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Mupirocin Antibiotics Pharmacology Mechanisms Actions Resistance Part 26

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Mupirocin Antibiotics Pharmacology Mechanisms Actions Resistance Part 26

Welcome welcome back all of you to antibiotic video series and here in this video video number 26 we are discussing about maplerosan and also another drug thermorubin is also discussed so we discussed these drug groups under the head in this protein synthesis inhibitors antibiotics which interfere with the bacterial protein synthesis the drug pyrosine is a natural

Drug the older name of the drug is pseudomonic acid egg so my protein is a mixture of several pseudomonic acid and the drug is obtained from pseudomonas fluorescens and the drug is available as a cream topical cream as two percentage creams since 1987 and the drug is a bacterial truck and this is act against gram-positive organisms like similar to fusion so important

Organisms like streptococci then staphylococci mrsa all are sensitive so these all are gram positive organisms and the drug is also available as a two percentage nasal intranasal form also and this is for targeting the staphylococcus aureus in mrsa as a nasal colonization inhibitor drug now coming to the mechanism of action the mechanism of action is pyrogen is also

Very different from other antibiotics so this picture cartonic picture shows the trna with the corresponding anticodon and this is the codon present on the messenger rna mrna and the trnamiter anticodon can now pick up the specific amino acid required as per the anticodon so usually the first amino acid pickup in bacteria is formal methionine here the drug pyrosine

Do not bind to the ribosome instead they act by inhibiting a bacterial enzyme and this enzyme is called as isoleucine trna synthetase the function of this enzyme is that this is the one which catalyzes the reaction forming the covalent bond with trna and amino acids so this is the covalent bond formation by inhibiting the isoleucinity or necessitation center we know

Such covalent bond and the trna cannot pick up specialized amino acid called as isoleucine so if the codon in the mrna codes for the amino acid isoleucine and this trna cannot become isoleucine so protein synthesis will stop whenever the codon reaches the amino acid isoleucine codes so the same mechanisms of this meprosine operates for its anti-fungal action also

So isoleucine is not incorporated into the amino acid sequences so this is the distinct mechanism of imperialism when compared to other antibiotics the drachma pyrosine is used against gram positive organisms topically usually used as two percentage for pharyngosis folliculitis and for other skin infection by gram positive organisms the specific adverse effect of

Toxicity related to this drug is due to its pharmaceutical formulation problem that is in creams or ointments which are formulated with polyethylene glycol if applied to larger surface area then this can cause moderate renal failure due to absorption of this polyethylene glycol from the formulation so the drug should be used only to restricted area should not be

Used to large surface area to prevent the absorption now coming to the resistance part gram-negative bacterias are innately or intrinsically non-respondent or resistant to mipiruzin because of poor transport of drug into the cell then there is no cross resistant with other drugs because of its peculiar mode of action then mutations of the isolutility are machine

That is enzyme can cause resistance then this acquisition of gene for this different isolation trna synthetics enzyme in major cause of resistance now let’s see one more drug that is thermo ruby okay so this tetracycline like drug obtained from thermo actinomycetes antibiotics and this is acting against both gram-positive and also gram-negative organisms and the

Drug is weakly binding with both 30s and also 50 subunits so that combined with the total 70 is ribosome and affinity is 100 times more if when both these 30s and 50s bind together then they are separated so binding of the drug can cause unique conformational change in the ribosomal rna structure and this inhibits the initiation stage of protein synthesis so this

Is the mechanism of the drug and the drug is not available in the market yet so that’s all about my pyrosine and that’s the final drug in the plane of antibiotics which interfere with the protein synthesis so we have finished drugs which interfere with the cell wall synthesis and drugs which interfere with the protein synthesis and the next video we will see about

Drugs which interfere with the cell membrane mostly antimicrobial peptides polymixin and kullstin so thank you thank you for watching

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Mupirocin Antibiotics Pharmacology Mechanisms Actions Resistance Part 26 By Medlearner