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Muscle Spasm and Spasticity Medications

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All right so this one is drugs for muscle spasm and spasticity which is if you have usually an underlying disease one example is multiple sclerosis so we’ll get started on the slideshow here all right so it’s hard when you have spasticity because you cannot focus people with tourette’s also have spasticity and their joints and limbs and etc so it’s difficult to focus

So what that is is an involuntary contraction of muscle or muscle group you just can’t help it so years ago we used to use whirlpool baths physical there at the physical therapy so here’s just a picture of firm years ago but that is still used today there’s a lot of none medication modalities that are used including like foot massagers or massagers to get your legs

The circulation better hopefully that’ll help with the muscles those are all more what we call anecdotal where they’re not completely evidence-based or if it is it’s not always a cure-all for it so we’re going to talk about some drug therapy and some anti-inflammatory aspirin there’s some centrally acting muscle relaxants called diazepam a-to-z anodyne diazepam is

You probably know as valium and this relieves localized spasm caused by specific muscle injury so if somebody comes in with acute back pain you can try some valium or – xana deen and see if that will help relax the muscles in the area and so they can move their back and help with healing but it can cause you to be tired not everybody feels that way when they take

It but low doses are always the best you have to watch for central nervous system depression if they’re taking it long term then you have to watch their liver because that can cause damage with long-term use again just remember that’s a potential you can also become physically dependent on oh okay so spasticity movement disorders of the central nervous origin so

What we just talked about is drug therapy for like more of a muscle relaxant so there’s muscle spasms but they’re caused by injury but let’s talk more about spasticity now which was actually coming from your central nervous system ms cerebral palsy is just a couple of the common causes so you have heightened muscle tone so you can have spasm and if you have spasms

It’s hard for you to use your hands or your limbs there’s three drugs for spasticity it’s baclofen diazepam again in dantrolene and both the top to act and the cns and the bottom works directly with smooth muscle it’s not really used that much anymore so baclofen is used for spasticity but we also use baclofen for acute muscle injury – but this is particularly one

Of the indications is muscle spasticity from central nervous system issues oh uses ms spinal cord injuries cerebral palsy it’s not used with stroke oh and as you can see here how the myelin sheath this is your nerve fiber how in multiple sclerosis it becomes scarred it’s kind of similar to alzheimer’s but it’s dealing with a different nerve synapse that more of

The acetic acetylcholine instead of these particular nerve fibers well there’s no antidote for overdose because so you have to be careful it’s also depresses your cns if the member valium is a member of the benzodiazepine family so we just talked about vac baclofen let’s talk about valium it also affects the cns and it’s used for multiple things but one of the

Things is for spasticity and that can cause sedation it can also cause addiction who to the medication and dantrolene is used for malignant hyperthermia that’s usually they have a reaction to anesthesia so again i’ve never seen it maybe in the oh i’ve seen it used but if they do have that they give them dantrolene and this picture here are other things because

What happens is there you become hyperthermic your body temperature goes way up and it can be very dangerous you can die from that adverse effects of that drug though is liver issues muscle weakness drowsiness diarrhea acne like rash but again it i have not seen it used before and so it’s a rare drug use you probably won’t see it all right take care

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Muscle Spasm and Spasticity Medications By Dr. Jennie Peters