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Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) – Educational Video

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Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis resistant but curable if you have coughing phlegm for more than two weeks it could be tuberculosis and wet these tuberculosis tuberculosis or tb is a disease caused by a germ that usually attacks belongs tb is dangerous and anyone can get it it doesn’t discriminate by age gender or class but tuberculosis is curable if the treatment

Is completed but be careful the tb germ can become resistant and the usual medicines will not have any effect on the tb germ has protected itself it has become more resistant now it is multi drug-resistant tb it is more dangerous and more difficult to fight but multi drug-resistant tb is curable if the person complies with the required treatment what is the difference

Between tb and multi drug-resistant tb they are the same germ but the multi drug-resistant tb or mdr tb term has protected itself this means that mdr tb is not cured with the same medicines we use to cure tb to cure mdr tb we have to use other medicines these new medicines can cause more side effects the treatment lasts much longer usually 18 to 24 months sometimes

Even longer if the person with multi drug-resistant tb does not complete treatment he or she may transmit the germ to friends and relatives and could even die how do you know if it’s tv or mdr-tb if a patient with tb continues to be sick even though he or she is taking all of the medicines health personnel will suspect mdr tb and will request laboratory tests

There is a laboratory test that tells if the germs in the phlegm are resistant or not this test is called the drug susceptibility test and the results take between three to six months to know how do you get multi drug-resistant tb first because the tb germ becomes resistant when a person is on treatment this can happen because the medicines did not kill all the

Germs because the patient did not take his or her medicines or because the healthcare worker did not make sure the patient took all the medicines second because a person who is sick with mdr tb can transmit the mdr germ to another person and how is md activity esme did mdr tb just like tb is transmitted by air when someone who is sick coughs sneezes actually

Sings dada or speaks this is why we should always cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze remember mdr tb is transmitted the same way as tb by air but if a patient takes all his or her medicine he or she will stop being contagious after a certain period of time uh-huh body by air i thought t v was transmitted by silver with no tb and mdr tb are not transmitted

By using the same silverware as someone who is sick nor is it necessary to watch silverware separately what’s more tb is not transmitted by shaking hands it is not transmitted by kissing on the cheek it is not transmitted by hugging and it is not transmitted by using the clothes or sheets of a tb patient and what are the symptoms of mdr tb multi drug-resistant

Tuberculosis produces the same symptoms as tb they are coughed with phlegm for more than two weeks night sweats fever weight loss and tiredness if someone has these symptoms they should go to a health center to make sure they are okay if the tb test comes back positive then the person will have to start treatment immediately and don’t forget the sputum test and

Treatment are completely free what is the treatment like for mdr-tb every patient will receive at least five medicines and one of them will be an injection the duration of the treatment will be approximately 24 months the physician will decide which medicines are the best and when the treatment will end medicines will be taken every day except sundays someone will

Always supervise the taking of the medicine this means that a healthcare worker will watch the patient take all his or her medicines every day that the treatment cost side-effects yes the treatment for multi drug-resistant tuberculosis can cause some side effects like stomach pain nausea diarrhea and pain around the injection site generally the side effects are

Minor and occasionally they can be serious but they are not a reason to stop treatment remember a healthcare worker will meet with the patient every day to administer treatment talk about any problems and answer questions if there is a side-effect or problem with the treatment the health care worker must be told so that he or she can resolve the problem it is very

Important that the family be aware of the side-effects that the patient may have and that they help the patient get over them while the patient is taking the medicines the amount of germs will decrease and the patient will begin to feel better in the laboratory the number of germs in the sputum can be seen when derms are no longer found this means that the patient

Is getting better and is no longer contagious but be careful even though the patient might feel better he or she has to continue taking all of the medicines if they don’t the german will become even more resistant and much more difficult to beat moreover if all of the medicines are not taken it will be easier to transmit mdr tb to family friends and the community

Not taking all of the medicines can lead to death we must take mdr tb very seriously we all need to do our part and work hard to beat it can the person with mdr tb case and the intimate with his or her partner mdr tb is not transmitted by having sex but if you are having sex or kissing you can breathe the same air and transmit the germs it is better not to have sex

Until the doctor says it’s okay remember in order not to transmit mdr tb patient should always take all of his or her medicines and complete the treatment also the following precautions must be taken always cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing when spitting do it in a paper and throw it away immediately the paper should not be burnt the windows of the house

Should be open for as long as possible to improve ventilation and allow light to enter what should a patient with mdr-tb eat the patient should eat as much as possible to gain weight and better fit the disease a good diet may help the families stay healthy if you experience nausea or stomach problems try eating smaller quantities of food throughout the day it is

Very important that patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis do not smoke drink alcohol or use drugs and what happens if a friend or family member has symptoms in that case he or she must be taken immediately to a health center to have a sputum test if the tests of the friend or family member comes back positive it is important to let the health care worker

Know that the person may have been infected by an mdr tb patient we must always be on the lookout for symptoms that friends or family might have to beat tuberculosis we need everyone’s help and support there are groups and organizations that help people with mdr tb for more information ask at your nearest health center multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is curable

If the patient completes the treatment ah and don’t forget treatment is totally free multi drug-resistant tuberculosis resistant but curable

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Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) – Educational Video By SociosEnSalud