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Hey yall, today I’m updating you on how my skin is doing after successfully completing my Accutane (isotretinoin) treatment. I’ll talk about my Accutane journey the second go-round, the Accutane side effects I’ve experienced, and show some Accutane before and after photos. This video is not meant to be taken as medical advice.

Before we even get this video started y’all do not come for me in my hair um yeah it was on his last leg this frontal had to get uninstalled right after this video but this video had to get done while my skin was looking great so excuse the hair focus on the skin that’s it hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl simplycats and today i am back with

Another skincare video today’s video is not sponsored by anybody it’s all about me my thoughts my experience my beliefs on my second round of accutane just to give you guys a little backstory i this is my second time using accutane i did it earlier in 2020 but my liver levels were a little out of wonk and they wanted me to kind of control my low iron yes i am a

Person that struggles with low iron so that might be an issue with some people but while i was seeing my dermatologist i was actually seeing an endocrinologist i was getting treated at the same time and my treatments from the endocrinologist i did iron infusions which helped not pursue with accutane but with my liver levels being fine so yeah did that’s why i had

To stop after two months of it but once you know it piped back down in a few months i went back and then it allowed me to be back on it once i was back to a good point so yeah that is why i had to stop accutane after two months but yeah so i started back up later in 2020 on december 9th december 9th is when i started back on accutane um i didn’t start back at the

Lowest dose i think we started like 30 milligrams i’m not 100 sure like i honestly cannot remember i think it was either 20 or 30 and then we jumped all the way up over the course of the six months basically six months but yeah so we started back off um i’ll post a picture of my acne exactly the day i started it started accutane again so my skin did revert back

After being on two two months of accutane because i didn’t fully go through a process just looking at it you can see all that active bumps acne on my chin area which is mostly hormonal you guys hormonal acne um i also struggled with acne up here everywhere literally everywhere i struggled with acne i was oily again but i still wore sunscreen religiously sunscreen

Is gonna be your best friend y’all i didn’t take the most flattering pictures you guys because i really didn’t care even though i know i was gonna share this to you guys but this is what my face looks that’s for a month later january 11th i really don’t see any progress you know my skin’s i already know what to expect when it comes to like dry skin cracked lips

I never had a nose bleed i know a lot of people get dry nose my nose was never that dry to the point i just used all of that boogers that’s about it never no nosebleeds none of that just boogers thank god my lips already knew what to use for my lips the only thing that worked is korey bomb cordy bomb is this nasty chapstick is very medicated um it’s always sold

Out on amazon i don’t know why i can’t get my hands on them so i just bought a lot it’s disgusting y’all but i’m gonna tell you this is what’s going to help you on your journey this is the only thing no aquaphor no chapstick no any other brands did not work at all this is what saved my life and i still use it to this day i really don’t need to use it as much i

Can switch back to my aquaphor and fancy liquid um chapstick but this y’all if you can get your hands on this buy it but just looking back at these videos you can see like bumps are kind of like fade anyway but not really fading away in a month’s time span yeah i mean it’s all progress you know you go to the one side which is really purging really bad i don’t

Even know what size that is but that’s why i was purging really bad you can see all the white heads all the little mini bumps like i i know your struggles ladies if you’ve had really really bad acne i understand i’ve been struggling with it for years now april 12th so i skipped over a whole month because i’m never consistent with stuff like this this is before i

Started it um shaving my face shaving your face says like a whole lot honestly but you can see they’re red had some bleeding after probably doing my skincare my skin just you have to be really sensitive to your skin and be careful about products you use you can see in most of my photos my skin is always glowing because i moisturize my skin so much okay you see

That i’m like the skin glow up is really i’m like in shock this is okay reaction video the sides of my face freckles still there which i really love and here is may 20th the day before my last day of accutane i don’t know why i look so red in this photo i don’t need my camera adjusted in lighting but i have zero pimples one of my last dose zero pimples you will

Still see some of the redness from previous acne this is definitely a glow up y’all done with the reaction part so i feel like nothing really changed from the first video from my first experience the only thing i could say that changed through the whole treatment was how bad i broke out with eczema or dry skin i had really bad patches that is something i struggled

With so much luckily they gave me a medication that i used um i will put the name up here it’s in my bathroom i don’t know why i didn’t bring it out that’s one thing i didn’t like about it i never had problems with like dry patches all over my body it got really bad like behind my knees oh my god it was so horrible back there and on my thighs on my arms the last

Time it was mostly up here i didn’t experience it mostly up here this time it was just mostly everywhere else compared to just my arms and my hands it took over my body okay this time but the medication work i just needed to make sure i stayed moisturized don’t pick it don’t scratch it i can just apply it one day say on a friday it broke out i just apply it on my

Skin one time and i don’t have to apply it on my skin for maybe like a week because it just calms down it starts healing the process it starts the healing process and yeah i don’t use the steroid that i think it was a steroid cream i really think it was so i didn’t use it as much but it does help so as your dermatologist whoever that is putting you on accutane most

Likely your dermatologist or your primary or your primary care doctor to allow you for them to prescribe you that because it definitely helped because regular lotion did not help at all um as you can see my skin did a whole transformation it is now july and this is what my skin looks like if you like to see my skin care routine with my post um accutane skincare

Routine let me know i still experience um dry skin from time to time i don’t let my skin stay dry because i just don’t like how it feels having dry skin you’ll see like a white cast after i wash my face i still have that struggle my doctors here made it really smoothly shout out to miss wendy anytime i had like an issue or like a question or i want to tell her about

The skincare product she always recommended skincare products what to use like cerave was her go-to she loved her some survey i love sarah bay that’s when i started um i recently transferred to another skincare brand because i felt sara bay wasn’t giving what i needed it to give for my skin now that i’ve been using this for so long i wanted to switch it up and try

Something new now post accutane i am on oral medications to kind of regulate my hormones because that’s really what my issue was hormonal acne and then i have a cream topical cream also which i’ve been slacking on but i take the pills so i really haven’t had that much breakout but anyways do i recommend accutane yes accutane has been very life-saving life-changing

At the least i can say it’s been life-changing um i feel more confident about my skin um i was never the type to cover up with makeup but i was the type to put filters on my face on instagram edit my photos i mean it was just too much and i am more comfortable in my skin i feel more confident about my skin yes i’m still struggling with hyperpigmentation but acne

Can be a mood killer it can definitely cause like depression stress you know but anyways let’s talk about what products i loved while on accutane so for washing my face um i use the la roche jose hydrating gentle cleanser this cleanser is for normal to dry skin i’ve seen this cleanser on tick tock on instagram and i was like and you get more product than survey

And when i tell you this stuff is amazing i still use it to this day is this very amazing um my skin doesn’t feel stretched or dry at all and it’s just so gentle that i will buy this again for creams i recommended this in my first accutane video it is their preto kintella green level recovery cream when i have those really like i got some burnt from being in the

Sun and that really burns when you’re on accutane no matter how much sunscreen you put on being in the sun for a long time irritating my skin so at night i would use aloe and i would use this just to calm my skin down because this is me it just suits it like you know you when you know when you’re summer everything just burns water any skincare product burns but

This really helps recover with my skin um i get mine from amazon i actually love this skincare brand a lot um a cleansing balm that i use to take off my sunscreen so i use the double cleanse method so i use a oil based cleanser and then i use a regular cleanser to cleanse my skin and a really good way to get rid of sunscreen because sunscreen can be pretty heavy

On the skin is by using a oil balm cleanser so i use this oat cleanser from the ink keyless ink in this this stuff is amazing for sensitive skin you guys get it use it i still use it to this day when i take off makeup sunscreen use it you guys i would like to give a shout out to another product this is actually prescribed by my dermatologist this is azalea acid

Cream 20 y’all i love this so she’s prescribing me this season she knew that um hypermenti i wanted to work on hypermixed hyperpigmentation while going through the process and this is gentle enough to use while i’m on accutane so this helps uh kind of calm down all the bacteria growth on your skin and to help with the hyperpigmentation and i say people really

Sleep on this um cream because it takes time yeah i just be like i don’t see nothing happening to it i don’t see a difference but this stuff takes time and it actually works um i love it i still use it today here and there um if you have any products with this azalea acid in it hop on it it’s going to be good or just actually dermatologist for pure 20 zelic

Acid for my hydrating cream at night like my moisturizer when i say this cream is the best for dry skin and normal skin so this is the la roche posay um lip car balm intense repair moisturizing cream this stuff is amazing so i’m guessing this is a body cream but it is safe to use on your face when i say i use this on my face a lot a little bit goes a long way

Um because you can get like super oily but when this stuff is amazing i use it to stay still my face is never dry i never had to reapply moisturizer because this stuff lasts up to 48 hours of hydration so yeah a little bit goes a long way snag it it’s a big bottle i can’t say anything bad about this brand because it’s really good so i’m gonna talk about sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important so i switched from the super group super goops sunscreen to black girl sunscreen only because the super glue was more expensive you guys like 30 dollars about all it’s twice the amount of this and i felt like it wasn’t enough yes i love supergoop i absolutely love it and if they came out with a bigger bottle maybe i would buy it again

But black girl sunscreen y’all this is how i get like my glow usually this gives me like a nice glow i don’t recommend this for people with oily skin but this is very um friendly for those on accutane this stuff is amazing a little bit goes a long way because you will be looking oily mess i usually have to like rub it in my skin over time it doesn’t leave a white

Cast on me um it does this job i get it from target for like 14 15 and the last product i’m talking i’m going to talk about um it’s actually a cerave product i saw this video on tick tock you know tick tock will lead you down his dark path but this person the skin care person said that if you apply their healing ointment under your eyes at night you can use it

As eye cream and it’s going to moisturize that area a lot of people don’t wear eye cream i wear eye cream religiously religiously um i love eye cream but this at night if i just to like moisture in this area it just makes my life so much better and i just a little bit goes a long way with this you can use it on your skin um all over your body but i mostly use it

On like my under eye so it’s going to last me freaking forever that’s about it about my experience y’all definitely worth it i don’t regret going on accutane i heard that on tick tock people are going around saying that acutane shrinks your nose um i definitely don’t think that’s true my nose looks the same i don’t listen to when it comes to stuff like that if

You have any questions about any products i’m gonna list all the products that i use that i mentioned in this video down below if you want an in-depth care routine for my post acne post accutane i like glowing skin like this is this this is all skincare right here no makeup no nothing um comment down below and i’ll be happy to post that on my channel and do that

Video i really love skincare you guys like skin care has just consumed my soul in my pockets over the last few years yeah just comment down below anything you’d like to see any upcoming videos any skincare tips do you have any questions i feel like i got a lot of it done if not if i missed something please comment down below and i will be happy to answer you guys

But before you even go go ahead and hit that subscribe button go ahead like this video too because i know you liked it it’s full bunch of information i even showed you my products that i use and yeah i can’t wait to see you guys in my next video bye

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