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After the HSG test during my 3rd cycle came back clear, I’m starting my 4th round of Femara/Letrozole and hoping for the best. There are some that believe eating a Whole30 Diet will help with fertility, so we are going to put that theory to the test and see if it works for us!

Hey guys thanks for tuning in today um i am about to call my doctor to tell him that i am on the first day of my next cycle um i took a test this morning because i was a day late so i thought that maybe i would be pregnant this time even though i had been spotting for three days and it was negative and then i started a few hours later i was really hoping that

This one would be the one because of the hsg test that i had done combined with the femora this time um and then also i just had a lot more breakouts than i normally have i don’t usually break out on my face um and i have one on my face as you can probably see in this video and then also um i have some on my neck that i thought were a little more than usual

Not pregnant this time really feeling down about it today um but i am just going to try to push through and i’m going to call him the doctor’s office just called back and she set up my lab work for the 21st day and she’s also calling in the femara again um and i asked her about the next step kind of if that would be an hcg shot or whatever that might be and

I didn’t know which doctor that would be and so she um set me up with a doctor’s appointment my ludial phase is a little short and the fact that i’m spotting three days before my period starts and then three days after my period ends basically um so yeah so i’m gonna do that next week and hopefully i will have another step to take maybe i don’t know i don’t

Really know i don’t want to go to another doctor because i really like my doctor there’s a fly on my camera and also because i know that that is one step closer to going to nashville and i just don’t want to do that i just don’t want this to keep happening hopefully something will happen from there but we’ll see i’ll keep you guys updated i just wanted to share

With you something that nick and i have decided to do we’re going to change up our eating and we’re going to switch to a whole30 diet um i had lunch last week with a lady who i really really trust and she has two daughters that have children one of the daughters eats a whole 30 diet all the time and then the older daughter she didn’t eat whole30 but she had

Some trouble getting pregnant and then she had a miscarriage and then she was kind of having trouble getting pregnant again and the younger of the two said hey i followed this blogger i think it’s um i think it’s jenna kutcher maybe um but she was like hey i follow this blogger and she was having trouble getting pregnant and she had a miscarriage and she went to

Homeopathic doctor and they told her to eat whole30 and then she did and she got pregnant so the older daughter was like okay well i’ll just try it and then a few months after she did that she got pregnant i actually think it may have been two months after that but um yeah so we’re just gonna try it because honestly at this point i have nothing to lose except

Like maybe several couple cups of ice cream that i would get and when i say a whole30 diet i’m not saying like as a diet like we’re going on a diet i mean like diet isn’t the way you eat like our diet right now you know consists of ice cream and our diet then will not consist of ice cream um so this week we’re kind of cleaning all the stuff out of our house

You know just different things that we’re not going to be able to eat once we start doing whole30 and then next week we will start doing whole30 and that will be um let’s see maybe day 12 maybe day 12ish of my cycle this round um i kind of learned about it on day one of my cycle so i was like okay can’t can’t start right away so um we’re kind of like i said

Finishing up everything that’s in there and we’re getting some good recipe recommendations and just kind of reading some things to make sure that we will be able to do it solidly and do it well so yeah i don’t know i mean i’m not saying that it will work i’m not saying that it won’t work but i’m saying that i really have nothing to lose i mean in the end i feel

Like there’s nothing bad that can happen only benefits can come from it i mean we’ll learn more about ourselves and we will hopefully get pregnant so since we didn’t make it to kroger last night i can’t make any of the recipes that i picked out i’m pretty sure that i’m missing one ingredient from every single recipe which is really random i thought for sure i

Would have at least one recipe that had everything but i don’t so i’ve kind of had to make do today so last night nick made some caribbean jerk chicken which is something that we already eat um we used to eat it all the time and then i kind of stopped wanting it all the time and then we kind of got off of it um but he made that last night it’s just chicken in

The crock pot and then a bunch of spices on it so i had that for lunch i just shredded it off the bone because i’m not a huge chicken on the bone eater and i think that’s why i kind of like oh i don’t like this anymore but i shredded it off the bone put it on a salad and put some grapes on there and it was actually pretty good so that was good so since i don’t

Have the ingredients for what i want to make i switched the chicken salad that i was going to have for lunch i switched that to dinner so that we could have that tonight so i’m about to make that and then i’m gonna make that with some roasted broccoli because i love broccoli it is my favorite vegetable and nick makes fun of me for it but roasted broccoli kind of

Burnt in the oven so good so i’m going to make that right now and then later we will go to kroger and we will get all of the other things so that we can have the awesome meals that i planned before but but hopefully this chicken salad is pretty good and hopefully nick likes it and hopefully i like it i mean i’ve never had it either but i just really like chicken

Salad so i have a feeling that i like it so this is the instagram page whole30 recipes and it has a picture of it and then it gives you the ingredients and the instructions all down below so i really like that about that so so we are going to eat this on some little like lettuce wrap type of things so i’m just gonna wash this lettuce off and then we’ll

Eat it and i’m actually really excited about this chicken salad because it is so good and nick said it was good too so yay i think this is a win so i just wanted to kind of catch you up on what’s going on while i’m cutting up this pineapple and depending on how long this takes potentially also cutting up chicken and stuff for dinner i went to the doctor to

See what was going on i talked to him about my cycle because it’s only 26 days now with femara i’m spotting three days before and three days after my period so i mean essentially i’m not having a let’s see that would be not having a 10 10 day period but i am bleeding for 10 days i was concerned about that because that is something that’s unusual for me and

Then i specifically said to him that my luteal phase is only 10 days long sometimes 11 and if you don’t know about the phases of your cycle i really encourage you to look them up because it’s very interesting and it kind of is very informative about your body but there are three phases to your cycle follicular is the first part ovulatory is when you ovulate

And then ludial is the second part so i told him that i was concerned about that and then he was like okay i would not have said that you were ovulating on day 16 i would have said day 14 so in that case we should put you on progesterone i will start that two days after i ovulate so if i ovulate on day 16 i will start it on day 18 and then i will keep taking

That until like day 35 or something like that i think is what he said i feel really good after this doctor’s appointment because i really felt like this time we were both really comfortable with each other and i felt like i could advocate for myself i felt like i went in there and was just like these are all the things that are happening and i want answers

For all of them and he was able to give me answers or or put me on progesterone to hopefully help solve the problem so um that is first and foremost something that i’m very excited about i’m hopeful that this will help sustain the pregnancy when i do get pregnant again so i feel you know like really positive about that one second i am starting on metformin and

I started that already and it is kicking my butt like i am struggling one of the side effects is digestion issues and that is not a problem for me at all not having that symptom at all my symptom that i am having is extreme tiredness and mood swings i have just been over the top emotional like i’m an emotional person as it is and if this is this is something

Else um but neither of those are side effects listed on the website or not the website but just listen on google none of those are side effects so it actually says it can help improve like anxiety and depression and mood swings and stuff no that is not happening for me not at all so i am cutting up this pineapple i’m going to try to eat some pineapple when

I take the metformin to see if that helps and i’m hoping that it does next cycle i will go up a dose on my femara so i am currently taking two pills which totals out to five milligrams and next cycle if i’m not pregnant he will switch me to 7.5 milligrams three pills oh and and i’m gonna get my blood drawn i’m gonna go get my blood drawn to check testosterone

Androgens and maybe one more thing i don’t care there was just a lot that we talked about in that appointment and i feel like i left feeling so so positive and so good about everything but i also feel like i have forgotten a lot of the things that we’ve talked about because there were just so many things i need to start bringing a notebook but that is beside

The point and um i’m feeling positive about this cycle and surely between all of the things something is going to give i just went to get my blood drawn and on my way back i stopped the store because i needed to get some more like snacky type of items i know that on the traditional whole30 you are not supposed to really snack they just say to eat bigger meals

But i am taking metformin and i need to eat something when i take it and so last night i took the metformin with some pineapple and that really helped and that was the first time that i saw a difference in taking it with food because i just i don’t know i just didn’t realize i need to take up food but um so i picked up and i got some cans of pineapple that

Are in 100 juice so there’s no added sugar to it and i’m just gonna eat some of that um at night when i take the metformin because it helped so much i feel so much better today um and then i also stopped and i’m gonna make a trail mix because none of the trail mixes that i found in the stores are whole30 compliant so they are all made with like peanut oil

Or vegetable oil so they weren’t allowed but i have some raw almonds hazelnuts sunflower kernels pumpkin seeds and then i also got um pecans or pecans however you say them or maybe you say pecans i don’t know everyone says it differently and then walnuts so i don’t know if that’s gonna make a good trail mix but i’m gonna try it out because i need a little

Something um in between lunch and dinner and then i need a little something at night just to take with the metformin last night we had a modified version of pf chang’s spicy chicken with cauliflower rice and it was really good tonight we’re gonna have the leftovers of that but add either broccoli or add some potatoes in um because we don’t have as much left

So we’re gonna add another vegetable in and um yeah we’ll just see but i’ll catch up with you guys to let you know about my um blood work that’s what i’m trying to say to how you know about my blood work you

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