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Multiple Myeloma Journey ~1st Cycle off Revlimid ~ Intestinal issues ~ Revlimid Side Effects

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Hello Friends,

Hey everybody today makes one month since i went off the revlimid and i’m about to head in right now to dana farber to get my labs and later on today my doctor will call me so that’s what’s been happening with kovid you get a lot of phone appointments and every couple of months i get to see my oncologist or the physician assistant i haven’t had any good results

Being off the revlimid i’m still getting sick to my stomach every single day and on top of that i ended up hurting my back a week and a half ago and i got put on pain medicine and muscle relaxers which then escalated my intestinal issues and then last weekend i got bit by a deer tick and had to be put on a round of doxycycline the antibiotic hopefully i don’t

End up with lyme disease so it’s really hard to have a true understanding on my intestinal issues because i added these other drugs so i will continue this video after i get the labs they take anywhere from three to five days i’m not gonna have obviously the results today but i will be doing them very soon well i’m back a couple days later so i got my results

Back within two days which was wonderful when i was first diagnosed with multiple myeloma i used to take literally a week to get the results and then it went down to four to five days so two days is a lot better when you are waiting for results on something so important as your cancer markers waiting a week can be very very stressful so two days definitely is

A lot better you do get your cbc and comprehensive immediately my white count is still low which is very discouraging all along they’ve said it’s low because of the treatment and i’ve been off for a month and i was definitely hoping that it would go up but um this is where i’m at right now so the good news is i did get my myeloma markers back within two days

The ones that i look for are the m spike and the type of multiple myeloma i have is igg lambda and all my results were pretty much the same as they always have been you know since the beginning they might go up a tiny bit down a tiny bit but my oncologist left a message said that they’re stable and that is great so that was like wow you know i’ve been off the

Revlimid now for a whole cycle and there hasn’t been any changes in my numbers so that’s a good thing now of course when you are diagnosed with myeloma there isn’t a cure and eventually my numbers will go up but for now i’m just going to celebrate the fact that they are stable that’s really good news unfortunately as i mentioned earlier in this video i haven’t

Had any results with my intestinal issues which is really discouraging to me because i’m in pain literally 24 7. sick to my stomach my doctors have really tried hard to help me my gastro doctors they called today they’re going to put me back on the two weeks of the antibiotic for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth so we’ll see if that’ll help because i did

Get a little bit of relief from that have to go off the probiotics while i’m on that and then i’ll restart those at the end so that’s where i’m at right now we’re going to stay off the revlimid for another cycle you know see where we go from there i mean i would like to take a few more cycles off if my numbers stay stable we’ll discuss that with the oncologist

So i want to thank everybody who’s reached out to me it really means a lot i always look so serious when i’m doing these face on videos that aren’t about fun things like here’s a little frog or a snake you know cancer is a serious thing but i want to thank everybody peace love and joy always be humble always be kind and i will do another update next month so

We’ll talk to you soon bye guys oh i really like this one it has crystals one of these days i’ll have to do an updated video on my crystal collection you can see some deer antlers so that’s my silliness for today hope everybody’s doing great and we’ll talk to you next cycle to keep you guys updated on my multiple myeloma journey

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Multiple Myeloma Journey ~1st Cycle off Revlimid ~ Intestinal issues ~ Revlimid Side Effects By NaturesFairy