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Multiple Myeloma Update 2 Cycles off Revlimid ~ New Iphone 12 Pro ~ Revlimid Intestinal Side Effects

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Hello Friends,

Hello youtube friends i just got done having my labs here at dana farber these are really important ones of course all the labs are important but these particular ones are going to determine how i’m doing being off the revlimid coming up on two cycles so they had me come in one week early because it’s going to take several days to get the myeloma markers back

So today i’ll at least find out what my cbc and comprehensive is and i would talking with my physician assistant later on this afternoon over the phone because of kobe they do mostly appointments over the phone except every couple months you see the oncologist so i will keep updating this video as one when i get all the information so today is december 1st and

It is absolutely gorgeous gorgeous day it is 59 degrees i’ll take that so i love it so i will uh like i said update as i go along hey guys it’s december 6. we got some snow last night it’s a little crunchy walking out here it is pretty look at that sky so i just got a new phone my husband got me this for my birthday it’s the apple 12 pro my old seven running

Out of space i’m just not able to do everything anymore this is a great place for wildflowers and insects i got my labs back really fast again this cycle and the numbers are pretty much the same as they were the first cycle that i went off rev mid so tuesday will be two full cycles that’s eight weeks of being off the revlimid so i’m going to go one more cycle my

Glasses are fogging up one more cycle off the river mid and in january i will discuss with the oncologist at that point i’m going for infusion for zometa so it’ll be nice to be in person to talk with them to see how my numbers are doing at that point and the good news is my white count has gone up to the low end of normal so that is a a big deal oh the snow’s

Falling down from the trees um because i’ve been running so low so they’ve always said to me it’s been caused by the revlimid so it’s great news that the numbers haven’t gone up i’m obviously not in remission and i do know the risk involved with not taking the medication but i want to give it one more cycle and see how it does at that point i haven’t had any

Luck with my intestinal problems from the revlimid which is very very discouraging which leads um us to believe that it is caused a combination of the rev mid as well as the radiation that i had um two years ago so it is like i said very discouraging oh that sun is bright that my intestines don’t feel any better so i want to thank everybody for checking on me

You guys are awesome peace love and joy always be humble always be kind and i will do another update next month well it’s been a long day i’m a little bit tuckered out boy these little sheets feel so comfortable and warm and toasty well guys i want to thank everybody who always leaves me such nice little comments and checks on me it really means a lot to me and

I hope you’re all doing well i hope everybody has a great day we’ll see you next time

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Multiple Myeloma Update 2 Cycles off Revlimid ~ New Iphone 12 Pro ~ Revlimid Intestinal Side Effects By NaturesFairy