on ebook and kindle version hey everybody welcome to ask doctor testosterone starring dr george ciulianos brought to you by his book the bible of bodybuilding that is available on if you’re on getting books might as well get my

Book what a great book real bodybuilding and now all the way from athens greece please welcome dr george juliados how are you doc hi around 10 days for the arnold huh we’ll record it guys we’re we did two shows in a row here we did my blood work and we did this i’m being transparent so uh by the time this airs the arnold will be like four days away george if we

Do if we do this the way we talk about we’ll see but uh great show uh four guys have dropped out but we still have akeem just dropped out i heard someone else might be dropping out but i haven’t heard anything yet and we’re we’re recording this on the 21st so i don’t know we’ll see but we still have brandon curry steve cuclow regan grimes brett wilkin william

Bonnack uh jeez it’s a great it’s still going to be a very very good show samson dota cool cool very very good lineup and the classic is going to be insane the classic is almost everyone from the olympia minus like bumpstead that’s it just minus bumpstead pretty much everybody else uh anyway like we’re gonna get it so milos has two athletes uh reince and logan

Uh he might have more that’s who he has an open i don’t know if he has any in like classic or but yeah he definitely has regan grimes and sims and dota and they’re both i think they’re both going to be in top five foreign logan is not is logan in this no no logan’s not in this one oh no he’s qualified for the olympia already so he’s just going to wait to the

Olympia he did a lot of shows last year he just he won his last show in i want to say december out in hawaii he went out and won the sean right yeah but he goes for the arnold because his posing was exceptional yeah he did the texas pro in august he did the arnold in september and then he did the one in hawaii in december so he had a long year last year yeah i

Love that kid’s physique uh we’re gonna get some questions doctor we got some questions from the viewers that we saved up first one’s kinda long it says i’m on trt with 200 milligrams of test enanthate underground lab not prescribed by any doctor for the last three years i’ve been cycling twice a year with different gear for 12 to 16 weeks between the cycles i go

Back to 200 milligrams of tested my question is i usually do my hormone analysis during my cycles to make adjustments during the trt of 200 milligrams per week teste i usually never do blood work this time i will do it to see how my testosterone and estrogen levels are should i be in the super physiological range at these 200 milligrams a week i’m 40 years old

Five seven 176 pounds and have about 15 16 body fat so yeah so the proper time is during the trough level so the day of the shot but just before the shot okay and the worst timing is when you spike so it’s right after the shot so always calculate the lowest levels the day of the injection but before doing the injection yeah but you wouldn’t expect to see really

High testosterone and estrogen levels when he’s no but cruising this guy’s perspective is wrong so we don’t use trt for coming off from a cycle you know and this is what pros do but this guy mixes replacement therapy and juicing stacks you know so either the one in the other you know because it’s different implementing a little bit of an underlying for the seek

Of the joints rather than cycling on and off from decal for primo from uh master or whatever equipos winston of all the bush you know and then go back to replacement therapy we don’t use this for for for muscle we use this for longevity for age management you know so if you if you stay with cycles you’re going to have trouble with the labs coming on and off and

I advise you to use uh how old is he 40 40. he’s not at all okay he can he can stay with testosterone a little bit of growth hormone you know if he can afford it a little bit of mystery along the hca dht or hcg but skip the the cycles you know now if your joints are praki yes a little bit of pharma great deca would be enough but i’m not in front of uh doing one

In the other together you know yeah well i mean what he’s doing is blasting and cruising which is you know that’s what i do i’m not on trt i never say i’m on trt i say i blast and cruise and even my cruise is not is way higher than trt so you know what i heard i heard a phrase have you ever heard testosterone optimization therapy have you ever heard that phrase well

It’s pretty much the same you know just play with the words you know so optimization is when you have balance you know you replace so somebody else named that way in order to change from trt you know yeah it sounds good cool ah we got an ab training question doctor you’ve been showing you’ve been training your abs so this is a good one for you uh i like heavily

Weighted about 140 pound steel cylinder crunches on the swiss ball because of good lower back support but as i get older now 51 i worry more about slipping an injury hanging raises seem to target my psoas more than my abs are any ab crunch machines any good something like a seated lat pull over but the bend and pull is the abs not the lats any advice appreciated i’m

Using the rope okay i know my knees you know yeah and apply heavy resistance of course and also the hanging legs but the rope enables me to put some to load on weight you know and build the thick abs another way to build the thick abs is isometric so raise your legs and keep it this way for 20 seconds the isometric contractions you know when there’s no movement

And of course i think it’s also genetic um but the thicker the abs i guess like your midsection increases you know yeah this guy was holding on to 140 pound steel cylinder i don’t even know where you get something like that he was doing a swiss ball so it sounds like his abs are pretty strong it’s funny you mentioned the rope crunches that was like ronnie coleman’s

Favorite ab exercise he saw him do it in a couple of his videos a minor one he had a four pack yeah yeah so most most people have six it’s all one muscle but it’s just the two legs hot eight pack flex that eight i know a guy a physical therapy doctor around my area he’s famous for his abs he’s got eight eight packs i remember samir other fantastic obliques you

Know in cerratus like this you know yeah it’s back in the day that was a they put them on prior also um mila sarco yeah they had great mid sections of those guys okay uh okay what is the dr t opinion on front loading in the beginning of a cycle so that is obviously taking on heavy heavy doses at the very beginning because you know if you’re using long acting

Uh items like testanante deca they take a while to start really circulating and you’re feeling any effect i guess your breathing mind is going to saturate faster the receptor so go slower increase like a pyramid gradually a week by week instead of doing the opposite because you’re gonna saturate and you know them and uh then it’s gonna it’s like spilling water

Afterwards why do people why do people front load what’s the uh whole idea behind i don’t know i think it’s in security because they have a hurry or want to hurry up on the rush now the only way to do this is by fast acting esther’s otherwise it doesn’t work we really takes time you know but that’s always appropriate enough acetate probably and suspension on the

Only reasonable way to give a kick in this way the first week yeah a lot of guys will do an oral just for the first couple weeks of a cycle or else also yes get to the system rapidly yeah while the you know while the sipionate the deca equipoise come on what’s your hurry about wait for a couple of weeks and then you’re gonna have it you gotta get big now they need

Their gains now yeah it’s just impatience uh oh yeah someone said uh did dr juliano say that drinking lower amounts of coffee can lead to needing less of an ai yes caffeine and ethanol aromatizes according to dr tj her dog is in his hormone handbook and uh eating soy also aromatises wow having a lot of this not only visceral fat subcutaneous fat also rheumatizes

Yeah okay there are some factors that also now eating more red meat increases dht beats these and estrogenic and increases free testosterone all right yeah okay yeah so wow i didn’t know the coffee could have an anti estrogenic effect i should be drinking no understood estrogenic effects no it does a lot of coffee and and alcohol increases aromatization you know

So it increases estrogens so it also oh lower amounts of coffee needs less yeah lower lower yes coffee increases your estrogen i’m all mixed a lot of coffee yeah another little bit a little bit is antioxidant and low is fatty liver disease a lot of people drinking three four cups of coffee every day at least a lot of people okay from gus poulos hello doctor my

Question is regarding deca dick the studies i’ve researched and also dr thomas o’connor said the reason this happens with deca is because it hardens the arterial walls if this is the only reason then why when i take silencer viagra it still doesn’t solve my problem my estrogen and prolactin are in check blood pressure is 135 over 80. what else do you think i can

Do because i love how deca makes me look i’m not sure about it nevertheless thomas was the first who mentioned in anabolic book 2017 that the ratio should be two to one yeah so this is the magic thing about the deck a dick raise your testosterone double amount of your deca of course prolactin should be within range not too low estrogen is also within range not

Too low not too high yeah and i’m not sure about this hardening and and effect of the arteries yeah of course if you if you abuse on android theoretically you can increase the calcium score but i guess when you elevate testosterone and you manage your estrogens then you’re gonna overkill this uh deca dick what about i thought cyalism viagra i thought they

Would solve decades they don’t increase but listen uh when we speak about the five photo for phosphodiesterase in hypnos we just mentioned speak about the blood flow the urge and the sex drive and the libido is something you know in the brain that comes out of testosterone right so it’s not vascular thing it’s something you know primitive yeah i mean that’s why

A lot of people they they desire right they’ll put a lot of guys on cyalist or viagra but they actually have low teeth just a blood flow without a desire you know yeah what good is that i guess it’s better than having the desire or no blood flow right yeah then you really okay this came from this is a fake name his name is harry balls that’s just a funny name

I had to read that should i use clean two weeks on one week off or it doesn’t matter i can use it continuously for a few weeks i believe that the claim should be stopped community gets really accustomed to the customize the receptors saturated easily so 48 hours use it and then stop it for another 48 hours to go this way perhaps slightly elevate those week by

Week and don’t until you reach 80 micrograms yeah so which is four pills but no more than and uh you can also implement xylitol which is cataract thing you know to unblock yeah but i think after a while you’re using club neutral there’s no benefit it’s just you have the heart rate and the blood pressure you know and it’s not cool so use the dates and the to

Do is you don’t use it take caffeine or you can use a little bit of effort you know but uh discontinue it in order to uh to get rid of the saturation film okay and uh he had a second part to the question that’s our final question today is are there any benefits to taking clenbuterol sublingually like you’ve talked about with oral steroids i think any drug taken

Sublingually you have the benefit of getting to the system faster now in regards to glimbuture there’s no toxicity so take it sublingually to have a faster effect that’s all okay the same goes for thyroid pills you know or whatever else but it does not engage with the liver toxicity is not is not part of this yeah and you’ve said before does more of the drug

Get utilized because it doesn’t get broken down inside the stomach where it goes it goes you know it goes to to the liver one time but yes uh it goes to the to the capillary network to the through the circulation uh at once uh i take my volume sometimes when i was taking a volume you know sublingually you know and it’s dissolved within a few seconds you know so

You have these uh yes this sleekness way way faster wow man if i had to take everything under my tongue i’d be all day with under my tongue so you know the same the same happens with the liposomal spray uh let’s say melatonin rather than swallowing the capsule you know yeah cool doctor that is all our questions uh if if this airs the way i’m planning it to air

Uh it’s just gonna be a few days from now that we’ll be at the arnold i’ll see you in ohio i will see you thursday night at the uh meet and greet with all the athletes we’ll grab a little interview i know rick collins was trying to arrange a little dinner friday i don’t know what the schedule’s like we’ll see but uh it’s coming well actually saturday before the

Finals saturday yeah yeah yeah yeah i’m still trying to figure out if i can go to that i don’t know what this uh you’re gonna have tons of work because uh you’re gonna be on your on your own huh don’t judge no giles uh milos might help out a little bit but he’s busy with his athletes so i’m it’s i got to do a lot of stuff but we’ll see i’ll get it done yeah i’ll

Bother you i’ll get your opinions on the show and stuff it’ll be fun thank you guys if you have questions for the next show please leave them in the comments please subscribe to the channel please like the video by hitting that thumbs up thing turn on your notifications we have a great opportunity every week here with dr tuliados one of the only doctors in the

World with not only the knowledge but the experience he’s used peds he’s treated many many ped using patients he’s an excellent resource and doctor we we very much appreciate having you here so i will see you in ohio very very soon doctor all right everybody thanks for watching ask doc testosterone we’ll see you next time you

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Most effective way to use CLEN?’ | Ask Dr Testosterone E 154 By Muscular Development Magazine