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Muscle Relaxants Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX)

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Study this Muscle Relaxants NCLEX mnemonic and other mnemonics with Pixorize.

Muscle relaxants are a group of drugs used to treat muscle spasms associated with a variety of muscle disorders in this mnemonic video we’ll cover the important drug names to know and the major side effects to keep in mind so you’ll be ready for test day ah welcome back to the spa where a client is getting a nice relaxing massage his muscles are going to be so

Relaxed afterwards which reminds me this massage will serve as your memory anchor to muscle relaxants because just like a massage muscle relaxants are used to well relax your muscles muscles can spasm in a variety of conditions such as spinal cord injuries multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy just to name a few muscle relaxants help to control these spasms improving

The quality of life for patients now let’s cover a few major drug names of muscle relaxants you should know for the nclex oh i really feel that massage deep in the client’s back when you think of this guy getting a back massage remember the drug name baclofen get it back for baclofen baclofen is the first muscle relaxant drug we’ll cover let’s continue see that

Sign there that says caress even the name of this spa sounds relaxing by the way the word caress is here to remind you of carissa proudl you know caress for carissa proudol or caressa prodol if you will ok just two more drug names to cover the massage therapist or should i say masseuse keeps all of her massage supplies on a metal cart this metal cart should help

You remember the drug name methacarbamol because metal cart and methacarbamal sound pretty alike right methacarbamol is another muscle relaxant drug that you should know and in clinical practice you may hear this drug called by its trade name roboxin but remember that the nclex will only test you on generic names so just use this metal cart for methacarbamol and

Gilby set so what exactly does the masseuse store on the metal cart most importantly she keeps her cyclone blender this spa goes over the top giving their clients fresh smoothies with each massage this cyclone blender should help you remember cyclobenzoprene get it cyclone blunder for cyclobenzoprene great now that we’ve covered all the important drug names to

Know let’s move on to talk about some of the side effects of muscle relaxants unfortunately this massage isn’t quite the relaxing experience the client was hoping for he has been laying face down for so long that he is starting to feel dizzy as he gets up when you think about the massage making this man dizzy remember that muscle relaxants can also make people

Dizzy when they stand up too quickly this is formally known as orthostatic hypotension and be sure to instruct your patients to stand up slowly to avoid a sudden blood pressure drop that can cause dizziness that may even cause a fall it’s been a long day of giving massages and the massage therapist is ready to call it a day as you might imagine being a masseuse

Isn’t exactly riveting work and this one is so tired that she’s yawning the yawning tired massage therapist should help you remember that muscle relaxants can cause sedation and drowsiness this is an expected side effect so its occurrence is not a reason to stop taking the medication before we wrap up take one more look at the metal cart there is a no alcohol

Sign informing the clients that their smoothies are alcohol-free just like there is no alcohol here at this spa patients taking muscle relaxants should not drink alcohol alcohol can potentiate the sedative effects of the muscle relaxants and be dangerous for the patient just remember alcohol and muscle relaxants shouldn’t mix alright that’s all for this video on

The muscle relaxants let’s recap muscle relaxants are a drug class that are used to treat muscle spasms associated with several skeletal muscle conditions like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy drugs to know in this class include baclofan carissa proudol methocarbamol and cyclobenzoprine muscle relaxants can cause orthostatic hypotension and sedation both of

Which are expected side effects patients taking muscle relaxants should avoid alcohol and now we’re actually done with muscle relaxants i could use a massage right now what about you see you next time thanks for watching for more videos like this one subscribe to our channel and check out our newest lessons for more resources on this topic including fact lists

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Muscle Relaxants Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX) By Pixorize