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Mupirocin & Waterpulse nasal wash

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So this is my i should do it morning and night uh routine for saline and moo pyrocine ointment two percent because i have some sinus things going on i realize every year during this time i get the sinus things going on and headaches behind my eyes and ears and nose mostly on my left side so i’m doing something a little bit different usually i get antibiotic

But this year they didn’t give me an antibiotic instead they uh prescribed this ointment and it’s actually been working so i’m actually on my second round of a tube um and it did work i just want to make sure i’m getting everything out it’s you know as far as any micro bro micro by whatever in my nose okay so first thing i do is i have this 16 ounce bottle uh

It’s a neti pot it’s better than the um electrical ones that are like a hundred dollars which i spent time spent money on i got electrocuted and then also um with it to clean it out in the electrical part it gets all moldy and nasty and then the other ones where you bend your head over it’s all awkward and it’s uncomfortable and then what’s the other one i’m also

Electrical ones they seem to be there’s just too much pressure and then it pops out my ears and so i don’t like it so this is the best one i’m telling you so what you do is first i boil some water and um i clean it out i’ve got the little nose application in there and clean out with hot water take this out wash your hands and then i put some distilled water

In here about halfway because remember i got hot water from the tea kettle and i do it this way because i’m gonna have tea anyway um and i like my water warm uh for rinsing out my nose so i do about halfway and then i um i take the ointment and you do like an inch ribbon then for each cup you do a half a teaspoon of the salt nasal salt and this is 16 ounce so

I’m going to 2.5 grams or 1 teaspoon or 16 grams and this is the nasal solution i use because i have to do it every day and i’m going to get better at it all right so that’s that and then most people would just put this on shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it but um i realized shaking it is way too long for i just me to disinfect my little so i use

This little frother thing and so just go in there until it disintegrates this little thing is handy for all sorts of things so i’m trying to get this to you see it on the bottom trying to get that um it’ll probably help if i put my hot to warm water in here now but with this thing it it overflows because of the um see how it raises up so i have to be careful

With that i think i’m putting water in there now have one more you don’t want it boiling water almost there and then i top it off with more warm water there’s a little tip on here yeah oh i don’t want you to see my sink it is so bad so then what you do is there’s a little uh button on top at first i was like squeezing it for like the last three months and then

I went online when i got prescribed this um to see how people were mixing it up and stuff like that because i wasn’t sure and then um i saw this little handy thing someone using this and i realized he’s like i’ve been doing it all wrong here’s a little button i was like that’s what i did so then what happens is you you push this button and it just releases

Oops okay now i gotta clean something up anyway it’s light it goes through it just flows through you could stand up right well not upright but just slightly over as opposed to that awkward feeling and all that stuff and then it just comes out your nose and so i use half of it on one side and half of it on the other so if you decide to do one one cup as a toast

As opposed to 16 cups so be it just follow the saline salt instructions per water in the natural ointment shake it up and then you’re done alright

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Mupirocin & Waterpulse nasal wash By Licowissh